Obama: We Must Not Balance Our Budget On Backs of Veterans


Today, President Barack Obama addressed the National American Legion Conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center, praising the former military members for their strength and their service to the country, and at the same time addressing the economic trials that are affecting them, just as they are affecting many in the nation.

In his speech, Obama touted the administrations efforts to help veterans, including better health care, ending homelessness and addressing job creation to assist veterans, who are unemployed in record number compared to the general population, at roughly 13 percent.

However, the president admitted it hasn’t been enough, that the economy must grow faster, and for that to happen, we need Congress to work better. “We need to break the partisan gridlock in Washington.”

Obama stated that upholding the commitment to veterans is a “moral” imperative, explaining his increase in VA funding and veterans benefits, something he intends to continue. “We can not, we will not and we must not balance our budget on the back of military veterans. As our commander in chief, I will not allow it.”

Obama also re-pledged himself to the mission of ending homelessness for veterans. “We must make agencies work together to make sure every vet who has served in America has a home in America.”

Finally, he talked about a specific jobs plan for veterans, including new training, college educations, and increasing federal hiring of veterans. And starting in September they will create a “reverse boot camp” of job training and credentialing that will translate their military experience into professional skills to help veterans be hired in the private sector. He will also propose tax credits for companies who employ veterans and wounded veterans when congress ends their recess and meets again.

“These are the responsibilities we must fulfill, not just when it’s easy, not just when we are flush with cash, but always.”


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William C
William C11 months ago


W. C
W. C11 months ago

Thank you.

Judith Howard
Judith Howard6 years ago

How about looking after veterans and not just paying lip service. Or I guess maybe it's just great marketing.

annelies j.
annelies j6 years ago

Craig C. are you that shallow that you actually think you have to wear a flag pin to show your support to our military? I can think of many other ways people can show their support. Living in a very republican state, I've never lived anywhere where it's this hard to see the real support to our troops. Sure, they put the stickers on their cars, place plaques for "Our Heros"in their stores, but ask them if they take "tri-care" and they quickly turn their backs on them. All show, zero action. That's the republican way.

Laure H.
Laure H6 years ago

Brian F. - business spending, and therefore jobs, in our area are up as of about 3-4 months ago. Attribute it to Obama or to the fact that there are more Republicans in Congress, as you like. Consensus here is that business heaved a sigh of relief that no more cap and trade shenanigans are going to go down for at least two years. I don't know if the real reason can be determined, though.

Laure H.
Laure H6 years ago

Obama gets a lot of mileage out of tacking "on the backs of" phrases to things in order to arouse emotions instead of thoughtful consideration....in this case, "on the backs of the military"......to cause us to forget how he promised to bring our troops home from these ridiculous wars and "interventions." It is designed to engender guilt for anyone who disagrees with whatever monetary policy he proposed to "save us" from doing anything "on the backs of the military."

Blaming the problem on "congress needs to work better" in a "bipartisan" way is a distraction from the fact that his very partisan approach to developing the health care plan was a huge factor in the Democratic losses in Congress.

Yes, these soldiers should be cared for. I haven't heard that the weren't going to be. Obama is just playing politics as usual, sowing confusion that makes him look good.

I rarely hold any one party wholly guilty or wholly innocent, and I do not do so now. I'm just commenting on this particular article and the way in which the selected quotes make Obama appear, to me, in the light of his previous actions.

Craig C.
Craig C6 years ago

When has this man given a rats crap about our military, right from the start he didn't want to wear the flag pin or anything else for that matter!!!!

Catt R.
Catt R6 years ago

Linda C. "Obamacare" is not in effect yet, if your premiums and co-pays are going up it is not (YET) because of Obamacare.......... it is because the cost of healthcare IS RISING beyond our means. Was it not the Republicans who stated it is Socialist to expect EVERYONE to be able to get healthcare at an affordable price???

Suzen R.
Suzen R6 years ago

Only the GOP wants to cut benefits.

James D.
James D6 years ago

Some of Mr. Obama's accomplishments:


How much more could have been done with either More Progressive Congresspersons behind him or fewer Regressive Republicans out of the way?

Vote Progressive!