Obama’s Plan for Healthy Oceans

Have you ever enjoyed America’s coast lines, oceans or Great Lakes? Do you want to keep them protected for future generations to enjoy? Then support the conclusions of an Obama Administration task force that our oceans must be protected today.

In a memorandum on July 12, President Obama said, “”We have a stewardship responsibility to maintain healthy, resilient, and sustainable oceans, coasts and Great Lakes resources for the benefit of this and future generations.” In the memorandum, he established an Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force, headed by the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

The task force convened, and on September 17, they released an interim report for a 30-day public review and comment period. Currently, our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes are managed by more than 140 different and often conflicting laws, which leads to poor management and even worse problems.

Pollution, habitat loss, overfishing and climate change provide additional challenges. What we really need is one unifying national policy that will protect, maintain, and restore the health of our ocean ecosystems.

That’s what the Task Force has developed. A Christian Science Monitor article explains:

At its core, the plan would set up a new National Ocean Council to guide a holistic “ecosystem-based” approach intended to elevate and unify what has long been a piecemeal approach by US agencies toward ocean policy and development — from oil and gas exploration to fisheries management to ship transportation to recreation. …

Among the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force’s national objectives were:

1. Ecosystem-based management as a foundational principle for comprehensive management of the ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes.
2. Coastal and marine spatial planning to resolve emerging conflicts to ensure that shipping lanes and wind, wave, and oil and gas energy development do not harm fisheries and water quality.
3. Improved coordination of policy development among federal state, tribal, local, and regional managers of ocean, coasts, and the Great Lakes.
4. Focus on resiliency and adaptation to climate change and ocean acidification.
5. Pay special attention to policies needed to deal with changing arctic conditions.

All decisions, the interim report says, will be based on the “best available science.” This is a welcome change from the industry-first, environment-later policies of the previous administration. And it needs your support today!

The comment period will end on October 17 — so get your comment in today! Support the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force’s plan to ensure our oceans and Great Lakes are healthy for inhabitants today and for generations to come.


AnnMarie Krok
AnnMarie Krok8 years ago

I really wish I didn't have to read all this rhetoric political crap! We come to this web site because we care about the earth. Why all the bashing?? Let's shut up and get to work to get something done!!!

Maureen G.
Maureen G8 years ago

Well I am not American and reading some of the comments - thank the lord!! Apologies to those with brains. I loathed Bush but was very pleased when I noted he had actually done something for the planet, made a change from wanting to blow it up. I don't give a damn who does what so long as someone does something because at this rate there wont be any socialists, conservatives or anything left to be sarcastic about. Everything on the planet including the oceans and everything in them, are disappearing at a frightening rate. A case of as they slipped into the chasm they were heard to shout - you can thank me I saved you from Obama!

Sir Walk F.
Sir Walk F8 years ago

Oh Boy! A commite to establish a Task Force to set up a Website, so it can post stated 'ideals and goals', so they can be ignored by industry and made ineffective by government, which can then set up a new Task Force to investigate why the initial Task Force failed to impliment the original standards and can then move forward with implementing goals ten years later after they are no longer valid.

Al Right!

Annica V.
Annica V.8 years ago


Jeanne Rasmussen
Jeanne Rasmussen8 years ago

All of you political bashers,, did you READ Care 2's explanation of Obama establishing an Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force? The Task Force's National Objectives were listed and they are open for PUBLIC review as of September 17.
That means if we care about our oceans and Great Lakes, we need to comment positively, not sarcasticly or politically. Let's get serious about such an important issue. Like any other ecosystem on this Earth, if man just takes and doesn't repair or replenish, that ecosystem dies.
I want to support the Task Force to ensure our oceans and Great Lakes are healthy today and for future generations.

Ann J.
Ann J8 years ago

Katherine, Obama won't really "do" anything about the oceans. He simply says he will, and all of you poor kids on the Left swoon. "Oh, our wonderful Messiah! Once again he has saved the world. Is he not wonderful?!" You all need to get a grip and think for yourselves instead of drinking the koolaid and listening to this jerk's malarky. He really doesn't have any clothes on, you know . . . . And he's not going to "fix" the oceans. Watch out, though, because he is going to sell our country down the river for his own self-aggrandizement. Don't forget who told you first.

Floss S.
Floss Shahbegian8 years ago

As a swimmer my greatest joy was going to the ocean to swim. I have not experience that since the 1960's with all the waste matter and pollution evident in our waters. We must sustain the health of our waters. How anyone can dispute this fact and make distasteful comments is beyond healthy mind. This is task that has been a long time coming and I am so glad that we are finally doing something about our waters.

Karl Mueller
Karl Mueller8 years ago

Obama will indoctrinate schools (of fish) with his socialist agenda! I, for one, will NOT stand for it! I'm keeping my salmon and all twelve sardines home that day, so that they aren't contaminated by this Indonesian Muslim's evil message....

Katherine W.
Katherine W8 years ago

Unlike on land where there are thousands of different ecosystems that barely interact, the ocean should be considered a giant ecosystem. Every country's actions affect the entire system and it is ABOUT FREAKING TIME that someone major has FINALLY stood up to protect it. This has been a long time coming. And there's a long way to go. I doubt we'll get there before our time runs out, but at least we should all make an effort. Stop with the Jesus jokes too. He's doing something important. I don't care if he's just doing it for the credit, as long as it gets done.

Jeannette S.
Jeannette Sosa8 years ago

Sarcasm rarely solves a problem. And since the health of our waterways, including the oceans around us, greatly affects the sustainability of life on this planet, we need positive action ASAP. And the decisions can't merely be left up to local interests. As a Gulf Coast resident, I'm well aware of the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, caused in no small part by pesticide and fecal run-off from factory farms and stock raisers upriver. We need to act as a nation to solve such problems. Thank God we have a president smart enough to recognize and address the issue.