Occupy Austin: Signs of Solidarity [Slideshow]

I was in Austin this week for the inaugural SxSW Eco conference. Luckily, this happened to coincide with the first official day of the Occupy Austin demonstration. So after the closing presentation, I grabbed some friends and headed down to see what the occupation looked like.

As we rounded the corner from West 2nd Street, I heard the demonstration before I saw it. At the time it wasn’t the sound of chanting or angry speeches, it was something else. A joyful noise. Still, my friends and I spotted snipers monitoring the crowd from the rooftops of the banking and government buildings nearby. A silent reminder that the 1% are worried, and watching.

To see more of the faces, signs, and messages I found while at Occupy Austin, keep clicking.

A view of the crowd - Occupy Austin

A view of the crowd as we first approached Occupy Austin.

Death: the result of greed-driven wars.

Demonstrating the corporate greed that keeps America at war and leads to the death of innocent men, women, and children around the world.

Free Trade - Occupy Austin

Many signs advocated “Fair Trade, Not Free Trade”

The Youth Are Starting To Change - Occupy Austin

“This time, letís treat each other as if we plan to work side by side in struggle for many, many years to come. Because the task before will demand nothing less.” – Naomi Klein, The Nation

The Children Are Our Future - Occupy Austin

Hundreds of thousands join Occupy Wall Street to stop it ‘drowning our children in national debt’ by ending wars of aggression” – October2011.org

Will You Do Your Duty? - Occupy Austin

Despite mainstream media’s best efforts to typecast Occupiers as communists, welfare moochers, idiots and†paid protesters, the people I saw were mothers, fathers, soldiers, students, disabled persons, teachers, artists, business people, and yes, Dr. Seuss fans.

Even the wealthy want to Occupy Austin!

One of the greatest signs of an inclusive movement. There are wealthy Americans who agree with the 99% and want to do their part to rebuild out country.

Corporatism vs. Capitalism at Occupy Austin

Occupy Wall Street isn’t about lynching business owners because they’re successful. It’s about taking the reins of political power away from profit-driven interests, and reinstating the people as the most important element of the political process.

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All images via Flickr – meadow03


W. C
W. C2 years ago


William C
William C2 years ago

Thank you.

Linda E.
Linda E7 years ago

More power to Austin! More power to the 99%!

Michael C.
Michael C7 years ago

Lindsay D. Yes, an Arab Spring or possibly an American Autumn, it is time for the people to take back their voice.

After Bush and his "friends" coup in 2000, then followed by that self-inflicted wound, known as 911, but they were not yet done. Next came the "Patriot Act", followed by the "Patriot Act 2".
These actions had come to neuter citizens on both sides of the isle and to empower those who seek to commit evil.

Yes, we must seek to regain our voices but we should never stop there, lets us look to our brothers and sister of the Arab Spring.

At the end of the day, it is through both our voices and our actions that we will realize change, we can not expect it to happen by the mere fact of just regaining our voice.

Thomas James Wilson

I believe the time has come to define [Occupy American Movement]. This is the voice of the 99% of Americans to stand up for jobs. We must stand up for the middle class. Wake-up the DEMOCRATIC SLEEPING GIANT!! Voice out to create jobs This Petition is a step foreword in creating millions of JOBS. This will work!
We need to focus on create jobs OUR COUNTRY IS RUNNING OUT OF FRESH WATER AND WE NEED JOBS. We can not ignore the problems of our short comings in understanding of fresh water and the need of it. We need it now! Flooding is the killer! Man’s ignorance is overwhelming! Yet we ignore it and this fresh water is gone forever. We must act 2 kick start jobs. PETITION http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/Put-america-back-to-work

Thomas James Wilson

I believe the time has come to define [Occupy American Movement]. This is the voice of the 99% of Americans to stand up for jobs. We must stand up for the middle class. Wake-up the DEMOCRATIC SLEEPING GIANT!! Voice out to create jobs. We must form new unions so that we can bargain for fair wages, keep Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Tax the wealthy 1% Wall Street, banks, big business, oil, jet setters. Let them pay their fair share. Not to put on the backs of the working middle class and the poor. We can not carry the tax weight alone. Stop the radical Tea Party that is undermining our country, Middle class and the poor. Show we are one!
They can try to stop our movement from pulling our economy out of this recession and defeat us, but it will not work. We must stand up for President Obama and re-elect. If the Republicans win the Presidency, we can and will get the same political stance as we have been getting. Stop the extremist GOP Tea Party’s greed. Vote out the Tea Party extremist. Vote Democrat. We believe in the rights of the working middle-class and the poor? We can march on our Capital. Stand against the extremist that are trying to take our way of life from us. The criteria and stance of the Tea Party is asking for it all, will no compromise. They will never get the total package with out compromise. We can not do the same as the Tea Party’s radical demand of a total package and try to bring down our government. We must stop the Tea Party extremi

William Baylor
William Baylor7 years ago

The people are tired of the Obstructionist Republicans that have been taken over by the Tea Party. Mitch McConnell, said over and over his one goal is to
make President Obama a one term president and John Boehnor, leader of the house has not presented one jobs bill! They are very sick Americans! If
they were truly concerned about the jobs and the deficit, they would close the loopholes and tax breaks for the filthy rich, the greedy corporations and
the scum bag oil companies.

For you uneducated people, read this if you can! Only members of the House may introduce bills that deal with taxes or spending to create a jobs bill!.

'Before a bill can become a law, both houses of Congress must pass identical versions of the bill. Once a bill is introduced in either house, it goes through
almost the same process. Each bill is first assigned to a committee for review. The bill is tabled, or set aside, if the committee decides the bill is not
worthy. The bill is sent to the entire house for debate if the committee decides the bill is worthy of further action.

If the bill passes, it is sent to the other house. A joint committee works out any differences the two houses of Congress have concerning a bill.
When both houses agree on a bill, the Speaker of the House and the vice president sign it. The bill must than be signed before being sent to the president.

He has the right to sign of veto the bill!'

P C.
scott catledge7 years ago

Good idea to supply food and drinks etc. ...cash?!! I don't think so...who does that go to?!

P C.
scott catledge7 years ago

Open your eyes poeople NEITHER Party is working for OUR interest!! ...
sheesh, wake up!!

Elle J.
Past Member 7 years ago

This is the voice of the 99% of Americans that are ignored by the Republican party. If you don't believe that, then you are most certainly delusional. This protest is moving across America. People are tired of the Obstructionist Republicans/Tea Party. If they were truely concerned about the deficiet, they would close the loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthy, the corporations and the oil companies. I sincerely hope that the people speaking out and those that hear them will vote these people out of office in 2012. I join the protestors in this effort to wake up complacent people who do nothing but complain! The last thing we need is a Republican president. 99% of us will have absolutely no rights at all. I am not only sticking with President Obama, but working for his re-election as well. Let's give him people who won't stonewall everything he proposes. According to Mitch McConnell, his one goal is to make President Obama a one term president.Pathetic, isn't it? Especially when our country needs are accute.