Occupy DC Activists Disrupt Koch Convention: Your Campaign Cash Roundup

The push-back against corporate cash is on, including the introduction of a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

The influence of money in politics has some particularly nasty consequences. One of them happens to be the boom in the private-prison industry, an expansion that has coincided with a wave of harsh anti-immigration lawmaking in many states. The American Independent offers an overview of the problems created by the expanding private-prison industry and what that means for those of us interested in transparency and accountability.

Meanwhile in Texas, an even cozier relationship between an El Paso pastor’s efforts to recall mayor John Cook and two City Council members for their work extending benefits to domestic partners could open a new door for even more corporate cash.

The state of Michigan offers us a good look at the legacy of secret campaign funding, something the Occupy Detroit movement is hoping to undo.

Ohioans have an upcoming vote to undo Republican union-busting measures and Truthout reporter Mike Ludwig takes a look at the role secret cash played in passing SB 5 originally.

Finally, protesters took their message directly to the source of the flood of money in the election process when they confronted the David Koch backed Americans for Prosperity Foundation convention in Washington D.C. Here’s a first-hand account.

Want to help fight back against corporate cash in our elections? Check here and sign our petition below. It’s time to take our democracy back from the corporations.

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Photo from tracy_o via flickr.


tiffany t.
tiffany t6 years ago

My vote was NO on issue 2

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Signed already.

Debbie W.
Past Member 6 years ago

WASHINGTON, D.C. SHOULD BE THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE FOR OWS. Gravitate to and surround all Congressional buildings, the numbers by now would allow this.

Cheryl L.
Cheryl L6 years ago

James C.: --- You basically described the "Party of NO" who votes as a bloc to obstruct any meaningful progress in this country simply to destroy the President of our country. They will tank the economy of our entire country in their efforts to regain power in order to drain us of the rest of our money and our RIGHTS. While the unions have not been perfect, they HAVE improved the standard of living over the years, helped create job safety, compensated people for their hours worked at a fair wage (overtime), made sure people get breaks and vacations, sick pay, etc. Our country is SO far BEHIND other developed countries in compensation and time off. We are really becoming the laughing stock of the world. How many others are stupid enough to LITERALLY sell out their country and their citizens? Only in America.

You are very much DELUDED. There is NO PATRIOTISM in corporations here who send their jobs overseas and have no respect for loyal employees. They don't believe in investing in America and seek to make the biggest buck possible using the worst sweat shop conditions, even using child labor. They keep their money in offshore accounts to avoid paying into the U.S. Treasury. They demand and use every single tax loophole possible to avoid investing in our country IN ANY WAY. Our Constitution is supposed to be "of the people, by the people and FOR the people". The corporations have turned it around and even managed to influence/buy the Supreme Court to MIS-inter

David C.
David Connally6 years ago

@James C
Sounds like you've never owned a stock. Individual stockholders have no impact on decisions made at the top in corporations. Exxon had 4.8 billion outstanding shares, $380 billion market capitalization. You think there are election campaigns to elect CEO and board of directors? Most shareholders blindly return their proxies approving of everything "recommended" by the board. You never saw the votes? Do you think Exxon cares if a shareholder sheds their stock because they disagree with a policy. Few shareholders even know where the "issue" money is spent. Corporations can fund PACS anonymously.

The only thing that might make a corporation change its contributions would be customer boycotts, bad publicity in the media. BUT the right has made sure that much can be done anonymously. The right gives little evidence they believe in democracy and full disclosure. Control and manipulation appears to be the watchword of its leaders.

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

I know well the history of Unions. I have worked for a company without a Union and one with a Union. I will happily work for a Union Company and feel lucky. My parents and grandparents worked for Union rights. I know about the brutes that the companies sent out to beat up the workers who were trying to organize. There is so much that anti-union people need to learn.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Some people just never learn.

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

James C., nobody is born that stupid.

James C.
James Coke6 years ago

Frances C.: One major difference between labor unions and business corporations is that Unions (absent a "right to work" law) coerce union membership as a requirement for getting a job. The members have no free choice. Corporations, by comparison, are made up of shareholders (members) who voluntarily chose to become a "member" (shareholder) of the corporation, so if their money is given to a cause they don't like, the shareholder can sell his shares and leave the corporation or, perhaps convince other shareholders to vote against it. Not so with the union member. Often, they see their dues used for purposes they don't like, but can do nothing about it, other than quit their job and lose their income. (It's no accident that unions have been linked historically to the Mafia and the Communist Party - their mindsets are similar.)

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

The Supreme Court, or should I say the right wing Republicans of the Supreme Court made one of the worst decisions in many years. Their decision to turn corporations into people has unleashed an avalanche of money into the election process. Money that on one knows who gave it, where it is from, or what nefarious people are behind it. Unions are different in that they are not a corporation who wants laws enacted to let them rob the people. Unions are made up of working people who want their money used to benefit the workers. Republicans have always demonized unions because their fat cats don't want to pay a decent wage or have to have safety regulations. I wish we could recall those members of the court.

We can pressure our lawmakers to fix this with an amendment. Dylan Ratigan on his show is working on a petition to send to Congress. The site to sign the petition is: "get the money out" they already have around three hundred thousand signatures. They need more to show that we mean business.

Also, Pressure the Republican tea party Congress to pass the 'American Jobs Act' the tea party and Boehner/McConnell are stalling it. Go to 'senators website' and 'congress website' there you will find both email address and phone numbers.