Occupy Edmonton Granted Eviction Reprieve


Power to the polite Canadian Occupy protesters! The Edmonton group faced a 10am eviction notice from the park they’ve occupied since Saturday, but the park’s owner, Melcor, changed its mind, allowing them to stay at least one more day. The green space on the corner of Jasper Avenue and 102nd Street hosts about 20 tents and dozens of camping protesters, who decided at a general meeting last evening they would not evacuate the park.

Not In My Backyard

Melcor’s President/CEO Ralph Young has reiterated that the company prefers Occupy Edmonton to find an alternative location for their protest, and that the main concern is for the integrity of the green space and the rights of their tenants in the adjacent building. Young did note that the Occupiers have conducted themselves “reasonably and responsibly” and at present are not causing Melcor undue concern.

Polite But Firm

Group spokesperson Chelsea Taylor says the group is “elated” that standing firm in a reasonable manner has yielded such positive results. The group has been working with Melcor through a liaison, and they hope to have a timeline for their occupation to present to the company soon.

Meanwhile, Melcor has been in contact with the Edmonton City Police, but at this point Occupy Edmonton’s presence has not caused any problems in the downtown area that warrant intervention. The company declined to indicate how long they might be willing to allow Occupy Edmonton to remain on their property.

What’s Next?

With eviction deadlines not looming as large, the group plans to work on fortifying their encampment, holding workshops and making plans for future actions. Anyone interested in participating or helping provision the campers will find more details on Facebook or the group’s website.

Your Thoughts?

Although Melcor has agreed to disagree with Occupy Edmonton for the time being on the use of the green space, how do you feel about the group’s use of private property to call attention to social inequity? Let’s hear your opinion or ideas.



Clifford Anderson
Clifford Andersonabout a year ago


Leilani M.
Leilani M6 years ago

Hold it down Occupy Edmonton!

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Good news.

Geoffrey Y.
Geoffrey Y6 years ago

If you local social/political issue is inline on any specific, there is nothing but waste the public time on your city or Canada. Do you home work before jump in the int't affair, sorry Edmontonians (few)!

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago


Theo Collins
Theo C6 years ago

Wall Street wants to burn down your future with climate change, but worries about the lawn?

Susan T.
Susan T6 years ago

end of my post

I don't know about Occupy Edmonton, but Occupy Wallstreet has been very conscientious about maintaining space where people who work in the area can come eat their lunch in the park & the movement has the overwhelming support of the local residents.

Susan T.
Susan T6 years ago

To worry about the "green space" is a ridiculous red herring. If the grass is worn by the occupiers then let it be replanted when positive, much needed change has come. I suspect the occupiers would donate their own labor to do so. Besides, winter is coming. What do you think happens to the grass in winter?

@ WIlliam K "We are concerned about the grass. Please take your Occupation elsewhere, someplace where it will not be noticed, or cause anyone any discomfort or undue introspection. The grass thanks you."

Can't tell if your response is tongue in cheek - if not??!!! You want the protest to not cause any discomfort? Maybe you haven't noticed, but there are a lot of people out there in extreme discomfort. They have tried being nice little corporate citizens & it has gotten them nowhere. This is a peaceful protest. It needs to cause as much introspection as possible so that people actually use their brains & think about what's going on.

If you really want to protect the existence of green space, you should join the protest to support stronger environmental regulations & an end to the rape & pillage of our natural resources. THAT is how you protect the grass, not by insisting on keeping one little park pristine for the sake of its corporate owners, or even the neighbors. I don't know about Occupy Edmonton, but Occupy Wallstreet has been very conscientious about maintaining space where people who work in the area can come eat their lunch in the park &

Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

It's an empty lot for christ sakes. Let them remain. They are being respectful and responsible with the property and harming no one. It's not like their are an armed mob ready to harm anyone. They just want to raise their protest signs and taik about their concerns.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons6 years ago

I hope they stay as long as it takes to change things.