Occupy Kelowna Joins the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Movement

Even my small city got on board with Occupy Canada. Crisp fall air and sunny skies welcomed a couple hundred demonstrators gathered in Kelowna’s Kerry Park to call for an end to economic inequality, environmental destruction and corporate greed.

They came to be part of an international movement in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. British Columbia was well represented, with protests in Vancouver, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Nelson, Kamloops, Duncan and Kelowna. Others gathered in towns across the country, including Montreal, Halifax, Fredericton, Moncton, Guelph, Windsor, Kingston and London.

Many were carrying signs. Daniel Jesson came because “I was inspired by the people willing to come here.” He had followed the protests in New York. “Seeing ours,” he said, “I had to be part of it.”

A young woman named Marylou had moved here from the Philippines, where corruption is rife and expected. She was shocked to discover corruption in Canada, a country where she expected to leave corruption behind. Her sign reads, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power & greed, then we will know peace.”

The young man with Marylou had just delivered a heartfelt speech. He was nervous when he took the stage, but he said once he was there, “It was like karaoke. I let people know I’m just a person in the crowd, and we can make a difference if we’re brave enough to stand up.”

Poet Rawle Iam came to share his message of love with the protesters. He was one of many musicians and writers to perform Saturday. One poem captured his vision for the movement:

Love is fear’s oxymoron
For there is no fear
There is only our spirit.

David Tiessen came to Occupy Kelowna because of the corruption he sees around him. “The system is morally bankrupt,” he said. “Our leaders are not making decisions for the planet. There is no bold leadership.”

On the other side of his sign, he had written:

So much of a nation’s wealth, wealth derived from people’s taxes, is wasted on weapons and war, the world’s #1 economy. Does that make sense? Where is the leadership? Corporations are leading. Not our so-called leaders. That wealth should be spent on food, shelter, and switching the world to solar, wind, and tidal power.

Even a peaceful revolution must be fed. Urban Harvest, a community-minded, organic-delivery service provided boxes of fruit for the protesters. Others shared food they had prepared. When I was there, two young girls wandered the crowd offering cookies their mother had baked.

Whatever the real percentage, the overarching unease has common cause around the globe: as the rich and powerful capture a greater wedge of the pie, everyone else loses. The social fabric is shredded. Injustices increase, and unrest is an inevitable outcome. People can only be pushed so far. With the cliff at their backs, they will move forward, against the greed that has robbed the commons.

In this part of the world, winter is not far away. What will happen to demonstrations once bitter weather sets in is anyone’s guess. But in the brilliance of a northern hemisphere fall, the halls of power have reason to tremble.

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Photos from Cathryn Wellner


Doreen Agostino
Past Member 6 years ago

You have done the research Emanuel. The cabal knows this gig is up. How this cycle of creation comes to a close is up to each one of us. We now face our own extinction.

An eye for an eye blinds all. Negativity and fear blind Light in us, our core essence called many names including Consciousness, God, Spirit, Allah, Yahweh, The Oneness, which is unconditional love, and only true Power to lift us from the dark matrix we ALL allowed, we all own and we are response-able to bring to rest, through the heart.

It is time to awaken inside out, unite as one global mind and heart, and shine Light of new information, new awareness about what we truly are, and why we are really here, in order to bring darkness to rest. I interview new edge scientists, physicists, doctors, EVOLutionaries weekly on Align Shine Prosper Inner Net Radio for EVOLving people, for listeners to raise conscious awareness, go into our hearts and smooth this organic transition between worlds.

Dogon and Mayan indigenous people recently spoke to the world for the first time, to warn this tract of humanity to end negativity now.

Freedom to the peaceful. Do your own research, unite with people in your commUNITY, speak up peacefully, start a PETITION for media to release the truth. The world improves one person at a time. Each of us count more than we know. Blessings and love to all!

Emanuel v.
Emanuel v.6 years ago

The occupy focus is misdirected. It is even more serious than you all think. The well established plan by the UN and WHO agenda 21 is an Elitist Illuminati ploy to exterminate 90 % of the worlds population by whatever means possible as long as most people don't notice it. They are succeeding with denaturation of food, GMO, pesticides, chemical pollution of all kinds in our air, water, etc, iatrogenic medical drugs and potentially fatal vaccines laden with toxic adjuvants and additives. HAARP, Chem trails and radioactive pollution and the forbidden high quality nutrition and supplemental support for compromised health The real dangers are out of sight and out of mind,you are continuously being indoctrinated and lied to.by the criminals in high places. We need to do much more than occupy, we need to get rid of those Banksters that have been robbing the masses for the last 200 years. Obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing and would sell all of you for a dime because he believes you are a pack of GOYIM useless eaters.

Edward M.
Edward M6 years ago

What is needed after this has run its course, and it will certainly run its course, is to concentrate on changing the system by which we are all governed, a system which has allowed these financial and physical catastrophes to occur on an all too regular basis, otherwise the effort put in by every one of these concerned citizens will be for naught, and it will be back to business as usual.
Government has always got to be the main focus of all demonstrations as these "elected" people will always try to hold onto the status quo, to the detriment of all others, the 99%.

Zee Kallah
Past Member 6 years ago


Anger contained, transmited.

Cops are violent.

Too, too much!!

Geoffrey Y.
Geoffrey Y6 years ago

I don't know what is the "part of this" at Kelowna, the message is not clear in Canada. If you have nothing to do, go ahead. or go back home to read some books which will helps.

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Going to the second one in this area tomorrow. It's a great feeling to be a part of this!

Doreen Agostino
Past Member 6 years ago

Hi Gloria H.

This movement is ageless, classless, and unstoppable!

My 9 year old granddaughter and I watched Occupy Together Oct 15.11, and sent heart centered text messages from young and old to the world.

CBC reported on the 1% joining the 99% Occupy Together http://youtu.be/GSksCF-FMJ4

I perceive Occupy Together is a catalyst to shift this tract of humanity out of darkness, into Light of new information, new Self-realization, and a new unified world, as no tract of humans before, if we unite in our hearts. http://westandwiththe99percent.tumblr.com/

Gloria H.
Gloria H6 years ago

I'll go to the rallies, sign the petitions what ever I can. Liz, don't give up. The fact that you and I even showed our grey hair at the event says plenty to those who poo-poo the rallies as being just hippies and bored kids. We represent our fellow elders, those who can't drive, or stand or walk , but in their hearts, want to leave the world a better place too!

Debbie Brady
Debbie Brady6 years ago

I have been on two Occupy Denver marches in the last two weeks. I was very impressed with the commitment of these young people.
I'm afraid I'm a bit too old to be more than a weekend warrior but I will do all I can to support this cause.
Reminds me of protesting the war in Veitnam and we all know the results of that movement.

Jennifer C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Thank you.