‘Occupy Wall Street’ Gets Huge Boost From Labor Unions


Major news outlets have criticized the Occupy Wall Street Movement for failing to achieve its initial goal of 20,000 participants and for lacking a cohesive set of demands. But as the occupation enters its third week, thousands of hardworking Americans are poised to join its ranks.

Over the past few days, several major labor unions have endorsed the protests. And word on the internet is that union members will soon begin joining the fray to voice their disapproval of the government’s failure to protect workers from corporate greed.

Participating unions include United Federation of Teachers; two sections of the Service Employees International Union;†Workers United; and the†Transport Workers Union Local 100, which stated:

Young people face a bleak future with high unemployment, and minimum wage jobs. Public sector workers face Mayors and Governors who demand massive wage and benefits givebacks or face thousands of layoffs. Thatís not bargaining. Thatís blackmail.

The TWU Local 100 Executive Board is united in our determination that this state of affairs is dangerous for America and destructive to its citizenry. We support the Wall Street protesters and their goal to reduce inequality and support every Americanís right to a decent job, health care, and retirement security.

Tweets and other messages from TWU members in NYC indicate that the union plans on joining the Closing Bell March at 4:00 on Friday, October 1st.

Earlier this week, Occupy Wall Street protesters demonstrated their solidarity with American workers by participating in protests by postal carriers, pilots and art handlers in the New York City area.

“I think it’s a tactic and a valid tactic to call attention to a problem,” said AFL-CIO†President Richard Trumka on Friday. “Wall Street is out of control. We have three imbalances in this country — the imbalance between imports and exports, the imbalance between employer power and working power, and the imbalance between the real economy and the financial economy. We need to bring back balance to the financial economy, and calling attention to it and peacefully protesting is a very legitimate way of doing it.”

Getting Radiohead to play a surprise show for protesters is another way to call attention to a cause, but for now, those rumors remain unconfirmed.

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William C
William C2 years ago


W. C
W. C2 years ago

Thank you.

Thomas James Wilson

I believe the time has come to define [Occupy American Movement]. This is the voice of the 99% of Americans to stand up for jobs. We must stand up for the middle class. Wake-up the DEMOCRATIC SLEEPING GIANT!! Voice out to create jobs This Petition is a step foreword in creating millions of JOBS. This will work!
We need to focus on create jobs OUR COUNTRY IS RUNNING OUT OF FRESH WATER AND WE NEED JOBS. We can not ignore the problems of our short comings in understanding of fresh water and the need of it. We need it now! Flooding is the killer! Man’s ignorance is overwhelming! Yet we ignore it and this fresh water is gone forever. We must act to kick start jobs. PETITION http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/Put-america-back-to-work

Thomas James Wilson

I believe the time has come to define [Occupy American Movement]. This is the voice of the 99% of Americans to stand up for jobs. We must stand up for the middle class and the poor. Wake-up the DEMOCRATIC SLEEPING GIANT!! Voice out to create jobs. We must form new unions so that we can bargain for fair wages, keep Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Tax the wealthy 1% Wall Street, banks, big business, oil, jet setters. Let them pay their fair share. Not to put on the backs of the working middle class and the poor. We can not carry the tax weight alone. Stop the radical Tea Party that is undermining our country, Middle class and the poor. Show we are one!
They can try to stop our movement from pulling our economy out of this recession and defeat us, but it will not work. We must stand up for President Obama and re-elect. If the Republicans win the Presidency, we can and will get the same political stance as we have been getting. Stop the extremist GOP Tea Party’s greed. Vote out the Tea Party extremist. Vote Democrat. We believe in the rights of the working middle-class and the poor? We can march on our Capital. Stand against the extremist that are trying to take our way of life from us. The criteria and stance of the Tea Party is asking for it all, will no compromise. They will never get the total package with out compromise. We can not do the same as the Tea Party’s radical demand of a total package and try to bring down our government. We must stop the Tea

Tim Cheung
Tim C7 years ago

Thanks Beth,

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/occupy-wall-street-issues-first-official-declaration.html#ixzz4ObA0WXo0

Mark Alan Dellavecchia

It is good to see real, honest Americans out protesting the demise of the American Middle Class, and the rise of the new American Feudalism. Curiously, their arguments and frustrations are nearly the same as what the Tea Party Protestors were saying just 2 years ago.

The key difference: this really is a 'rag-tag' grass-roots movement - hence the disorganization. Unlike the highly organized rallies of the Tea Party which were nothing more than a co-opting bought and paid for by the Koch Brother$.


"By giving money to 'educate,' fund, and organize Tea Party protesters, [the Kochs] have helped turn their private agenda into a mass movement,"


Tim Cheung
Tim C7 years ago


Noel S.
Noel S.7 years ago


DISGUSTING is the only word for that.

roxana l7 years ago

Power to the people !!! the 99 % ! I knew this was coming, can't believe it's actually here and that the media is censoring it and if they do put something up about it, they try and put it in the worst light possible, they are incorrectly covering this story, which is History !!! This I believe should be on as Breaking News everywhere at all times in all channels, showing everything as it really is, not editing and censoring as they have been. It is very sad, that this is how America is even showing its real colors to all. We are all watching. Turn off the media, refuse to watch the lies and go the the actual place where you can actually see the truth for yourselves.

Alicia N.
Alicia N7 years ago

Let's support those who are protesting for us, they are amazing people !!!!!!!
Petition signed.