Occupy Wall Street Raises Over $50k For Winter Gear

Winter is slowly making its way across the United States, and while authorities continue to crack down on Occupy Wall Street protesters in warmer climates, many are counting on the weather to send the rest scurrying back to their homes.

But that tactic doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell, if the 99% have anything to say about it.

The Occupy Supply Fund, a project of Firedoglake.com, is working directly with Occupy demonstrators and organizers to raise money, purchase and deliver the supplies they need to keep going. They’ve already raised $52,000, $42,000 of which has been spent to order initial stock of heavy-duty winter gear.

“It’s no coincidence that Bloomberg seized the #OWS generators on the first day of snow,”  said Firedoglake (FDL) founder Jane Hamsher. “Getting a consistent, reliable supply of cold weather supplies to occupations across the country could mean the difference between the movement surviving the winter or not.”

The member-driven program uses its funds and donations to make bulk buys of superb cold-weather gear from American based, union manufacturers–a feat that isn’t easy since NAFTA outsourced most of these jobs and companies.

The line includes thinsulate-lined masks and beanies, wool watch caps, polar fleece scarves and blankets, double base-layer self-wicking long underwear, quilted jackets and vests, fleece pullovers, as well as -40 degree socks.

To donate money to the Occupy Supply chain click here. Occupation encampments that want to request supplies should click here.

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Image via Occupy Lancaster PA
Source: Tech Herald


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Thank you.

Michael C.
Michael C7 years ago

Mike C, Your comments, "OWS winter, I give them a gold star for buying only Americn made goods. I only wish they would protest Wal Mart and their 90% Chinese made goods.

You want to Americans back to work, then buy American and boycot Wal Mart."

I have tried to prepared a list of American made products, man, was that a short list. Well, not entirely true, I went to a Gun store, 80% of the "products" were American made. I decided that I would continue my quest, this took me to farm and garden store, lots of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, poisons of all kinds, most were american made.

At this point, I decided that I would hang in there and try again. Finally, I found boys and mens underwear, MADE in AMERICA. The nice lady behind the counter ask why I was examining them so closely. She whispered to me that they are actually made in Costa Rica, the label in MADE in AMERICA.

Mike, you go on to state that we should buy American. Why is it that your firm moved to Nantong, China and took away so many jobs. Don't you believe that American workers can manufacture parts for tractors and forklifts, like those found in your SS in China or is it possible that the decision to move to China was based on Greed vs need.

So in the future, you might wish to refrain from chastising good Americans for the few choices that are left to them. As for Boycotting WalMart, isn't that a little like closing the barn door, after the horse has gotten out. You want to Boycott so

Lynn C.
Past Member 7 years ago

These folk represent our only hope for real change - any change - and already their impact is being felt, not just here in the US, but worldwide! They deserve our help and support. Thanks to all of you who see this and have done what you can to help!

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Cathy Noftz
Cathy Noftz7 years ago

~I'm glad to know that the occupation is raising funds for items needed for the cold!~I was begininning to worry about how everyone would stay warm!!~I'm even more glad that they will be purchasing American made products!!~

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Thanks for the article.

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It's tough out there. Jobs are not easy to find. Maybe this will help and make a point.