‘Octopus Of Corporate Greed’ Will Occupy Rose Parade

For the past few days, Occupy Wall Street protesters in California have been preparing a massive Rose Parade float to illustrate corporate America’s stranglehold on the political system.

The 70-by-40-foot “octopus of corporate greed” is made entirely of recycled plastic bags, and will march around the †parade route after the last official float has passed by.

The Rose Parade takes place in Pasadena, Cali., immediately before the Rose Bowl football game. It is watched by millions of people, in person and via television, and presents a brilliant opportunity for local Occupy groups to share their message with the masses.

Watch the video below to hear members of Occupy LA and Occupy Pittsburgh explain†the use of an octopus as political satire.

According to the LA Times,†members of Occupy Los Angeles have been working with Pasadena police and Tournament of Roses officials to figure out a way to participate without disrupting the parade.†”Our goal is to put Occupy’s best foot forward,” said Occupy activist Pete Thottam, adding that they expect more than 1,000 OWS participants. “We recognize that this is a historic, iconic event geared toward middle America and the family.”

Occupiers have been working constantly to prepare the float and their participants for the event, deciding who will work on the OWS peacekeeping team, and who will carry†the plastic pipes supporting two large replicas of the preamble to the Constitution as well as the octopus’ tentacles.

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Image Credit: Flickr – WarmSleepy


Nancy L.
Nancy L7 years ago

Really? Gotta mess with the parade? How silly and childish. The people you're disrupting are just people like you - you're not affecting the ones you want at all in this venue.

Patrick F.
Patrick f7 years ago

It appears that George H. doesn't understand the idea of protesting, it is NOT supposed to be convenient to the people you are protesting against, it IS supposed to be inconvenient to them or it would be completely ineffective. Never had I heard anyone say they speak for you or anyone else, they are just trying to restore this country to a level it should never have left in the first place.....a society, not a pack of wild animals just taking what they want with no regard for anyone else.

Michael C.
Michael C7 years ago

When I heard that the Rose Parade was to be held, I e-mail my local Al Qaeda office, I guess they were too busy planning Geo Bush's next Birthday Party. It ought to come off with a bang!

George Vreeland Downhill, I love all your many bio's, it appears that you have been nearly unemployable for the majority of your miserable life. Sorry about the loss of your security/night watchman job at the retirement home in New Hampshire. Since you chose to move to Beverly Hills, might I suggest that you apply for a job at the Homeland of Insecurity, they always have openings for persons with little or no education and are willing to undergo CIA Chemical Enhanced Experiments or did you already go through those.

Sorry to hear about your losses, but face it, if it were not for the death of you father, then mother, then brother you net worth would be zero.

Upon researching your current internet scam, I find that it is illegal, immoral and unethical, it only a matter of time before you are where you belong.

Might I suggest to you an alternative, if your going to be a plant...don't work to appear to be a plant.

Alan A, Our dear George just "joined" Care2 a few days ago, in his own words, "I joined Care2 to meet women." George, might I suggest something, stop with your HATE speech, girls/women don't like it. He has joined many such sites and has gone on to pollute each of them. George, it's called research and I have the time.

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence7 years ago

I love the Rose Parade an didnot see the float either ..AND I sure do agree about the Roy Rogers Float .. that was wonderful! Good ole Roy and Trigger and well, all were beautiful and the Elizabeth Taylor Float for her Aids Support .. Class Act!

lee e.
lee e7 years ago

I watched the parade to see this float, but I guess it was a bit too much for the corporate entities that own the media! Never saw it - I'm going to try to google it!

Faye S.
Faye S7 years ago

The Rose Bowl Parade was beautiful...as usual. Loved the tribute to Roy Rogers. No sign of the "Occupy Octopus".

Mark Stevenson
Mark S7 years ago

Parades are boring.

Karen F.
karen Friedman7 years ago

I hope they are allowed in the parade. For years animals rights groups have been denied . I watched over the years and noticed that more corporations have taken over the parade. We live in a corporate controlled world today, and it is getting worse. Free speech is dying in America.

Gloria H.
Gloria H7 years ago

I have a really hard time with Thanksgiving football. Isn't that the time for the "family" to give thanks for being alive, in America, having a roof and 4 walls? What is so damned sacred about a football game? Go ahead and protest it. Advertisers are putting millions into the commercials in hopes that everyone will remember the brief less than 15 minutes of fame. Do you prefer a football game to your rights to express a free opinion? The corporations are banking on this!

Deborah L.
Deborah L7 years ago

I won't watch as I never have in the past and I am not a sports person. The Rose Parade is a tremendous waste of flowers that last a few days once cut. I realize that many people depend on their livelihood by growing these flowers, but like Christmas trees, which I will not buy a "live" tree as it destroys that tree, the same thing with flowers.

Actually many Christmas trees are not trees but side branches from much larger branches from super sized trees, which is something I watched on TV of the harvesting of these trees. It is still destroying nature and after people are done it is hard to get rid of the trees and a few years back, cities/states were using old xmas trees in the lakes to make reefs for other wildlife.