Office Created By Harper Gov’t Said to be Over-Stepping by Harper Gov’t

John Baird, one of Stephen Harper’s trusted ministers, is telling the Parliamentary Budget Officer that he needs to back off from doing his job.

This after Kevin Page, the Parliamentary Budget Officer, asked a constitutional lawyer for their opinion about the government’s refusal to hand over budgetary information. (Those lawyers say the Conservative government is indeed breaking the law).

It seems as though the government has been giving Kevin Page essentially the same message since the Parliamentary Budget Office was created. The office was part of Stephen Harper’s accountability plans – the plans he promised Canadians would be put in place to avoid another scandal like the Liberal sponsorship scandal. It was his was to differentiate himself and give Canadians something to vote for.

Since the creation of the PBO in 2006, Page has been denied information from various departments, he’s seen his budget cut, his authority weakened and his reports contradicted. (And when the Auditor General’s findings matched his, he’s had lies told about his reports). He’s even been called names by the Finance Minister. Now as Page tries to get access to concrete information about government cuts, something the opposition is also fighting for, Baird says it’s not in Page’s mandate.

It’s not in the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s Mandate to ask the government for numbers related to their budget.

Baird noted that he was saying this ‘with great respect,’ which is hard to believe since respect isn’t something the government really shows to anyone.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair told the CBC that Baird’s statement is a warning to Page, who has never been one to simply tell the government what they want to hear.

Unfortunately for Canadians, Page has said he won’t look for a re-appointment in 2013 when his term is up. It seems unlikely the Harper government’s next choice for the PBO will be as courageous as Page has been. That is, if they decide to keep the office.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Rusk


Magdalena C.
Past Member 3 years ago

Thank you!

John R.
John R6 years ago

@Michelle S. We've been "third world" since Mulroney gave us a 60 cent dollar to sell Canada CHEAP! Now Harper is going to give Canada away with the new Asian trade deal. Pages office should be entirely independent from the gov't

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance6 years ago

The past few days as Harper and his harlots wound down things for the summer break, they have been very conspicuous about saying that they have "delivered on promises made to Canadians". Just because Harper created the PBO, doesn't mean that he has delivered on his promise for more transparency etc. If the PBO is created but has no workable budget and no teeth to do the job, then the creation was just a pretense designed to deceieve. Now that sounds like Harper and his harlots.

A while back, information surfaced that some of the Canadian banks did receive money from the government to shore up their positions during the financial crisis. But did we hear about it during the crisis? It wasn't loudly spoken and everyone was concentrating on the big American banks. How is that for Harper transparency? And just think, the world was thinking that the Canadian banking system was solid. Don't get me wrong, the Cdn system is good and far exceeds the US system, but the banks would love to change the regulatory framework in which they operate. Harper and his 'transparency' should be watched very carefully.

Harper studied at the knee of Baby Bush in the US and is a Baby Bush acolyte, so it should be no surprise that his mantra is "I practice to deceive." He is obstructing and obfuscating as he tries to change Canada by stealth. Read Christian Nadeau's book "Harper, Changing Canada by Stealth".

Jane Warren
Jane Warren6 years ago

thnks for this - although it seems to be just preaching to the converted.
(Fingers crossed that enough people stay converted in the next federal election.)

Christine C.
Chandra C6 years ago


Shan D.
Shan D6 years ago

What was Page THINKING? Was he actually under the impression that Harper wanted him to do *anything* except occasionally show up and punch in, so Harper could say he'd created and staffed this office and since no wrongdoing had been found, obviously there *was* none?

It's too bad Sheila Fraser retired. She wouldn't have taken any of this crap.

Kellyanne M.
Kellyanne M6 years ago

Many people I know thought I was over the top when I said that handing Harper a majority would be the undoing of our great nation, Hmmm,,,,

Terrence N.
Terrence G N6 years ago

Well Dorothy, we are stuck with this cockroach because a lot of people (but only 40% of those that voted) voted Conservative. It is to be hoped they now realize they were duped or at least lulled into complacency by the lack of transparency in Harper's campaign. Now we are seeing what he really has in mind- and it's not good.

Jen Matheson
Past Member 6 years ago

That's pathetic! Create a comisison to look into corruption and then come down *hard* on them when they find out *your* being corrupt. Nice to know we live in a democracy.

Liz Edwards
Joan Edwards6 years ago

Michael M and Wim Z: GET A LIFE
I don't blame Page at all. He could end up in jail, knowing how Hap and his harpies work. They all are a bunch of hypocrites. They hired Page just to make themselves look good, never intending to actually let him do his job. But it looks good, doesn't it? Very impressive! I'm impressed. Aren't you?
What will it take to bring Harper down? How many lies do we have to put up with? Harper is as hard as a rock and as evil as the devil itself. He makes a good dictator ~ SOMEWHERE ELSE.
I am scared for the lives of my fellow Canadians.
He just doesn't get it!! He's willing to sell Canada to anyone with cash. Vancouver is already Hongcouver. All of Canada will be run by Chinese money. Chinese will become a third national language. China, the smoggiest place on earth and Harp wants to deal with them in the fossil fuels trade. Lovely!
Harper plans on killing off BC. He doesn't seem to like it here. There he sits, on his high rock, ordering pipelines and such into our province when he's never see the interior or the West Coast. He doesn't know how fragile our ecological system is! He's never seen it up close ~ only from his tower back in Ottawa. Come on out here, Harp, and have a taste of our fine farmed salmon. Then when you throw up you can remind yourself that you allow such shit to happen in BC. Wait until you taste our salmon dredged in oil. Yum! Too bad we don't have baby harpoon seals for you to club to death. You'll have to go east for that.