Oklahoma Bans Shariah Law in State Courts

According to the New York Times, Oklahomans have voted to forbid the use of international Shariah law in state courts.

Voters were asked to vote on Question 755:

This measure amends the State Constitution. It changes a section that deals with the courts of this state. It would amend Article 7, Section 1. It makes courts rely on federal and state law when deciding cases. It forbids courts from considering or using international law. It forbids courts from considering or using Sharia Law.


International law is also known as the law of nations. It deals with the conduct of international organizations and independent nations, such as countries, states and tribes. It deals with their relationship with each other. It also deals with some of their relationships with persons.


The law of nations is formed by the general assent of civilized nations. Sources of international law also include international agreements, as well as treaties.


Sharia Law is Islamic law. It is based on two principal sources, the Koran and the teaching of Mohammed.

Via Fox News:

“Has any judge ever tried to use Shariah in Oklahoma?” a reporter asked [Oklahoma State Representative Rex Duncan] as he walked in front of the County Courthouse in Tulsa this week. “No,” said Duncan, “and we want to make sure they never will.”

Muslims groups have called foul, claiming voting to ban Shariah law where it doesn’t and couldn’t exist is Islamaphobia:

“There’s no threat of Shariah law coming to Oklahoma and America, period,” said Saad Mohammed of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City. “It’s just a scare tactic.”

With 5% of precints reporting, 69.8% voted in favor of the ban, while 30.2% voted against.

By Peaco Todd


anne C.
anne C7 years ago

excellent comment , monica, religious laws OF ANY RELIGION have always been used as a tool of persecution...let us learn from the lessons of history...

monica r.
monica r7 years ago

For added insight into what it's like to live with shari'a, please see the post on care 2 about Sakineh Ashtiani


All I can say is, I agree with Oklahoma. Article VI of the Constitution says it is the supreme law of the land, so no other law, including shari'a, should get so much as a toe in the door of our legal system. Also, I don't think the death penalty is appropriate for ANY crime, but most definitely not for adultery, being gay, changing religions (penalty for leaving Islam is death), drawing anyone (such as Mohammed), or "dishonoring" your family.

Shari'a HAS come into play in American courts, maybe not in Oklahoma, but in places with higher Muslim populations. In many cases, it is used to justify or defend things most of us don't support, such as beatings of wife and kids, honor killing, child marriage, or "cutting vacations" to send girls overseas for FGM.

I support separation of church and state. All religions have laws, but if a Catholic eats meat on Friday during lent, are they tried in any court? If a Lutheran skips church a few Sundays are they jailed? For that matter, I left the RC church, and I got no death threats at all. Using a religious-based law within one branch of our government (judicial) sets a scary precedent. How do we close that door, or keep religion out of other branches of the government, once we have let it into one?

Beth S.
Beth S7 years ago

Well said, Walter G.!

Walter G.
Walter G7 years ago

Eastern laws no more belong in our justice system than ours do in theirs. What works in one culture, will fail in another, just like trying to fit the wrong part into a machine. If people want to set up permanent residence in an eastern country, or any other country for that matter, they must be prepared to abide by the laws they encounter in that place. I live in an Asian country where the laws many times seem illogical to casual visitors. The laws were evolved by the culture into which you have inserted yourself. If you don't like the laws where you are, leave as soon as possible and go home. That also applies to foreigners living in the US. If you can't abide by our legal process and our laws, remember these laws were evolved for our welfare and yours, so long as you are willing to abide by them. Don't try to get the tail to wag the dog, forget trying to convert our laws to yours, or trying to carve out a privileged legal class in our society. If you can't or are unwilling to learn to adapt to our culture and our laws, return to your own culture and laws, and happy 16th century lifestyle to you, you can't have the milk without the cow.

Beth S.
Beth S7 years ago

“The Hamas-linked Islamic supremacists of CAIR here implicitly acknowledge that Islam and Sharia are essentially inseparable -- otherwise they wouldn't be able to call Oklahoma's ballot measure an "anti-Islam" amendment. They will mount this challenge on the claim that it outlaws things like halal meat and personal Muslim prayer, but that is unlikely to succeed, since those things don't actually constitute the use of a law other than American law to legislate for Americans.

In any case, the Hamas-linked thugs of CAIR have overreached yet again, because this suit, if it goes ahead, will provide ample opportunity to prove to the general public that stonings, amputations, the oppression of women, the death penalty for apostates, and other oppressive measures are intrinsic to Sharia. But CAIR is in a hard place with this one: if they don't challenge Oklahoma's measure, the whole stealth jihad agenda could be thwarted. If they do, it could be exposed. They must be counting on their stooges and useful idiots in the government and mainstream media to do a lot of heavy lifting for them on this one.
"CAIR to Announce Suit Challenging Oklahoma Anti-Islam Amendment. …The measure amends the state constitution to forbid judges from considering Islamic law or international law when making a ruling.”

Maarja L.
Maarja L7 years ago

I cannot understand why the courts were forbidden to use international law.

Beth S.
Beth S7 years ago

Jeffrey M.,

I do have Muslim friends, two of whom are daughters of someone in one of the Arab embassies. I promised them I would not give any identifying information. They are here temporarily and are very much enjoying their freedom relative to their home country. They love their culture and people, but they recognize that there are many shortcomings, including fundamentalist elements. They would both like to be able to get permanent residence here.

Children and even many adults definitely do not have the sophistication to see the Koran and associated writings as “literature”. I would posit that the majority of the world’s adult population doesn’t see it in that light. You have more of an elitist outlook, whereas the majority of people see it for its messages. There are hundreds of thousands of white Europeans converting to Islam each year. Some percentage of these will go on to become radicalized and become part of the active threat. Even if they are only attracted to “moderate” Islam, which some plausibly say does not exist, they become part of a growing critical mass that brings with it a synergistic effect.

You know, MAYBE if children are introduced to Christianity, Judaism or atheism, it will be enough to protect them against Islam. But far too many who are not so sophisticated, grounded (not just introduced) in C, J and A and who lack a spiritual direction in their lives will fall prey to Islam. And in some way, dear Jeffrey, so

Beth S.
Beth S7 years ago

Court documents filed last week reveal Islamic extremists have obtained personal contact information on members of the defiant Facebook group "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day." Zachary Chesser, who provided the information, pled guilty to "communicating threats" and renounced jihad, but the damage was done. Prosecutors say he "seriously endangered the lives of innocent people who will remain at risk for many years to come."
This lasting effect makes it all the more frustrating that authorities did not charge him sooner. He had made similar threats against the producers of South Park weeks before. The case highlights the urgent need for better legal tools to protect free speech from extremist intimidation.
On April 15, Chesser, acting through the website RevolutionMuslim.com, "warned" the creators of South Park that they would "likely" be executed for producing an episode lampooning Muslim outrage over depictions of Mohammed. Chesser's post provided their photos and work address and included audio of radical cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki calling for the assassination of anyone who has "defamed" Mohammed. As was widely reported, Comedy Central, which carries the show, succumbed to the threat and heavily censored the episode. Nevertheless, Chesser was not charged. NYPD Commissioner Kelly called Chesser's posting a threat but said authorities did not believe it "rises to a crime right now."
More: http://www.legal-project.org/866/islamic-extremist-targets-facebook-users

pam w.
pam w7 years ago

To Geynell Eskite....I'm neither a moron, stupid nor a FOX viewer. I AM a person who has traveled widely in Islamic countries and Europe and seen what happens when cultures clash. Europeans have a monumental problem because they foolishly allowed the introduction of religious-based laws (Sharia.) Oklahomans have every right to enact this legislation.

Thanks for your non-judgmental opinion.

monica r.
monica r7 years ago

Well let's see what Omar Ahmad, co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has to say about all this:

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." -- Omar Ahmad, CAIR

He now denies saying it, but he's not the only one to state such goals. Even in Egypt, some 70% favor strictly enforced shari'a and a global caliphate (the whole world to be Muslim).

Here's another interesting quote, this from CAIR spokesman Hooper, who stands by this statement:

"I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future, but I'm not going to do anything violent to promote that. I'm going to do it through education."

According to DawaNet.com (Muslim website), public schools are "fertile grounds where the seeds of Islam can be sowed inside the hearts of non-Muslim students."
To read more about this, here is a link with strategies for promoting Islam in PUBLIC SCHOOLS:

Separation of church and state, anyone?