Old Navy Launches Gay Pride T-Shirts

Old Navy has announced a new line of rainbow-themed gay pride t-shirts for men, women and babies. In addition to visually supporting LGBT rights with these designs, Old Navy will also be donating 10% of the proceeds from the same of the t-shirts (priced between $7.50 and $14.50) to It Gets Better.

Several articles have compared this line by Old Navy to American Apparel’s “Legalize Gay” shirt. While Americal Apparel’s t-shirt seems to focus more on the legal and political aspects, the Old Navy t-shirts are more focused on love and pride. Both important messages, of course.

The shirts were recommended by the website Cool Mom Picks. Authors Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase wrote:

We’ve always been proud to support all types of families at Cool Mom Picks–the ones with one mommy, the ones with two mommies, the ones with no mommies at all. So we’re thrilled to see that Old Navy is doing the same, by making a stand in favor of love and tolerance with their new line of Gay Pride T-shirts launching next week.

As a mom myself, I know I’d love to see my family wearing these t-shirts. I certainly hope they will be more prominent this summer than the “WINNING” t-shirts I saw a few kids wearing yesterday.

What do you think of Old Navy’s initiative to visually and financially support gay pride?

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Photo credit: Annie Urban


Lesa D
Lesa D4 months ago

do they still sell these t~shirts???

thank you, Annie...

Jessica M.
Jessica M.6 years ago

I can't find the t-shirts on-line or in my local store. Is this really happening or just in big cities? I was going to buy one, but it shouldn't have been this difficult for me to do, so forget it!

Tammy D.
Tammy D6 years ago

cashing in, folks.
Old Navy is not exactly a poster child for human rights. how about just making your own t-shirt, and donating the extra $10 to It Gets Better?

I can't believe I am still surprised by some of the comments here, but I am. I have no idea what this 'gay agenda' is, but I sure as hell look forward to the increase in holidays, parades and equal rights.

Jeremy Mattson
Jeremy Mattson6 years ago

I went to Old Navy today and didn't see any, and when I asked no one at the store had a clue what I was talking about. I live in Canada, so is this only in the US?

Binh V.
Binh V.6 years ago

Wow I'm amazed by those taking offense to Old Navys Tees! And really boy cotting a store over them making a tee that is supporting the "It Gets Better Project" which is essentially people both adults and kids who are in need! Regardless if you feel that their personal choice isn't right doesnt mean you get to pass judgement on them or those supporting them! How would you like someone to pick on you torment and harass you over YOUR personal life?!? What makes or give anyone the right to judge those different from ones self? Do you think you're so "perfect" that you can point fingers and judge others? I'm "straight" (I prefer the opposite gender) but I love everyone in my life regardless of their sexual orientation or even their personal choices or belief! You should give people the respect they deserve and judge them not by if they sleep with the same gender or opposite gender but by who they are as a whole! If they treat you with respect and those around with respect, why would you care who they slept with? Would you prefer people to sleep with the same gender but be total asses? Hell there is probably more people in your life that are "in the closet" simply because they fear being condemned by those they love...which really isn't living. It's more of a half life, because they can't be who they truly are because they are living in fear...it's a sad way to live and love...

Ira M.
Ira M6 years ago

I will buy an Old Navy pride T-shirt, and I'm not even gay :)

Rrrrrr W.
Rick Wernsing6 years ago

I think Old Navy is doing a good thing. Supporting gay kids who tend to be bullied. I am puzzled by some of the people who complain about a "gay agenda" what exactly does that mean? You're against people NOT being bullied? Are you scared that accepting gay people as your equals will suddenly make your family and friends "go gay" ? It is very curious to me.

Beth M.
Beth M.6 years ago

I totally agree you T. Smith!!!!

Tracie Smith
Tracie Smith6 years ago

I thinks it's a SHAME they DO sell this garbage...it's enough that the gay agenda is trying to over take our schools with their propaganda. I will boycott ANY store that promotes/donates TO gay organizations. Homophobia is to suggest people are AFRAID of homos, we are NOT...just SICK of them forcing THEIR agenda on the rest of us who do NOT want it. I TRULY hope Old Navy loses a LOT of business because of this stupid decision.

Vincent L.
Vincent L.6 years ago

I think it's a shame they aren't in all stores and won't be online. But that won't stop me from checking ebay soon : )