Once-Loved Cats Now Marooned on Beach Jetty

This cat is known as Buddy.

A group of†cats in Long Beach,†California are†stranded on a jetty after their outdoor shelter and feeding†station were suddenly destroyed. With seagulls†devouring the piles of kibble left out on the rocks and with rain and sandstorms on the way in the coming months, a crisis is brewing.

Some of the cats here have been living on the beach for years, but until recently, they had access to a sheltered area in the lifeguard station. It gave them a place to get away from the ocean during bad weather and a covered food supply. But the cats were recently evicted following a directive for†increased security†at the lifeguard station. With access to their ‘home’ suddenly blocked, the cats had no choice but to make their way down the ocean wall with nothing but water ahead of them, yet nothing to turn back to.

At least some of these cats are†former pets who were†dropped off when their owners could not or would not take care of them any longer. Were they once loved? Some still wear collars, remnants†of a time when someone cared enough to claim them as family, a time when someone gave them food and shelter.

A Black Cat Named Patty Was Dumped Here with a Siamese One Rainy Evening

This is Paddy enjoying a meal in his former beach shelter/feeding station. The cats are now banned from this area.

“One evening I went to fill the cat’s water container,” explains Ellen Baer. “It was cold and raining and there was actually a cat in the water container, shivering and soaked. I went to my car and got a blanket and dried him off. I couldn’t get into the locked, gated area where the cat shelter was. There was a cat house there but this†cat†just couldn’t figure out where to go. So, I got a cat carrier and put in a fresh, warm blanket and he went inside.”

That cat, who was apparently dumped along with a Siamese (both wearing collars without tags), is now called Patty and†is one of a baker’s dozen of cats living here. Despite his horrendous first night on the beach and a subsequent three week period during which he seemed to vanish, Patty has gone on to acclimate to his new surroundings and he regularly greets those who come with food. And though there is a significant population of homeless cats here in Long Beach,†volunteers do hold out hope for responsible caregivers to adopt Patty and the others.

Highly Responsible & Experienced Cat Parents Sought

“We aren’t looking for rescuers who will put them in a garage or a cage and forget about them,” Ellen explains referring to common circumstances that befall overwhelmed volunteers and the future of these beach cats. “No hoarders. No rescuers who will adopt them out to just anyone. Some of these cats have friendships and we want to keep bonded pairs together and find them responsible homes. We owe them that much.”

The jetty offers the cats no true protection.

The odds are high that at least some of the cats in the group are feral while others are clearly fond of people. More cats will inevitably end up here, so the first step†is to establish a new fenced,†shelter area with weatherized cat houses and shelter food and water dishes. This will buy animal advocates some time while highly responsible and experienced cat guardians are sought to foster or adopt the friendly felines in the group.

Time is of the essence here. In the months to come, the weather will shift and rains and potential†sandstorms will not only provide punishing conditions for the cats, but will make it nearly impossible for volunteers to provide them food. There’s simply no safe way to walk out on the jetty with a bag of cat food while the surf is hitting the rocks and rain and wind bring visibility to zero.

3 Ways to Help the Jetty Cats

Petition Signatures: Sign the petition below respectfully requesting permission for a sheltered cat area to be rebuilt in a fenced, protected location near the lifeguard station.

Fundraiser to Keep Them Safe: Donations are being collected to purchase fencing and weather proof cat houses to protect the cats on the beach now and those who may be dumped in the future. Click here to learn more

Local Adoptions and Foster Homes: Any interested adopters living in the vicinity of Long Beach, California†(no out-of-state inquiries please) may send an email to beach volunteer†Ellen Baer at BeachCatss@yahoo.com. Please understand that there are very limited human resources here, and it may be several days before you receive a reply. We ask that this email address be reserved for†people with a sincere interest in adopting/ fostering†and a genuine capacity to provide a responsible home environment. All other remarks should be restricted to the ‘comments’ section below.


Jim Ven
Jim Ven3 years ago

thanks for the article.

Sheri D.
Sheri D4 years ago

signed. poor cats!

Anastasia Z.
Anastasia Z5 years ago

I do hope at least some of the cats will find loving homes

Judy Boyko
Judy Boyko5 years ago

Sad that humans cause animals who are thrown away cause them even more pain by taking away any shelter they may find where they were discarded like a piece of garbage. There is no end to the abuse humans bestow upon these wonderful animals. Its not just in California its in all the states in the United States. Government is making it almost impossible to rescue animals. Funds for rescue groups are getting slimmer and less animals can be saved from euthanization or cruelty. Ask any rescue group what you can do to help, they all need it. You dont have to adopt or foster but many just need the publics to realize what is happening to these discarded animals and only teaching the young how horrible it is for these animals who had homes but lost them. Churchs should talk about it, schools should talk about it but so much is not said and seems they are the forgotten victims. We are their voice and we had better start to yell because its getting to the point where they have no where to go. It takes every single human to stop abuse! We have to stop ignoring what is going on around us. Animals are important and have feelings.

Roberta G.
Roberta G5 years ago

Thanks for the update. Hope all goes well.

Ellen B.
Ellen Baer5 years ago

First, I want to thank everyone for signing the petition, for their comments of support, and for their donations. The cats need your continued support. There are over 11,000 people who care about these cats and that is important and relevant. Update: After submitting the petition information and the fact that thousands were raised for the sheltering area to G. Medina, the short of it is he backed out. I do know that he tried contacting a couple people at Parks and Rec, Marine however one person retired. He mentioned connecting with the city council district person, which I had already and they stated that it was not for them to make this decision, etc. I am now speaking with Elvira Hallinan who is acting manager temporarily and she has stated that she will get back with me by Wednesday. So I look forward to hearing from her. The cats situation is not good, however, I am still hoping that we can have the sheltering area which will make their lives easier and easier to get them adopted out especially when the bad weather that will be coming soon. I am still looking for good homes for the cats, so if you are interested in adopting and live locally please email the beachcatss@yahoo.com address. Thank you all again. I truly appreciate your expressed concern for these wonderful cats. They are great!!

PS Patty is really Paddy FYI ... :)

Mike Wilkinson
Mike Wilkinson5 years ago

too bad the authorities decided to lock the kats out of the lifeguard shelter......not good government.......gets my ''bad cop no donut'' award....

Carrie-Anne Brown

already signed, thanks for sharing :)

Fi T.
Past Member 5 years ago

It's a kind of cruelty

Loesje vB
Loesje Najoan5 years ago

I signed the petition and hope they find a better solution.