Abortion Provider Deployed Leaves Area Without Services

According to Guttmacher, 87 percent of counties in the United States have no abortion providers.  But for the other 13 percent, many are facing a serious lack of available providers, too.  Many exurban and more rural areas are too far away from the larger cities to have a clinic that has a regular provider, and often clinics share providers, with one doctor traveling to multiple sites, or sometimes even multiple states, a few times a month in order to provide services to women seeking to terminate a pregnancy.

How critical has the shortage of abortion providers become? As Missouri shows us, the loss of one provider could mean the suspension of abortion services all together.

The Columbia, Missouri Planned Parenthood clinic has announced that they will no longer be able to provide abortions to the women in the area, due to the military deployment of their practitioner, who previously came to the clinic two to three times a month.  Without a provider, the clinic will now have to refer women to other clinics further away, increasing the expense associated with an abortion as well as how early the abortion can be performed.

As each provider retires, is called away from his or her area, or for some other reason stops performing abortions, without newer providers to step in, the wait time for an abortion grows while schedules fill even faster, in some cases causing women to miss their ability to have a legal, early abortion all together.   And as anti-choice activists continue to target doctors, the profession becomes a much more volatile and even dangerous career choice, leaving many to choose not to go into it.

This is where laws like bans on telemed abortions, where women can speak to doctors via internet in order to obtain medicated abortions even in different cities, or Arizona’s ban on allowing abortions to be provided by anyone besides a fully licensed doctor, become so onerous.  With providers disappearing, even simply abortion procedures like using RU 486 or an early first trimester D&C are becoming that much harder to obtain.

Columbia’s situation is unfortunate, but highly unlikely to be that last.  Too many states have just a handful of providers, and without them, abortion becomes legal in name only, and completely unobtainable.


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LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank you.

Tusa Alexis Angel

gal-gal-lollal (giggle a little, giggle a lot, laugh out loud and laugh a lot), dear Robin, ooops there I go again galgallollal, I may not have learnt much at school but I did learn that sticks and stones may break my bones but comments like yours will never hurt me, I know a bully when I see one, and i know a bully by the way they write, their may be children in poverty, but i sponsor 4 of them and child rescue every year for the past 11 years, and I am by no means a rich man in your eyes, but have wealth beyond measure in the eyes of my Lord, you and your compadre graham attach me and like minded people because your are ignorant and know not what you do, I can't help you in that regard, but i will pray for you and your unborn children.

Gerry C.
Past Member 6 years ago

The children that would've been aborted/killed at Planned Parenthood are a bit safer, hopefully.

elaine v.
ain v6 years ago

emma s

what a pity, your concept of "viable human." are *you* viable? i hope you are.

Ray C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Emma S, well said, could not agree with you more,

Emma S.
Emma S6 years ago

I live in the UK. It's a far from perfect place in many ways. But one thing most of us here are proud of is the National Health Service. It's my devout wish that every country in the world can work towards a service like this, free at the point of use - and free from the aggression of people who think foetuses have more rights than viable human beings.

elaine v.
ain v6 years ago


your perfect english aside, i suppose you also think being practical is the best way to go. so we're faced with a problem of children being unwanted and unloved. so we abort them. clean and simple, no? but i'm baffled at how your superior intellect fails to consider the underlying question of why they are unloved and unwanted.

i hope you consider yourself lucky you're not unwanted nor unloved.

elaine v.
ain v6 years ago

lilithe m

holier-than-thou? just because i oppose abortion, i'm holier-than-thou? i have as much right to express my opinion and take sides as you or anyone who CHOOSES to. just, i still think it's so stupid you're worried about poverty and overpopulation that you'd rather kill an innocent human than promote a lifestyle that alleviates poverty and helping the so-called unloved and unwanted.

i come from a largely poor and overpopulated country so i know what i'm talking about. why don't you come over here and see for yourself how much poorer and more overpopulated we are compared to you, but generally, abortion is out of the question. and are we poor because we're against abortion? no. we're poor because we have corrupt idiots in government and rich people who squander and hoard resources as if there are no people affected. sounds familiar, doesn't it? we persecute abortionists like heretics here.

Graham Hyatt
Graham Hyatt6 years ago

I think I have a solution for all of this.

Since Fern D., Ruth R., Tusa Alexis A., Ira P., Steve R., and those other ultra-right leaning, pro-life commentators among you believe they have the inalienable right to moralize and preach to the majority of the women of America (same happens here in Canada, to a lesser degree) on the subject of birth control and abortion, and imply that those wishing to terminate pregnancies are less than godly, it is my belief that they should be allowed to put into practice what they are effectively preaching. They should be invited to set up orphanages to provide loving homes for all of those children, unwanted at the time of birth. This surely, would be a perfect solution, and it will then be possible to say that the land of freedom is moving toward perfection.

By the way, have you ever noticed that those who speak most strongly against abortion are generally men? Maybe I should apologize for my fellow men? But then again, they're not real men are they: or they wouldn't be bullying women.

I salute those who stand up for the women's rights to decide in this matter, and who believe abortion should be available to all women. In fact, I believe the government should provide the service, and should protect those who use it.

Robyn O.
Robyn O6 years ago

Dear Tusa:

If I brought a child into the world, I wouldn't want that child to go to the school you attended but obviously learned very little, especially in the realm of simple plurals in the language we speak in this country:

comments not comment's
woman have been given
conceive not concieve
girls not girl's
legs not leg's

You may not like today's reality in attitudes toward sex (I hope that word doesn't hurt your delicate virgin ears) but we're faced with a growing number of children in poverty who are unwanted and unloved.