One with People, One with Planet, and One with Performance

As a multisport athlete, I ask a lot of my workout gear.  My clothes have to transition from indoor to outdoor training, dry quickly, and be simple to put on and thrown off between each leg of a race.  However, before reading about Atayne, I never worried about where my athletic gear came from.

Atayne is a high-performance apparel company that makes clothes “for people and the planet.”  After a long run in a drippy red t-shirt, founder Jeremy Litchfield decided that the clothing people wear while sculpting their bodies should be good for their bodies as well.  He started this B Corporation that produces recycled clothing for yoga, cycling, running, hiking, paddling and climbing.

Because they use 100% recycled polyester, instead of virgin polyester, it takes 70% less energy to produce their clothing, which performs comparably to their competitors.  They use the “6Ms” to produce all of their gear: cutting edge Materials, local Manufacturing, Minimalist design, Multi-functionality (just like I like), designs that fulfill the Mutual interests of the company and its consumers and appropriate Messaging.

So the next time you’re looking for a new running t-shirt to throw on and not worry about, try out a Trash T with your choice of logo!

Another B Corp to check out is GoLite. They specialize in adventure gear for hiking, skiing and trail running.  All of their products are created with the idea that less is more.  They buy only fabrics in bolt widths that minimize cutting waste and is sourced as close as possible to the finished goods production facility to minimize transportation.  

Their base layers would be great for winter running workouts, spring or winter snowboarding or even for a college student like myself who has to walk from class to class on a daily basis.

One more initiative of GoLite’s to check out is their “Take Back” program. They promise to take back any GoLite product from any season in any condition to repair, resell or reuse instead of being thrown away.

The last high-performance sustainable clothing company I want to highlight is Green Light Apparel. Most of their products are made from recycled polyester and cotton.  

Besides creating garments that are good for the environment, they are committed to fighting child labor. They focus their attention on race directors and event planners to increase their purchasing power through collective buying.  

Green Light Apparel donates 10 percent of every purchase to non-profit partners that work towards ending illegal child labor in the sports apparel industry.

Once you’ve decided to commit yourself to fitness, through hiking, skiing or triathlons like me, you should commit yourself to your surroundings as well. Buying just one t-shirt from one of these companies is a step in the right direction and a decision to better the world.

Photo credit: via Flickr by Julia Baykova


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Don't take things simply since they can make a great difference

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Elvira S7 years ago

I had an argument with a co-worker the other day about how our choices affect the earth. I was told that it did not matter how we treat the earth the earth was given to us to control by God and that it says so right in the bible. Unbelievable, now I heard it all, so we can pollute, destroy, abuse everything on this earth because our God sanctions it? BTW, this co-worker is an intelligent, educated physician. We are doomed!!!

Monica D.
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Thank you! I agree that the purchases we make can help change the world for the better.

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great article.

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What about two.

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