Open-Pit Mining Threatens Costa Rica Land: An Activist Spotlight

Last month, members of the Northern Front Against Open-Pit Mining and Not A Single Mine Coordinator, including one Care2 petition author, started an indefinite fast to force the Costa Rican President to overturn the executive decree that establishes open-pit gold mining as an activity of national interest in Costa Rica — allowing the destruction to continue, despite it’s harmful effects.

Petition author, Ricardo, and other activists protesting open-pit gold mining in Costa Rica are concerned about the effects this will have on the local environment and wildlife — and are currently protesting.

“The Costa Rican Government, which has a vested interest in clearing the way for Canadian Infinito Gold to resume the razing of 300 hectares of primary rainforest, is doing everything they can to crush the bridgehead of peaceful resistance we’ve managed to establish in front of the Presidential House.

At first, they welcomed our arrival with a fully-armored police force of approximately 250 officers, yet, since our fast was a form of peaceful protest, they lacked the legal instruments to force us out of public grounds. Hence, during the past couple of days, their repression methods shifted from the use of coercive measures to rendering our plight virtually invisible in national mainstream media.”

Ricardo is relying on the help of others to make this petition a success.

“I believe Care2′s featuring of our cause would increase global awareness of the situation a great deal and help us to turn the current domestic environmental problem into an issue of international debate. Eventually, I hope, other organizations and governments will mount the needed pressure for President Chinchilla to overturn the executive decree of national interest favoring open-pit gold mining, thus putting an end to this 17-year-long struggle.”

It seems the issue is receiving some local press, but that won’t be enough to stop this mining for good.

If you want to help raise awareness and take a stand against the destruction open-pit gold mining causes, sign this petition today!




Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

It was sad to read that even beautiful Costa Rico has corrupt heads of state. Greed, the big undoer of humanity.

petition signed

Margarita A.
Margarita M. A7 years ago

Many countries would love to protect environment, resources, forests, etc., but they have to provide food for their people, also. As an example: Brasil has the Amazon River and its forests, but how can they keep the environment safe when so many people are hungry? Why are the rich countries of the World unwilling to pay Brasil for protecting the Amazon Basin (and species, oxygen, etc., for all mankind)? If developed countries want Costa Rica to stop mining or any other activity damaging its environment, they should compromise $$$$!

Susan Pernot
Susan Pernot7 years ago


Nancy Forler
Past Member 7 years ago

I am a Canadian who has lived in Costa Rica for 15 years and there are many of us who do not want any part of this mining project. Our rainforests are so important and we do not want to lose any of them. Please everyone help us to put a stop to the destruction of not only the habitat but to so many birds and animals as well. Please sign

Liz Thompson
Elisabeth T7 years ago

Thanks for this article..

Joanne Rimmer
Jo R7 years ago

Petition signed and also posted to Facebook. When will human beings as a whole species learn to love, respect and preserve that which sustains us. The more rainforrest we decimate the less oxygen produced to keep us alive.

perlette a.
perlita a7 years ago

again...are they not thinking clearly????

Michael Kirkby
.7 years ago

I couldn't agree with you more. What is this fascination with gold anyway? Is it something to do with a religious or other superstitious holdover from mans' infancy? It's just a metal afterall. You can't drink it. You can't eat it. It doesn't provide sustainable sources of environmental relief and planetary sustenance like a rain forest does. It doesn't contribute to biodiversity or planetary health.
We Canadians need to look no further than our own tar sands in Alberta. What a frickin mess and it's only just beginning. Of course I guess they didn't learn the lesson of 1989 - 1993 did they? Back then every facet of the economy was tied to real estate. Today it is mining and petro dollars. Got to keep those gas guzzlers fed now don't we? How long before we learn the lesson?
Costa Rica is a beautiful country, but without the rainforest it will become nothing more than a slag heap. The problem is outside the cities. The people are so poor; they are barely subsisting in many of the rural towns and villages. I can't blame them if they take a job with these dirty jokers. Maslowe put it best regarding man's needs. It's easy to entertain higher ideals when your stomach is full and there's food on the table and employment bringing in the daily bread. When you are poor, it's more important to fulfill those basic essentials by whatever means. Of course there's also the socialists' viewpoint about spending other peoples' money on high fallutin programs until it runs out of course.

Rose N.
Past Member 7 years ago

Signed. Thank you for posting.

Tatiana T.
Tatiana T7 years ago

These canadian mining corporations are a plague. They are devastating everything everywhere! Here in Colombia the Greystar is tearing our lands apart and poisoning our water supplies and the government applauds. A lot of people is against this but money buy consciences.

Petition gladly signed!