O’Reilly Sounds The Alarm About The Left’s War Against The Easter Bunny

Written by Adam Peck

Culture warrior and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly sounded the alarms on his show yesterday over the looming threat being posed by secularists towards…the Easter bunny.

O’Reilly, perhaps best known for his annual winter jeremiads on the imminent destruction of Christmas, explained to his audience that “secular progressives” are seeking to destroy such holy biblical figures as grown men in bunny costumes so they can legalize marijuana and allow abortions on demand:

O’REILLY: Secular progressives are running wild with President Obama in the White House. They feel unchained, liberated, and they’re trying to diminish any form of religion. The goal is to marginalize religious opposition to secular programs. For example, in Canada and China a woman can have an abortion for any reason at any time. Secular progressives want that here. But traditional forces in America are in opposition. Therefore in this country, you can’t terminate a baby about to be born without a damn good reason. And if you do abort a late term baby, you could be charged with murder. SPs hate that. In Scandanavia, there are laws that say you cannot criticize minorities and if you do, you could be arrested. Secular progressives want laws like that here. Also the legalization of drugs, well under way in many places, and that is a secular cause. So, if the far left can marginalize Santa and the Easter bunny, of they can tell the children those symbols are obsolete and unnecessary, they then set the stage for a totally secular society in the future.

Forgetting for a minute that religiously-affiliated lawmakers are actually imposing tougher abortion laws around the country, that nobody is pushing for a law to criminalize free speech, and that legalizing drugs is far from a secular progressive cause, there is simply no “war on Easter.” O’Reilly points to a handful of small community centers and elementary schools that are hosting “spring egg hunts,” sometimes with a “spring bunny” emceeing the festivities. Nowhere to be found is the word “Easter,” laments O’Reilly, fearful that the nation’s six year olds will one day forget the religious symbolism of crawling around a grassy schoolyard on all fours searching for chocolate-filled plastic eggs. Each of the schools highlighted by O’Reilly has off the day following Easter Sunday, an opportunity for parents to teach their children about the significance of the holiday and a luxury rarely afforded to the practitioners of any other religion in the country.

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham joined O’Reilly to discuss this latest atrocity, and both agreed that the fault belongs to the nation’s “traditional forces,” who aren’t doing enough, in their estimation, to fight back against the rise of secularism and the persecution of religious Christians. It’s a bold statement coming from two people who have a history of being the chief persecutors towards people of other faiths.

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Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill4 years ago

The Easter bunny is not a Christian symbol, neither are Easter eggs. They are secular symbols for a Christian holiday just as Santa Claus is at Christmas. They just make the holidays a little more fun for the kids. So I don't understand why it's now PC to change the names...that is the war on Christianity.

Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage se4 years ago


Julie F.
Julie F4 years ago


Lindsay P.
Lindsay Partin4 years ago

In a way I can see his point, at least with the spring egg hunts and the spring bunny. When I was a child it was called Christmas Break, Christmas Party, Easter Break, and the like. It has now gone to Winter Break, Holiday Party and Spring Break. I'm not saying to be unkind to those of different beliefs then Christians, but I kinda miss the old days.

Donna B.
Donna B4 years ago

O'Reilly=Dumb Ass!!

Sonya Armenia Redfield


E. J.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thank you.

nancy D.
nancy B4 years ago

I think this moron is smoking the grass from his Easter basket. WTF!!!!!!!!!

Dan B.
Dan Brook4 years ago

(irrelevant link above...sorry)

The regressive Republican Party of No is obstructionist, mean-spirited, thuggish, religiously fanatical, scientifically ignorant, corrupt, hypocritical, untrustworthy, xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, evolution and global warming denying, oily, anti-environment, anti-health, anti-consumer, anti-choice, anti-birth control, anti-education, anti-student loans, anti-equal pay, anti-99%, pro-banks, pro-big corporations, pro-voter suppression, union busting, Medicare mashing and Social Security slashing, fiscally irresponsible, misleading, authoritarian, selfish, greedy, out-of-touch, dishonest, lacking compassion, warmongering, and otherwise dangerous.

NEVER vote for Republicans!

Dan B.
Dan Brook4 years ago

Boycott O'Reilly / Fox / Murdoch / Koch / Rush / Bush / Rove / GOP!