Osama Bin Laden Is Dead, Says President Obama

President Obama made a surprising and dramatic announcement late on Sunday night: terrorist leader Osama bin Laden is dead, and the U.S. military has his body in custody.  He was killed by a U.S. military action in Pakistan; the Obama administration has been waiting for DNA confirmation before going public with the news. 

Obama, saying that the “images of 9/11 are seared into our national memory,” declared that the United States was “united in our resolve” to bring the perpetrators to justice.  “We went to war against al-Qaeda,” he said, “to protect our citizens, our friends, and our allies.”

He said that the killing of bin Laden was the top priority of the war against al-Qaeda.  Obama explained that he and his advisors have been following a lead about bin Laden’s whereabouts since last summer, and that he was finally killed in a U.S. military action against his compound.  

No U.S. soldiers were killed or injured in the operation.  Obama thanked them for their courage and patriotism.  He also spoke directly to the families of the many people who died on September 11, saying that the United States has never forgotten the depth of the tragedy.

Obama was clear to say that the United States is not at war against Islam, because bin Laden was not a Muslim leader; indeed, he said, bin Laden was a “mass murderer of Muslims.”  His death should be “welcomed,” he said, by anyone who desires peace.

Bin Laden’s death ends a 10-year search since the devastating September 11th attacks; U.S. authorities have sought bin Laden mostly on the mountainous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It has been almost ten years since terrorist attacks orchestrated by bin Laden on September 11, 2001 killed almost 3,000 people and dramatically altered the United States’ sense of security.  Bin Laden’s death was an often-stated goal in early efforts in the “War on Terror,” which resulted in U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bin Laden has periodically appeared on videos, often broadcast through Al Jazeera, but has not been a strong leader in al-Qaeda for the past decade, because of the intense focus drawn to him since the September 11 attacks.  There has been a $25 million bounty on his head since the attacks.

Even before the president made his statement, the rhetoric around bin Laden’s death was already running high, with commentators announcing that the war on terror is over, and that this event will usher in a new era, both for the U.S. and the Middle East.  

Some of the coverage has been troubling and overblown; I heard one commentator describe Afghanistan as a “primitive” place, while others declared that bin Laden single-handedly changed the way we live.  Although he’s been symbolically important, we also need to remember that bin Laden has been marginal in al-Qaeda and other terrorist operations since 2001.

Ironically, however, May 1st is also the anniversary of President George W. Bush declaring, incredibly prematurely, “Mission accomplished,” in a 2003 speech from an aircraft carrier.  It seems that May 1st will be a much more auspicious day for President Obama.

We’ll keep you posted as the story unfolds and President Obama makes his announcement — but for now, this is clearly a symbolic moment, both for the U.S. and for the world.

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Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

Scott, you also said, "Another example of your foolish remarks......"is obvious that I don’t believe this because I spend my life dealing with people on Care2 that hate Muslims and are pleased that we are being killed on mass."........The ONLY thing obvious is how pathetic a life you must live if you spend all of it in Care.2 dealing with those who disagree with you.

I NEVER slandered you, Scott. I said I thought you were full of B.S. and conspiracy theories, that nothing you state is fact or can be backed up with actual information. I never accused you of belonging to Al Qaeda, but then since it doesn't exist (according to you), what difference would it make if I had? Fact.......go re-read what I DID say, and nothing was stated other than they are my OPINIONS, based on MY interpretation of what you have posted.

Obama did NOT say he'd have our troops out of Afghanistan by any certain date. He said it was a priority of his to get it done. If you had a clue, ANY clue at all, you would see that he's tried doing just that, and the G.O.P. has interferred with everything he does. They've tried to stop the way by passing legislation preventing further funding......the G.O.P. stopped that. It's not Obama's decision alone. He only signs the legislation PASSED by Congress.

BTW, my son was in Saudi and Kuwait in 1992, so don't insult me with the nonsense about who started that engagement or what the sentiment of everyone who lives there is!

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

Where do you get your statistics that 42% of Americans believe 9/11 was a "frame-up"? That is one of your most far-out accusations with NOTHING to back it up. I suppose if you polled 100 Muslims who dissapprove of the U.S. in the first place, then 42 of them might think they've been singled out for blame. Wow, since they have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt who was responsible, by arresting some that were merely involved in the plotting of it, and identified those who were actually ON the hijacked airliners as being radical Muslims, then hardly appears to be a "frame-up", but whatever floats your boat that makes your continued anti-American rantings justified in your own mind, I guess.

You, Scott, continue to spew suspecion, distrust, false allegations (which are nothing but you posting dates and "events" with nothing CREDIBLE to back them up) and conspiracy theories. You don't live in the U.S., but yet try to come across as having very "inside" information on what goes on behind "closed doors" that are privvy to only top officials. You get your "info" from the BBC which is akin to FOX or the National Enquirer. Sad, indeed. You're right about one thing, Scott. I respect your right to your faith, but have no respect for either your religion OR you.

Lindsey DTSW
.6 years ago

And I've been hated for no reason, Scott. As a white person and a Southerner, there have been quite a few times in my life where hatred has been directed at me for the color of my skin and my ancestry, despite the hater knowing nothing whatsoever about my personal character, habits, thoughts, or beliefs. Just as I've experienced the discrimination and prejudice associated with being a woman and an atheist.

Certainly what I've experienced would not reach the level of hatred some Muslims and Arabs experienced against them after 9/11 - but that's only a matter of degree (I saw that firsthand after 9/11 in the treatment some of my family - who are Lebanese, though not Muslim - experienced.)

Lindsey DTSW
.6 years ago

Yes, Scott - you directed your comment to Diane: "Also, denying the existence of paid for blogging makes you seem all the more guilty of it." As you'll see if you look at the comment, you began by addressing her by name directly in response to her own comment about paid bloggers several comments earlier. If you don't want to be accused of being a sock puppet, you should consider not accusing others of the same thing. It's an unworthy tactic and the unfortunate result of accusations like that can be that some will actually believe them. In an online community, that's not a nice accusation to have stick to anyone.

And I don't require that any words be 'taken back'. Words, once said, can't be taken back. Of course, since I wasn't offended in any way by your own comment to me, it hardly matters. Just an example in response to your own question about why you would be accused of hypocrisy.

'nuff said.

Scott Freewheeler
Scott F6 years ago

This false flag war on terror has created a hell on Earth for many of my Muslims brothers and sisters.

We are all feeling such sorrow for our fallen innocent brothers and sisters and their families.

I have a few friends in the occupied countries and more in neighbouring countries and I lay away at night praying for their safety.

You cannot imagine how it feels to be hated for no reason unless you have been. When you know your faith is beautiful, peaceful, loving and merciful and you yourself are not guilty of any crimes it is easy to imagine that so many are being put through such oppression murder and torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan who are also completely innocent.

I think it is very sad that Care2 has so many ‘ad hominem’ attacks. It discourages intelligent debate and makes people shy from posting. It seems that recently it has spiralled out of control. But this is nothing compared with the murder and destruction of those living in a warzone where there are few if any enemy soldiers; just civilians.

Some of them make get hold of an old AK and fire back but wouldn’t you if it were over a million Americans being killed by an occupying force in America? What if it were you... your home is rubble, your family dead and you heart destroyed.

Scott Freewheeler
Scott F6 years ago

I didn’t address anyone personally on my sock puppet comment. I read every comment here and made no reference to anyone in particular. Am I not allowed to even speak of their existence lest I offend any of them?

I was directly accused of representing a group of mass murderers! That is highly slanderous and it was clearly me that Dianne targeted.

The fact that I saw much evidence ObL was a CIA paid show pony and that Al Qaeda was an invention of this whole false flag war on terror is no comfort to me regarding the intention of this insult.

Plenty of people believe that Al Qaeda are the ones responsible for all this killing and I would rather not be accused of being a part of their organisation just because I am a Muslim.

I apologise if it appeared as though I was saying you were the only one who was not proud of the First Amendment. It is obvious that I don’t believe this because I spend my life dealing with people on Care2 that hate Muslims and are pleased that we are being killed on mass.

Instead of saying ”Anyone else would rejoice because of their constitution” I should have said ‘NEARLY anyone else...’

I think you are clutching at straws to incriminate me but I will take it back if you insist.

Lindsey DTSW
.6 years ago

Examples of hypocrisy, Scott, just from this thread?

Well, that would be a person who says it's slander to say: "That I am a sock puppet for the Taliban or Al Qaeda." while saying of others, "Also, denying the existence of paid for blogging makes you seem all the more guilty of it." and "You ‘Pay Per-Bloggers’ make me laugh."

Or saying it's slander when someone says of you: "That I am the only one with such an opinion." with you saying of another, "You sound so begrudging that you are “required to tolerate” freedom of religion. ANYONE ELSE would rejoice that their constitution was so far ahead of its time and leads the political world in its moral sturdiness. Perhaps there are some who are still dragging their feet along this moral evolutionary ladder but the First Amendment is something THE REST OF US celebrate joyfully."

Doesn't bother me to be told that I'm the only one holding a particular view (that 'anyone else' and 'the rest of us') don't share, though I won't speak for Diane as to whether she feels she was 'slandered'.

That's what hypocrisy is. Complaining of what others do to you - while doing it to others yourself.

The words and accusations themselves aren't a big deal - most of us outspoken ones have had far worse things thrown at us here on Care2 at times. Most of us don't care when it comes to such mild accusations. But since you do object to those kinds of accusations, perhaps you might look to your own actions.

Scott Freewheeler
Scott F6 years ago

Your respect of my faith or lack of it makes no difference but your president’s total lack of respect for human life is an offence to humanity.

I still love Americans; they are not fairly represented by their leaders and they are lied to by their media.

You can see on my posts that I and always extremely generous in my praise for the freedom they cherish, the constitution, patriotism, the multiculturalism they pride themselves with, their righteousness and the way they stand up for truth and justice - this is to name but a few of their numerous qualities.

I know if their country was invaded as Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan has been every one of them would fight courageously for their freedom.

I have said on Care2 that the American people are our best hope against the ultra rich banksters and their corporate greed and oppression.

I was singing their praises on New World Order threads and Wisconsin threads.

I adore my American friends, some of which are extremely close here on Care2.

I abhor generalisations and prejudice. As an ‘innocent’ Muslim I get my fair share of it. I never respond “in kind” to the abuse I get but instead with words of kindness and peace.

PS. Please explain your last sentence. No one ever accused me of being a hypocrite before so I have never had to deny it.

Scott Freewheeler
Scott F6 years ago

I love people disagreeing with me, how dull it would be otherwise.

I wish they would just voice their own opinions on matters instead of slandering mine.

I celebrate the differences in opinion because I can manage them in a mature manner.

I don’t support any kinds of terrorism, least of all when it is perpetrated by governments.

I had a good look at the many ‘Paid For Bloggers’ jobs but all of them involved selling my soul and losing my clear conscience; a price far too high for any reasonable person to exchange for a few dollars.

Scott Freewheeler
Scott F6 years ago

You say “The US did NOT start the war in Afghanistan”

So who do you think did? It was planned six months before 9/11;


The first gulf war was years before (2-8-1990, the west got involved 17-1-91) and that started because of money and oil; Also Kuwait stole oil from Iraq by slant drilling underground to tap into their fields.

The second ‘pre-emptive’ (USA started) illegal (according to the UN and the Geneva Convention) gulf war wasn’t until (20-3-2003).

That was based on the lies of WMD’s but the real reason was money and oil for a change.

Sadam was trading in euros instead of dollars which was the final straw for the US to attack him because he wasn’t owned by them. He may have been a bad man but that is not the fault of over a million civilians who now are dead.

Iraq is now in ruins. Soldiers admit that Iraqis tell them they are worse than Sadam.

There isn’t a single apartment block left standing, everyone in Iraq has lost someone dear to them and deplete uranium has poisoned everything so no; things are not “better” than they were before US military mass murder of civilians. Even your soldiers are saying “We are the terrorists”.