Ospreys Saved from Eviction Notice

When the global economy nosedived in 2008, the condo market in Kelowna, British Columbia ground to a halt. Work stopped on the 21 story Lucaya development near the waterfront. Left behind were a concrete foundation and a towering crane.

Four years later, the crane still stands. As winds shift, the crane swings around, positioning itself over the outdoor dining areas of three restaurants. Therein lies the problem and the city’s current dilemma.

Until construction on the Lucaya site stopped, a pair of ospreys had been using a nesting platform built for them in the nearby Rotary Marsh.


In spring 2009, they relocated to the much higher crane. As the crane’s arm swung in the breeze, bits of fish and osprey droppings began peppering vehicles and diners.

Business owners beneath the crane’s swinging path have had enough and are insisting the city act on the nuisance. Neighbors are also concerned about transients camping in the underground parking garage and skateboarders taking over the concrete floors.

Lucaya’s Calgary-based owners appear to have closed up shop entirely. The city has been unable to contact them so local taxpayers will likely be on the hook for taking down the crane and better securing the site.

The problem is that the ospreys have started another family. The earliest the crane can be dismantled without disturbing them is October.

So for now, the city is considering alternatives, such as dismantling the first 15 meters of the crane’s arm.

As for the ospreys, they won’t have to look for a new home until next year.

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Photo credits: Cathryn Wellner


Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Nirvana Jaganath
Nirvana Jaganath5 years ago


sheri denato
Past Member 5 years ago


Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright5 years ago

Ospreys are magnificient creatures. I hope they continue to leave them alone and allow them to live freely and without concerns for their welfare. Humans need to do better about respecting animals...they have rights too. And their fate if our fate....................

Kevin Cline
Past Member 5 years ago

Mitt Romney could use that crane! For installing his car elevator, loading pet carriers and whatnot.

Deborah F.
Deborah F5 years ago

Humans seem to be such an ignorant species. And we're supposed to be the intelligent ones.

Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado5 years ago

I hope they can find another nest.

Despina V.
Despina Vekris5 years ago


Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

Hope they find a good permanent solution.

William K.
William K5 years ago

It seems to me, that a huge crane like that, left free to swing in the breeze, is a huge safety liability. How can the company get away with simply abandoning everything in place?

I'm glad that the ospreys will be left alone.