Over 140 Dogs Rescued From Deplorable Conditions

Yet again, a puppy mill has been found to be keeping its pooches in deplorable conditions, but this time there is a happy ending. More than 60 severely neglected dogs were removed from a breeding operation in Ecru, Mississippi, on October 27, in “Operation Autumn Angels.”

Authorities in Pontotoc County had recently received tips and complaints about this property, so decided to investigate. Horrified by what they saw, the officials contacted Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) for assistance to remove these dogs, once the owner of the facility had agreed to surrender them. 

Operation Autumn Angels

When the rescuers from ARC arrived, they found around 60 small-breed dogs living outdoors in dilapidated wood and wire hutches. There was a powerful stench of ammonia coming from those urine-soaked shelters, and the animals had clearly not received veterinary care: rescuers found severe dental disease, fur loss, skin inflammation, untreated open wounds, and much more.


Photo Credit: Amiee Stubbs

“We witnessed severe neglect today at this puppy mill. These dogs were not considered sentient beings who need and deserve care, just machines producing puppies for profit,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “That changes today. From now on they will be treated as individuals, receive the medical treatments and love they so desperately need, and eventually become cherished members of a family.”

How relieved those animals must have been to see some friendly human faces. And what a gift for them that shelter volunteers were willing to go into such horrible conditions to perform this rescue.

The dogs were transported to an emergency shelter in Lebanon, Tennessee, where they will receive a thorough veterinary exam, and any necessary vaccinations and medical treatment. 


Photo Credit: Amiee Stubbs

Operation Fall Freedom

They will also meet up with another set of rescue dogs. Just the day before Operation Autumn Angels, ARC removed 82 neglected dogs from a property in Hardin County, Tennessee, and brought them to the same emergency shelter. This operation was dubbed “Operation Fall Freedom,” and for this one, ARC worked in conjunction with Compassion in Action of Tennessee.

When volunteers arrived at the property in Savannah, Tennessee, they found 82 dogs of various ages and breeds, all stuck inside crates outside the home of the man who had been running the rescue, but no longer had the finances to continue. Who knows what would have happened if those wonderful humans had not shown up just in time?

“We found, and the property owners agreed, that they were not able to give the dogs the quality of life they deserve,” said Hardin County Animal Services Director Debbie Nowicki. “With Animal Rescue Corps’ assistance we were able to offer a solution to address this urgent situation.”

Now all of these dogs, over 140 of them, are staying at the emergency shelter in Lebanon. They will remain under the care of volunteers before they are placed with animal rescue organizations that will help them find forever homes. 

What an inspiration these volunteers are! As Ada Dever, manager of the Lebanon shelter, said, “When they come in here, they see the need, they feel the pain these animals have been through, the neglect. They can see it. They want to just do all they can while they’re here.”

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, so if you live anywhere near this shelter and want to foster or adopt a dog, check out ARC’s Facebook page for a list of available pooches. Or just visit your local animal shelter to find the perfect dog for you.





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Glad to hear these pups are receiving the care they deserve.
You can give care to an animal in need, too. Take a Stand: http://bit.ly/1Rp4wkJ

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I can't even imagine how awful this was for those who rescued the dogs!

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Its frustrating to know that no legislation has been passed to ban this heinous sickening abhorrent cruel trade because of the AKC who keeps blocking them. When will the people of the USA stand up against this self interest money grabbing unconscionable immoral unethical organisation and fight for dogs and cats in this country! The AKC should not be in existence anymore because the last thing this or any country needs is more dogs and cats bred! Overbreeding of dogs and cats to meet the requirements of these silly dog shows has no place today when you are killing over 4 million dogs & cats annually using taxpayers money! This is completely illogical, its unintelligent and a vicious cycle of breeding dumping and killing to please them! The people in the AKC are the most despicable inhumane ruthless low life and its time politicians get the courage and confidence to stand up to them in the interest of a healthy pet industry not one that needs gas chambers to meet the needs for mass killing of innocent dogs & cats! The USA is behind the times and its time this barbaric industry gets cleaned up!

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I would never be able to help rescue, I would want to do severe harm to the ba$tards who do this to animals. The judicial system totally fails these poor abused creatures. Shame on them.