Over 200 Animals Rescued From Shocking Conditions In Texas

More than 200 animals were rescued from deplorable conditions in a residence in Texas on July 25.

The SPCA of Texas reports that it took custody of a total of 221 animals from a property in Kaufman County, near Dallas: 166 rabbits, 36 guinea pigs, 12 goats, five cats, one dog and one bull.

We’ve brought you some tragic stories recently about the mistreatment of animals, but at least in this case, the SPCA has hopefully ensured a happy ending for these animals.

The SPCA initially received a complaint of suspected animal cruelty on July 16, and they visited the property, along with a deputy with the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office. However, the animal owner refused to respond to them, and realizing it was imperative to get these animals out as soon as possible, they went ahead and obtained a seizure warrant.

What the SPCA found on July 25 was shocking.

I have no idea why anyone would want to hoard animals, much less keep them in such revolting conditions.

Photo Credit: SPCA of Texas

As reported by the SPCA of Texas:

Eighty four of the rabbits, two of the guinea pigs and two of the cats were found in a big barn on the property. These rabbits and guinea pigs were living in feces-encrusted wire cages. The rabbits were housed in cages stacked two high, and feces from the rabbits in the top cages was able to fall down on the rabbits in the bottom cages.

One hundred and sixteen more rabbits and 34 guinea pigs were living in a small shed inside feces-filled cages. These rabbits were living in wire cages, and several of these guinea pigs were living inside a fish tank.

The rabbits appear to have various health issues, including open sores, matted fur, hair loss, ear discharge, eye discharge and long nails. Some of the guinea pigs have hair loss.

In addition, the SPCA found 11 goats outside the barn, a cat and two kittens in a feces-filled wire cage located outside the shed, and the dog in a small wire cage behind the shed without access to food or water. The bull was discovered with one of the goats in a small pasture behind a trailer.

The SPCA of Texas removed the animals and took them to two local animal care centers, where they will stay until the animal owner faces a hearing on August 2. At that point, the SPCA of Texas will probably receive final custody of the animals, who will then be evaluated for adoption or placement on a case by case basis.

Let’s hope this story will have a happy ending, like the one that happened in Mississippi in May, when more than 200 animals, including over 50 miniature horses, who were living in deplorable conditions, were rescued. Many of the animals were taken in by the Humane Society of South Mississippi and many of those have been adopted into new homes.

Lydia Satler, Mississippi State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, expressed her delight at this outcome:

“It’s amazing, the first day you are on the scene it’s heartbreaking and your focus is removing them from the conditions. Seeing them getting the medical care they need to get healthy enough to travel on to the next phase of their lives knowing they are not going to be suffering anymore, it’s very gratifying.”

A huge shout-out to everyone who is involved in rescuing animals from gross mistreatment. Thank you so much!

Photo Credit: < href=https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3pufq1ow91dj2cz/VtGLazRH0P#f:DSC_1797.JPG target="_blank">SPCA of Texas


Jim Ven
Jim V2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Patti Ruocco
Patti Ruocco3 years ago

I have to say I am impressed--with all the other ways (like how they are anti-environment and and anti-women) Texas really came through here....This is why we need a national registry for animal abusers. This sociopath should not be allowed to move somewhere else and have any animal in his home....

Julie Botsch
Julie Botsch4 years ago

Thank you for the posting.

Mark D.
Mark D.4 years ago

Although this is commendable, Animal control officers and shelters that euthanize are doing horrible atrocities every day. The ones who do that and the corrupt politicians who support them should be put in a cage and told every day they will be "euthanized" if nobody accepts them.

Claudia Cavallo
Claudia Cavallo4 years ago

Thanks to all that saved these animals, and now let's hope this man will be unished and won't be allowed to keep other animals in the future

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing, hope all of the animals find loving homes :)

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne R4 years ago

We need better laws to deal with animal issues. Well overdue!

B Jackson
BJ J4 years ago

Insanity but sounds like there's hope for these animals.

Nicole W.
Nicole W4 years ago

Poor babies... I hope the owner goes to jail.

Henry G.
Henry G4 years ago

Glad somebody was on the ball on this one. We need more people to do the same thing when they suspect animal abuse.