OWS Is The People’s Revolution: Will You Join It? [Video]

Now is a critical time for the Occupy Wall Street movement. The initial momentum of the NYC demonstrations has begun to fade.

And although hundreds of similar protests sprang up seemingly overnight, local governments are doing their best to intimidate and harass Occupiers into submission.

Denver, Colorado : The #occupyeverywhere protests have attracted thousands of supporters, but Governor Hickenlooper has indefinitely closed the park where the action takes place. People have been arrested for participating in the strategy of occupation and the modest infrastructure built on community donations was destroyed by the police. Overall police harassment of the peaceful protesters has cost the taxpayers of Colorado $365,000 in overtime expenses.

Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Police and Mayor Frank G. Jackson refused to renew Occupy Cleveland’s permit so that they can put up Christmas decorations in Public Square. Despite the arrival of hundreds of Midwest Powershift members right before the incident, over 10 leaders of the Occupation were arrested.

Melbourne, Australia: Almost 100 protesters were arrested after clashing with police who showed up to evict them from their CBD camp. The protesters said they had recorded numerous incidents of police violence and brutality and had assembled a legal team in anticipation of legal action.

To those Occupiers who will spend tonight, and the many nights ahead, in chilly tents or on the cold ground: we salute you. You are a vision of democracy in action.

You are the voice of millions of Americans who have lived in silent desperation for decades. You are the reason the 1% are worried. You are our last hope for getting our country back.

(And to the millions who haven’t yet voiced their support for this movement…what are you waiting for?)

Here, set to Buffalo Springfield’s protest song, are some of #OWS’s finest moments:

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William C
William C1 years ago


W. C
W. C2 years ago

Thank you.

Jennifer S.
Jennifer S7 years ago

A few BIG name celebrities need to get on board and support the Occupy causes in several cities so that the police will maybe backoff because with celeb's usually usually comes a lot of media attention. It is a grassroots cause that is grounded is solid good work and is something that needs to happen if we are ever going to get rid of our corrupt political system! Corruption is so rampant in our government that is has become accepted as the nrom AND THAT TO ME IS TOTALLY DISGUSTING AND UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! How can we justify putting criminals in jail when we have criminals running our government??????

John S.
John S7 years ago

Why join OWS?

Read this:


Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer7 years ago

Leslie A
The OWS was specifically set up without leadership, it is pure democracy. The Occupy has many different goals which allows it to coalesce with other protests who are protesting other wrongs committed by or in the name of the 1%. There are so many things the the 1% have done or have had done that need to be addressed but not with just one group. The openness of the Occupy movements extended to the people the movements now share the streets with is because a lot of those people are normal everyday people forced out of jobs and their houses by the excesses of the 1% and if the movements turned there backs on these people they would be no better than the 1%ers they now protest against. Yes a good percentage of the street people are those that have been turned loose from facilities that helped them in the past but an even bigger percentage are veterans from all wars who have had trouble adjusting back into society, they have been used and abused by a system that seems to slap them on the back as they go off to war only to have those hands push them out of sight when they come back. PTSD and TBIs are becoming a growing problem with the returning vets because the symptoms of both can be indiscernable to both the vets and their loved ones until they can no longer cope and seek solitude on the streets.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer7 years ago

Beverly C.
They are my posts, when the name is inside the box with the text that is the poster to which the post is being addressed. Thank you for the accolades and for your informative post. Steve

Michael Dewey
Micahel Dewey7 years ago

OWS is going to be what the people make it. I hope we can focus on things that will help all 7 Billion Humans, flying through space on Beautiful Mother Earth.

Since we need sound money, which we have never had, lets gt out of the Fed. The best way I've hard to do that, is to follow what North Dakota has been doing fine with for 90 years, with its State Bank. Other States are studying how to do it.

If we don't fix Healthcare, the price will double in 10 years, probably with less care. Vermont's and Montana's Single Payer could very well be worth other States checking out.

And need we mention that ending the wars is a must. Why the hell not close all over seas Military Bases, and put the Vets, and others to work rebuilding this Broken Promised Land?

But on other thing: Communities should study how to set up the Worker Ownership of the Mondragon Cooperative, of the Basque in Spain. There is an Evergreen Cooperative in Cleveland, and Richmond California, is putting people to work by starting smaller Cooperatives. Its a better way to work. Don't we all want that?

Leslie Albert
Leslie Albert7 years ago

OWS is a wonderful movement - critically important to the future of our country and the real citizens - not just the wealthy. But they refuse to set an agenda and set of demands and they refuse to acknowledge leadership. Their meetings are chaotic, long-winded and don't always further their goals. My fear is that this is causing a backlash within the movement and those who are non-supporters are using this small crack to further their anti- OWS rhetoric. Occupiers are devoted to the cause, but their 'open policy' is drawing complications from street dwellers who are often mentally and emotionally challenged. I urge the movement to maintain their commitment and devotion - but to fully organize into a even more powerful entity - with leaders, with a clear statement of purpose, with a plan of action to achieve their goals - the only goals that can and will save this country. We are behind you 100% - please take our comments in good faith and make the necessary adjustments and we will win the war on economic inequality, opportunity for all and a reinstatement of the good life for all America.

Marie Russell-Barker

As an older person, I can verify that Corporation Greed did not just start it only just now been given a name. We the older people are just kept thinking if we keep working hard that one day we would get noticed and move up the ladder, not knowing that their was on a few steps to that ladder. It took a smart President to put a name on it and the young people caught on while some of us older one still hold onto the beliefs that our parent taught us. Work hard and above the call of duty and Corporations would reward you. Instead Corporation decided to give to one person that took two or more to one person cut backs it was called all the while they were shipping jobs out of the country hand over fist. Clinton started it but then George W. came behind him and put them on fast track over looking the fact that he was allowing companies to pick up and leave while we paid them to do so with out replacing jobs for people to have an work. No it did not just start now we know their name Corp. Greed.

rockadelic rockadelic

I'm not American, but I am told the Americans has themselves a GLORIOUS REVOLUTION once that made it what it is today, hehehhehehehehehhehehehhe ......OK it wasn't 100% bloodless, but what TRUE and RESULTING REVOLUTION was????!:):):). THINGS MUST CHANGE...ONE WAY OR THE OTHER....AND THEY WILL:):);:)!!!