#OWS Pepper Spray Cop Loses 10 Vacation Days

In the early days of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration, officers of the NYPD were filmed as they trapped female protesters inside a sidewalk barricade and pepper-sprayed them in the face.

In the days following the incident, the video went viral, and Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna was fingered by Anonymous as the officer who unleashed pepper spray without provocation and despite the females’ attempts to follow NYPD orders.

The Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau reviewed the episode and recently determined that Inspector Bologna “used pepper spray outside departmental guidelines,” said Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman.

According to the NY Times, the department’s patrol guide says pepper spray should be used primarily to control a suspect who is resisting arrest, or for protection; it does allow for its use in “disorder control,” but only by officers with special training.

Bologna’s punishment for flouting the rules and exacting his own brand of justice? He’ll lose 10 vacation days.

Dissatisfied with the ruling, 24-year-old victim Kaylee Dedrick is continuing with her plan to press charges. According to her lawyer, Dedrick would like to see Bologna charged with misdemeanor assault. If convicted, Bologna could earn a sentence of probation and court-ordered anger management classes.

“Frankly, I don’t want him to lose any vacation days at all,” commented attorney Ron Kuby, who is representing one of the victims. ”That means he spends more time on the job with an even bigger attitude. I think he needs a very long rest someplace quiet and stress-free.”

Bologna has been silent on the matter thus far, issuing the following response through a Union spokesperson:

“Deputy Inspector Bologna is disappointed at the results of the Department investigation. His actions prevented further injury and escalation of tumultuous conduct,” said Roy Richter, president of the NYPD Captains Endowment Association.

Perhaps someone should tell Bologna that the 99% engages in all that “tumultuous conduct” to preserve his right to belong to a Union in the first place. A right that is extremely inconvenient for the 1%. He should also be reminded that protecting the Constitutional rights of all New Yorkers is the only reason he’s enjoyed 29 years of employment.

Maybe next time he’ll think about on which side of the barricade he truly belongs.


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William C
William C4 months ago


W. C
W. Cabout a year ago

Thank you.

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago


Rachel P.
Rachel k6 years ago

Police using a pincer technique demonized the closing of the Brooklyn Bridge as Occupy Protesters work, when it was the police cornering civilians. Keep your cams up people, we will keep them honest if it takes a revolution!

Jane R.
Jane R6 years ago

The very least he should have gotten is 10 weeks suspension without pay. What a jerk!

Denise Adams
Denise Mahnkey6 years ago

I agree with Graham H. Our law enforcement system not only hand-picks them but "teaches" them to be bullies. I don't see too much different between our law enforcement and Hitler's SS.

Denise L.
Denise L6 years ago

That's it? Loses 10 vacation days?

Just because someone carries a badge does not mean they are allowed to be a bully and break the law

nora b.
Nora b6 years ago

I am SO glad that he was photographed and identified (thanks, Anonymous)! I doubt the punishment will do much to curb his bullying streak but "Tony Baloney" will for sure be more careful in public, at least.

Graham Hyatt
Graham Hyatt6 years ago

It's my observation in North America, where all policemen carry guns, that a large percentage of them are bullies. I blame this on those responsible for Police recruitment, who deliberately choose potentially violent bully-boys (and girls). They know they'll enjoy getting into fights with civilians who do not instantly obey their - often illegal - demands to disperse.
When I lived in the UK, police officers were never armed, other than with batons (known as truncheons), so they had to use a persuasive approach to maintaining order. For this reason, they were respected, and would often be assisted by the public if in difficulty. They were decent law abiding police men and women, maintaining order in a mostly decent law abiding society.
Here in North America - I'm in Canada - they all carry guns, and seem to enjoy to use them at the slightest provocation. Although there are many decent police officers in Toronto, it's often the bully-boys who get the promotions and determine the manner in which the force interacts with the public. It's time they learned to keep order without these lethal weapons!
As it is, they seem to like nothing better than to receive orders from on high - such as those from our Prime Minister during the G20 in Toronto last year - to stop all demonstrations in any way they see fit.

Lilliana G.
Lilliana Garcia6 years ago

Ese policia merece que lo voten del puesto , ya la persona la tenian esposada y el le tiro spray de cerca , infeliz que lo voten , que lo castiguen , son unos abusivos