OWS Sustainability Group Demands NYPD Return Stolen Property

Over the past few weeks, Care2 has featured several stories about what’s going on at Occupy Wall Street. Not just the marching, chanting and protesting, but the teaching, learning and sharing as well.

In last night’s surprise raid on the Occupy Wall Street camp at Zuccoti Park, NYPD officers in riot gear forcibly evicted protesters and destroyed their personal property. The Occupy Wall Street kitchen, library, medical tent, and sustainability education area were also needlessly destroyed.

Our friends at the OWS Sustainability Working Group recently issued this statement in response to the City’s actions:

We, the members of the Sustainability Working Group at Occupy Wall Street, stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of this movement.We are outraged by the actions of the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg, at the violent assault on the peaceful protesters of the Zucotti park encampment.

It is not through oppression, but through innovation that will enable us to create positive change in this world.

The Sustainability Working Group has served as a poignant and innovative enclave in this movement, seeking to act with ethics and morality as our guide. Last night, in destroying the encampment, the NYPD destroyed all of our hard work including the recently deployed pedal power bike systems that powered the entire camp. This is a system of power created for the people, by the people, delivered directly to the people. The strong arm of the NYPD has sought to marginalize our innovative efforts with their careless actions. What they have not anticipated is the perseverance of this movement, and the people who believe with their whole beings in a better future for all.

We, the members of the Sustainability Working Group, demand that the NYPD return all property possessions of this working group and its contributors immediately. This list includes, but is not limited to the following items: bikes, bike stands, batteries, inverters, tools, rainwater collection roof, permaculture tools, LED lightbulbs, fabrics, materials and personal possessions.

We stand together in defiance at the unlawful actions inflicted upon the occupation by the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg.

We will rebuild. We will power this movement, now and in the future.Our work continues, in this space, and beyond.

We salute our brothers and sisters who were detained during this egregious event, and we vow to continue our efforts towards developing alternative solutions which will tackle the many complicated municipal, social and global environmental issues we are facing. It will be through education, collaboration, demonstration, active practice and outreach, that we will create a truly sustainable society — at Zuccotti Park, in the greater community and across the planet.

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Image and statement via Seismologik Media


W. C
W. Cabout a year ago

Thanks for caring.

William C
William Cabout a year ago

Thank you for the information.

John Kramer
John Kramer7 years ago

I wish all the Occupy Wall Street protesters would go to Massachuseets to lobby to get prostitution legalized in that state. That is the best way for Massachusetts to get the rich man's money.

Cathy Noftz
Cathy Noftz7 years ago

~Give OWS their property back, simple as that!!~

Patrick F.
Patrick f7 years ago

John C. Did you put your Nazi uniform on before you typed that rant? Sieg Heil! There is a BIG difference between leaning left and communism. Red lefties, hahahahahha!!!

Jim Gayden
Jim Gayden7 years ago

John C. obviously could care less about common sense. He would rather believe the propoganda that he is spouting. He is a propogandist that would rather suppress positive change, because he is apparently comfortable with current living conditions. So he could care less about the welfare of others. Do not believe his right wing inhumane attitude. Because if we do we will end up like China, just like the republicans are planning for all of us. John C. is deluded into accepting the status quo. He does not realise that he does not matter to the 1%. John C. questions the sustainability of OWS. Well, there are no multi millionaires protesting, so, simply put, yes it is sustainable. The reasoning behind that bold statement is that the total budget behind all of the OWS movement is probably far less than just one of these greedy CEO's budget.

Patrick F.
Patrick f7 years ago

The Gestapo NYPD are nothing but corrupt losers, the biggest looters in the world. Giuliani should not have stopped with the street crime but should have dealt with the absolute corruption in their officials as well.

John Coleman
John Coleman7 years ago

Another question for you OWS shills; since the title of this article has “sustainability” in the title, how does the trash/health/crime mess at these OWS sites contribute to the sustainability fetish the left keeps pushing with various “living” and “development” measures with the “sustainable” movement????? Did these sites meet the test of a “sustainable community”??????

John Coleman
John Coleman7 years ago

Michael C; Typical loony “progressive” “debate” process; lose the argument because you lack facts and logic, then try diverting to another subject. When that fails, trash the posters that expose your lack of knowledge and coherent argument and then, when called on that, claim they/re someone else than who they really are. Pathetic; but the usual tactics of the leftist losers. Although ranting about bankers and politicians, I’m sure you are a huge supporter of Obumbler and his (D)espicable Party filled with the likes of Corezine/Dodd/Frank/Pelosi/Finestein/etc who have been milking the system for years. As to your “stats” on the “love” for communism and socialism, at best is shows how well the disinformation that passes as the US “education system” is working and how well paying people to nothing is working. At worst it shows how well the left lies through their teeth. Unfortunately for you “red” propagandists, I happen to have seen communism in action in East Germany in the 50s and see why the Wall was built. Any rational person can just observe what is happening in the financial collapse of Europe today and the “success” of socialism!

Michael C.
Michael C7 years ago

Continued Below:

Gangsters, I mean Wall Street and Washington continue to loot the banks and give you the bill.

These bankers and politicians fueled the fore-closure debacle, yet they remain free from prosecution but are allowed to continue their persecution of the American people.

It appears that America is quickly spirally down, a few years more and you will be immigrating to the Rwanda, in pursuit of freedom and democracy or you could grow a pair and do the right thing, Join the Occupy Movement and be free.