OWS Sustainability Group To Build ‘Farm In The Sky’

Despite the media’s best attempts to paint the Occupy Wall Street movement as radical, disruptive, and pointless, its members continue to work for real and lasting changes in their local communities.

Since the movement’s inception in September 2011, Care2 has reported on the OWS Sustainability Group’s efforts to make its own energy, expand composting and urban gardening, help farmers fight back against Monsanto, and teach people across the country how to become self-sufficient. Now, the Group is taking its mission of spreading good food and good will to the 99%.

Working in concert with Eco Station NY, organizers of Occupy Wall Street Sustainability Working group have announced plans to build a 16,000 sq. foot Roof Top Farm in Bushwick Brooklyn, and they need your help. Read on to learn more:

Bushwick, Brooklyn, is home to a population of 130,000 people, many of whom reside in neighborhoods that have been designated as food deserts.

We assert that access to natural, nutrient dense, real food is a basic human right.

This spring, as an affinity project of the OWS Sustainability movement group, members will collaborate to build, design and farm a 16,000 sq foot organic Roof Farm, utilizing smart and sustainable, Permaculture Design techniques to grow food which will be supplied to area restaurants, local schools, farmers markets, and CSA’s.

There will also be a ‘by donation’ farm to communal dining pantry, planned as a companion project.

In addition to serving the community by providing freshly grown GM free food, we will also be re-skilling individuals who will participate in our volunteer work/learn days.

We have achievable goals ahead of us: to educate under served communities on gardening, farming, nutrition, and the various ways to reclaim control of our food system is just a few of the ideas bubbling to the fore.

Our hopes of creating the change we wish to see in this world will require support from crowdfunders. The “Farm In The Sky” will be made open source as a replicable and scalable model for anyone who wishes to grow their own.

If you’d like to support this quest to feed the minds and stomachs of the 99%, please consider making a modest gift to their Spring campaign.

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Troy G.
Troy Grant5 years ago

I think that the most concrete thing OWS could accomplish is to give every person a voice in self-government like the Swiss do.

Sam Richardson

I hope they have info sessions like this in Canda, I would be very interested to learn from these people. I imagine they will probably do a lot more good for the US than they will ever get credit for. I am very happy to support this movement.

Mit Wes
Mit Wes5 years ago

It'll be educational but don't let anybody get deluded that New Yorkers are going to be able to do much more than add a few veggies per capita per year with these rooftop farms. That 16000 sq ft is only about 0.36 acres, which can only wholly feed 1 person for about 7 months out of the year. What's the other 129,999 people of Bensonhurst going to eat? I wouldn't throw out Junior's takeout menu just yet.

Cindy B.
Cindy B6 years ago

I can't wait for summer to come. I think that OWS, which has been hibernating productively all winter, is gonna come surging forward in the spring. Who knows? maybe they'll catalyze something that'll actually put down roots and change the world for the better; Lord knows we have only a very small chance left to turn things around,

As for me, I'm going to support them in every way I can, including working alongside them.

Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

Thanks for posting.

patricia m lasek
patricia lasek6 years ago

What a wonderful idea! Whenever I used to visit my nephew in Brookly, I would spend some time on his rooftop and used to marvel at the gardens people had on their roofs. It was usually just decorative plants and some tomatoes. To do this on such a large scale and provide for the locals is the best!

Grace Adams
Grace Adams6 years ago

I can't afford to support them on roughly $14,000 annual budget, but I wish them well on their community garden. Willimantic, CT, also has a community garden, more than one actually. At least part of the produce from it goes to the local soup kitchen. Too many locals need to eat in that soup kitchen, and too many need to sleep in the no freeze shelter at night.

Beverly C.
Beverly C6 years ago

The Movement Needs To Continue Until Major Changes Are Made. Most involved with the movement are doing great & necessary work.

Robert Hardy
Robert Hardy6 years ago

It is time to create a national cooperative.... to help others and work for a better America. This is a good start.

LM Sunshine
James Merit6 years ago

a for effort, thank you for sharing.