Palin Tops List of Most Powerful Women of 2010 Election

Sarah Palin scored the top spot on Power Women of Election 2010 list, with First Lady Michelle Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi rounding out the top three. The list includes female politicians, journalists and commentators who’ve made a splash in the run-up to the midterms on November 2nd.

To compile the list of female powerhouses, editors “looked at both their reach — in terms of constituency and audience size — and buzz Google searches and Factiva hits.”

The list includes 11 Republican women, many of whom fall under the ‘Mama Grizzly’ label famously bolstered by pack leader Sarah Palin. Delaware’s Republican Senate nominee and Palin sound-alike Christine O’Donnell, who is gunning for Vice President Biden’s old Senate seat, is ranked 17th on the list. South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley, another woman whose campaign was launched into high gear with Palin’s endorsement, fills the 8th spot. Haley is one of a record-tying 10 women running for governor this season.

Tea Party Caucus leader Michele Bachmann also made the list as one of several female candidates running against a female opponent. (Bachmann’s Democratic challenger, Tarryl Clark, is not on the list.) Forbes granted a nod to both California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer and her GOP opponent, former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. And while the New Mexico governor’s race hasn’t gotten as much attention as the Sunshine State showdown, Republican Susana Martinez and Democrat Diane Denish both merit a spot because one will become the first female governor of that state. There are 14 congressional and gubernatorial races this cycle in which both candidates are women.

On the Democratic side of the aisle 8 female pols made the cut and, unlike their GOP counterparts, most are incumbents. Embattled Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, 15th on the list and one of the most vulnerable sitting members this cycle, is polling 12 points behind opponent John Boozman, according to a poll released today. Washington Senator Patti Murray is thought to have a slight lead over her Republican challenger, Dino Rossi.

As for journalists and commentators, showed some list love to conservative talkers Michelle Malkin, former Bush press secretary Dana Perino, and controversial radio host Laura Ingraham. Representing the left were MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and her frequent guest, Wonkette alum Ana Marie Cox.

Notably missing from the list was Christiane Amanpour, who in August of this year became the first woman to host a network Sunday show when she took over the anchor desk at ABC’s This Week. And, in what can mostly be considered a reflection of the overwhelmingly white, straight state of American politics, only 4 women of color and one lesbian, Rachel Maddow, made the cut.

Who else is missing? Who doesn’t belong? Who, in a week, will we never hear from again? Tell us in the comments!




jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

The fact that this can even be considered is frightening.

Walter G.
Walter G7 years ago

I just read something about Hillary being abused by bill and then being abused again by OB. Interesting! I thought she used a White House Marine for that. Actually Hillary is a lot smarter and worlds more devious than that gentleman might suspect. It appears that she bargained herself into her current position to obtain a proper resume for an upcoming 2016 go at redecorating the White house for a second time. Secretary of State would put her far ahead of many competitors, especially OB, plus the distinction of being the only woman to use government VIP Aircraft more than Nancy (Giantic carbon footprint) Pelosi.

Walter G.
Walter G7 years ago

Excuse me, i will go outside to throw up. This Palin phenomenon just shows the majority of the sheeple in our country. Yep, a steep downhill highway to hell!

Walter G.
Walter G7 years ago

Excuse me, i will go outside to throw up. This just shows the majority of the sheeple in our country. Yep, a steep downhill highway to hell!

Lori K.
Lori K7 years ago

Scary and creepy. God help us all if this person and her ilk ever get some actual power. We will return to racism, repression, and total loss of freedom to be anything but what they want.

They keep comparing Obama to Hitler, when in actuality they are more like Hitler than anyone since the actual monster himself.

This is eerily like what happened in Germany in the 30's, when Hitler rose to power. If people don't take this more seriously, and fight it with all of their might, this country will be the first place I am going to leave.

I don't want to live in a Nazi regime.

Patricia S.
Pat S7 years ago

Nancy D,
Since it was Rachel Maddow interviewing the person in Alaska, I wouldn't put much credence in that statement!

Kay L.
KayL NOFORWARDS7 years ago

The headline of this article is, itself, the scariest thing I've seen this Halloween!

Nancy Dodson
Nancy Dodson7 years ago

Corie S, I didn't think your comment on Palin being a target is necessary. We have to be better than that.

Bridget D., I think most of us Libs are just praying she will be President Obama's foe in 2012. As I've stated before, I'll pay to see that debate!! She won't have enough room on her hands for her "facts"! Sarah Palin against a constitutional lawyer and president!! Wow!! What a rush!!

I watched Rachel Maddow from Alaska the other night and was amazed to see an Alaskan resident say that Sarah is pretty much hated in Alaska by a large portion of the population. Well, now I can put Alaska back on my list of sensible states. I just hope I can put Arizona back on it, too!

The country is a little nuts right now with all the bigotry and hatred but hopefully we can all get back on track again after the election and start worrying about the country and not big business taking our jobs overseas. No jobs, no country! Is that really what the Repubs want? Hope not!!

Mary L.
Mary L7 years ago

Robert N my eyebrows are in my hair. Stay at home mom? With a non snark in my fingers how stay at home really has she been? in her own words

"Why can't we ever just be satisfied with tranquility?" and "I'd rather be out here being free." "Than in some stuffy office." (same article)

So she's still running for most popular girl? She left office and walked out on her state because? I won't speculate and she's never said how she could walk away from Alaska's people in midterm.
Regarding this "stay at home mom" I'll happily discount the city council from 92 - 1996
However the city's mayor (1996 to 2002) position is a full time responsibility . I have to wonder if she stayed home after her unsuccessful campaign for lieutenant governor of Alaska in in 2002. I couldn't find reference to her campaigning and she was appointed to the chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission from 2003 until she resigned in 2004. Home again until 2007 campaigning for the job she held and walked away from 2006 until she resigned in 2009 as governor. That's another full time job.

I hope I have proved she wasn't a stay at home mom. If her career is a stay at home mom, you should love Michelle Obama.

Olivia Schlosser
Past Member 7 years ago

"Powerful" isn't the word I would use for Ms Palin!