Pam Anderson’s Eye-Opening Ad Reminds People That Animals Aren’t “Made Of Meat”

Actress Pamela Anderson recently posed for a provocative PETA advertisement reminding people that legs, breasts, and ribs are body parts—not entrées. Her body was painted in marks suggestive of a butcher’s diagram to hammer home the point that “All Animals Have the Same Parts.”

Anderson flew to Montréal to unveil the ad at Jacques Cartier Square, but the Montreal Film and TV Commission refused to issue a permit, citing flimsy reasons about male-female equality. City official Josee Rochefort sent PETA a last-minute e-mail claiming that the ad is “not so much controversial as it goes against all principles public organizations are fighting for in the everlasting battle of equality between men and women.”

In response Anderson said, “In a city that is known for its exotic dancing and for being progressive and edgy, how sad that a woman would be banned from using her own body in a political protest over the suffering of cows and chickens.”

It’s not as if Anderson was forced to appear in the ad—that would have been a different matter entirely. Or if the ad was promoting discrimination rather than respect and tolerance. It seems as though Canadian officials missed the message completely. The ad, essentially, is about equality. It points out that all animals—human and nonhuman—deserve compassion and justice.  We all have the same parts, and the same capacity for pain and suffering. We can’t profess to support equality yet complacently devour other sentient beings at the same time. 

Chickens, pigs, cows, and other animals killed for food may not speak in ways that we can easily understand, but they are like us in many other important and relevant ways:  They are made of flesh, blood, and bone. They feel pain and pleasure and joy and grief. They are terrified of the knife, and they cry out and don’t want to be eviscerated. When you eat a chicken’s breast, leg, thigh, or wing, or any other piece of animal flesh, you are eating part of a dead, dismembered animal who was killed in a bloody, violent way.  

Most people want to be kind, but that means more than petting the family dog. Surely we can all open our hearts a bit wider and have mercy for all beings with whom we share not only the same parts, but the same feelings? If you haven’t already done so, please see for meat-free recipes.



Jeanne B.
Jeanne B6 years ago

Pamela Anderson didn't used to rank very high in my estime. I wasn't overwhelmed by her performing skills. But this ad has changed my opinion for good. I think it is very good of her to have given of her time and image for the good of animals. Now she is starting to look like a wonder woman to me (surprise, surprise!)

Carmen Bouwhuis Jansen

Is she finally wake up ?

'Neith I.
'Neith I.7 years ago

Lol... Human are animals, and like all animals, they evolved. And guess what? They evolved to EAT MEAT, just like lions, wolves, and snakes. If our ancestors didn't eat meat, which helped to fuel growing brains, none of us would be here, including that blonde bimbo.

Besides, last I heard, she was 78% plastic.

Anumpeshi Aduddell


Diana C.
Diana C7 years ago

What do you expect from the Canadians? Not exactly animal lovers.

nancy sands
Nancy sands7 years ago

You go girl!!

Mervi R.
Mervi R7 years ago

I think the ad is excellent and makes a very solid point, had it been an ad for underwear or anything else than animal rights, no-one would have had any problem with it and would not be up in arms banning it... It´s incredible how the people banning it (and many others) managed to completeyly miss the point, did on purpose, I bet.
Most people just don´t like to be remainded of what they are actually eating when eating meat, or, more rightly, parts of dead animals.
I think Paul McCartney made an excellent point saying that if slaughterhouses had glass walls most people would be vegetarian...

Alexandra Cvejic
alex m7 years ago

sara D..are you for real? plants? take a fifth grade bio class! no one with any common sense can say a carrot and a cow are the same in terms of consciousness..surely even you must admit that if i cut up a carrot in front of you or a dog or a cow there would be a difference in your response.. unless you are a robot...

Kate M.
Kate H7 years ago

While I don't always agree with PETA's methods, since in their plight to focus on one thing they tend to ignore another, I do really like this ad. I think it makes an interesting parallel between people and animals, and gives us some reverse insight on how animals might see each other--not as particular sections to be cut up, but as "attractive" wholes. And I don't think the use of a half-naked woman is demeaning or wrong at all, because passive, shy methods don't get most people's attention and this will--even the scumbaggiest dude will at least look at this because it's a bikini babe, and then read at least part of the sign and intake some of the message. Whatever methods work in getting people to be vegetarian, I say use them, we need all the help we can get and advertisers on the other side sure as hell don't subscribe to propriety.

Carol C.
Carol Cox7 years ago

GREAT ad! very provocative and thought provoking....more people should do something like this... if the Canadians insist... maybe Justin Bieber could represent the male gender--- a tender morsel to be cut up and eaten, just like veal.... or unborn duck....go PETA