Rekindle Your Partnership With Nature This Earth Day

A recent study found that Americans spend less than one hour a week outside and asserts that this is leading to all kinds of ailments, including the reemergence of rickets, increased levels of stress, obesity, fatigue, and even ADHD.

This Earth Day, award-winning author and environmental advocate Catriona MacGregor has issued a challenge to humans all over the world to make a concerted effort to revive our lost connection with nature.

According to MacGregor, it is vital that we understand not only how important our role is in nature’s sphere, but also how crucial nature’s role is in our lives.

MacGregor’s book, “Partnering with Nature” provies examples of the way that using biomimicry to copy designs from nature can lead us to the sustainable technologies that we so desperately need. For example, the Port of Portland has just installed a living water cleaning system that copies how wetlands purify water through the use of sunlight, bacteria, and green plants.

MacGregor highly recommends working with trees as a way to heal ourselves and the atmosphere. A group called Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is doing just that, Their mission: Clone the world’s most ecologically valuable tree species and plant millions of copies of trees. The trees will store carbon while creating healthful oxygen, preserve ecosystem diversity.

Although you might not be able to participate in major projects like those mentioned above, MacGregor reminds us that just having direct experiences in nature is critical to the health of humankind in general.

“We miss the subtle changes in the wind, the calls of birds, the smell of the fragrant Earth beneath our feet, the wonder of seeing the brilliant stars in the night sky,” MacGregor says. “We spend more time indoors or commuting, leaving little time for deep inner journeys or quiet walks in the woods.”

Want to accept the challenge to reconnect with Nature this Earth Month and rejuevenate our planet in the process?

Three Things You Can Do Now

  1. Spend More Time in Nature: ride or walk to work, take a camping vacation, and/or go on a vision quest.
  2. Take Action to Protect & Restore Nature: Plant trees, protect habitat & wildlife.
  3. Live Sustainably: install solar power panels, buy a car that has high mpg – AND insist that your tax dollars support sustainable energy like solar and wind.

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Image Credit: Flickr - Fabian Bromann


Empress Ginger
Ginger Strivelli6 years ago

Love Earth day!

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Good article. I'd like to connect more but I live in the middle of a concrete jungle in theSouthwest, complete with gun-toting, conservative, hillbillies (an escapefrom them would be nice) andwith the price of gas and lack of time it's hard. I always make sure though that when I'm near trees (I have a few near my home), flowers, etc. I stop to look at them and see and enjoy them as they are for what they are. Nature is really the only truth left in this world once you strip away all else from the daily grind. Thanks.

Rosie Lopez
Rosie Lopez6 years ago

great article thank you

Karren Exley
Karren Exley6 years ago

nature is the most wonderfull thing we have on this planet we would all benefit by just going for a walk to look & listen if people just understood & respected nature a little more the world would be a much better place as all is connected loose 1 loose them all people need to realise this before its too late

Alixis Lind
Alixis Lind6 years ago

I'm hoping to plant fruit trees with my little sister at my dad's house soon. He said that he would love for me to come over and make a fruit and veggie. I just hope it'll help my 1 1/2 year old sister learn to love nature :)

Kirthi Sagar
Past Member 6 years ago

impressive article to connect with nature once again

Anne Brabson
Anne B6 years ago

I don't spend nearly as much time outdoors now as I did earlier in life, so, thanks to this reminder, this Earth Day/week/month will be a great opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy!

Sarah Zemke
Sarah Z6 years ago

Thank you!

Camila K.
Kamila A6 years ago

This is a wonderful article, thank you so much. Nature is life itself.

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson6 years ago

thanks for the post.