Pastor Terry Jones Banned From Entering UK

Last December, I reported that the controversial U.S. pastor Terry Jones, who had planned a mass burning of the Koran last September 11, might be banned from Britain under incitement and national security laws.

On January 19, we learned that Pastor Jones has indeed been barred from entering the UK “for the public good,” as the British Home Office states.

Jones had been invited to speak in February to address the right-wing group England Is Ours.

UK “Opposes Extremism In All Its Forms”

From the BBC:

The Home Office said Mr Jones could not enter the UK as the government “opposes extremism in all its forms”.

Mr Jones told BBC Radio 5 live he would challenge the “unfair” decision and his visit could have been “beneficial”.

Mr Jones – who is pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, which has fewer than 50 members – came to prominence last September when he announced plans for his “International Burn a Koran Day”.

His plan was internationally condemned and sparked many demonstrations around the world before he eventually called off his protest.

A Home Office spokesman said: “Numerous comments made by Pastor Jones are evidence of his unacceptable behaviour.

“Coming to the UK is a privilege not a right and we are not willing to allow entry to those whose presence is not conducive to the public good.
“The use of exclusion powers is very serious and no decision is taken lightly or as a method of stopping open debate.”

Jones Was Set To Speak Against The Expansion Of Islam

Apparently, Mr. Jones had also been planning to address a series of demonstrations against the expansion of Islam and the construction of mosques in the UK.

And he’s declaring that his visit could have been “beneficial”?

English Defence League Withdrew Its Offer

Interestingly, it was the right-wing English Defence League that originally had invited Mr. Jones to share his views on Islam at a rally in Luton, Bedfordshire, but they later withdrew their invitation. A spokesman stated that this was because of Jones’s views on homosexuality and race.

At least they, along with the Home Secretary Theresa May, have realized what the right course of action is.

A Man Full Of Hatred

How can this man call himself a pastor, a shepherd of all people, and yet be so full of hate?

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Winn Adams
Winn A2 years ago

I'd love to see him get mental health counseling but I doubt it would do much good. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Winn Adams
Winn A2 years ago

What a sad and pathetic person filled with such hate for people who don't believe as he does.

Pamela W.
Pamela W5 years ago

Vince P .......... as your "profile cannot be found" , I don't know which country you are in - I'll assume the U.S.A. due to your use of the word felony. The whole thing is to keep out the ones they think may be a problem in the future (for various reasons). If the UK had followed this strategy more efficiently in the past, they would not have had the problems they've been having recently (not being able to deport an "undesirable") . Just one example.
Illegal immigrants are yet another example, like those who come in as "supposed" students etc and then overstay their visas and just get "lost" in the country. There are lots of people who haven't committed crimes YET who try to get into Britain "through the back door" !!!!!

Pamela W.
Pamela W5 years ago

Verdi V .......... "What could he possibly do??" ...... Now you've got your answer - albeit 18 months later !!!!!!!!!!

Vince P.
Vince p5 years ago

I think the only time a country should be allowed to deny entry to any citizen is if the country can PROVE WITH DOCUMENTED PROOF, that the person(s) have committed a serious felony or has been proven to have committed a violent act.

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p6 years ago

well done uk

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

I don't know that UK has the right to ban this man, but he seems to be 'a loose cannon for the Kingdom of God.'

Verdi Verdi
Verdi Verdi6 years ago

This article is under: Fight For Human Rights

Jones, you like it or not, is not guilty of any crime. He did not kill anyone, he did not ask anyone to kill, he did not destroy anything that belonged to others. Nothing.

It is HIS right to call people's attention on Islam and on the crystal clear incompatibility of Islam with a modern society.
You may claim that Islam is a religion but you might want to think twice.
Muslims on Care2 already told YOU that Islam is a WHOLE way of life. Prayer for sure but also structuring of your entire life. BY ENFORCED LAWS. Not yet today, of course.

The same like in the city of Dearborn, Michigan USA you Britons took his right to talk. What criteria do you follow? The most virulent Islamic organizations are allowed to spread clear hate against YOUR government, and who knows what else.
WHAT could he possible do?????????
Could be the Islamic folks that you are afraid of causing unrest????????? Some killing?

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

Can we ban him too. Or at least tape his mouth shut!

Venora Dobrowolski

Not only do I commend Britain for keeping this instigator of hate and hate crimes from entering their country. I would like our country to adopt the same exclusionary practices to help keep our country safer fro those with criminal intent.

This man, Terry Jones has overstretched his hate to a point where he has caused damage and death by his own stupid bigotry and hate. He should be severely punished for risking and endangering the lives of Americans of the US, at home and afar. He is a security risk to his own country. His hate will probably bring more of the same to us and those we love. This man was told by our President how inappropriate this behavior would be and ignored all intelligent reasoning. Probably just to boost the fame of himself and his Dove Center. More greed and selfishness abounding in the name of their God. How stupid and ignorant this man looks to the world now. To those who do not see this reality, I say, shame on you all for supporting this hatred and bigotry. I wish to apologize to all Muslims everywhere for this man's unthinking and inconsiderate act. Not all American's are so short-sighted and poorly educated. Not even all Christians are so hate-filled as this small and small minded person.