Pat Buchanan “White Folks Built This Country”

Pat Buchanan is a long-time opponent of affirmative action, but tonight on the Rachel Maddow show, Buchanan let loose some of his most regressive ideas about saving white males from the scourge of women and people of color that victimize them.  You can watch Rachel Maddow’s interview of Pat Buchanan here.

Thanks FireDogLake and Media Matters for the video.

Here’s an excerpt from Pat Buchanan’s Human Events column, in which she notes he is actively urging Republicans to use the Sotomayor nomination as race bait to appeal to white, working class voters that Maddow quoted during her show on July 15th:

“These are the folks whose jobs have been outsourced to China and Asia, who pay the price of affirmative action when their sons and daughters are pushed aside to make room for the Sonia Sotomayors. These are the folks who want the borders secured and the illegals sent back.”

Buchanan’s last line about securing borders and sending illegals “back” certainly implies that Sotomayor, like all Hispanics, is only an inch away from being an illegal alien because of her ethnicity. 

Maddow suggested several times during the segment that Buchanan was “dating himself” by advocating what is basically Nixon’s 1968 Southern Strategy all over again.  “Dating himself” was Maddow’s polite way of noting that Buchanan’s views are at best ignorant, and at worst, racist.

What struck me most about Buchanan’s appearance on Maddow this evening is his continued insistance on the idea that white men, and only white men, built this country and are responsible for all historic constributions–effectively erasing the contributions of white women and non-white men and women who for the better part of American history couldn’t even vote, let alone have access to the kind of education and professional advantages that white men enjoyed in this country for so long. 

When asked why he thought that 110 out of 108 Supreme Court justices where white, Buchanan launched into a tirade about how this country was built by “white folks,” and when Buchanan says “white folks” he means “white males” as he repeated over and over during the segment. What Pat Buchanan sees when he looks at America are non-white men and women (not to mention white women) usurping the authority of the white men who “built this country.


Maddow concluded the segment by telling Buchanan:

“For you to priviledge race and to say that what we really need to tap politically is white people’s racist grievances, well you’re playing with fire.”

Indeed.  It’s time for Buchanan to stop speaking in public.  He’s part of a fast disappearing America and I for one can’t wait to see him gone.

I won’t even begin to address Buchanan’s sexist arguments against Sotomayor. I’ll save that for another day. 

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And if that weren’t enough, Buchanan was on Hardball with Chris Matthews saying that Hispanics aren’t eligible for affirmative action because there were never enslaved. From Media Matters:

Photo courtesy of Charleston City Paper


Melva H.
Melva H4 years ago

The older I become, the more I agree with my Grandfather's assessment: The 'mark of Cain' was that Cain was turned into the First White Man: Cain was so self-centered and evil that he murdered his brother because of extreme jealousy and envy... Seems to be a trait carried over in many White Men today!

Spring Green
.4 years ago

I can see and have experienced both sides of the argument. It's never really fair to make affirmative action your goal. In an ideal society we wouldn't need to. Let's hope the unfairness of affirmative actions make our societies more equal so we won't need to use the actions any longer.

V Madonna Schizoid
Past Member 4 years ago

thank you, I always learn a lot by Care2

Allegra W.
Past Member 7 years ago

No comment. Thanks for the link to the article and clip.

Talathiel Goodheart
.7 years ago

This is the same pat buchanan who during his presidential campaign threw out the idea of 'putting' all Af-Ams into 5 states, right? it's the typical 'you didnt have it so bad' argument he always presents when it comes to the suffering and atrocities experienced by non-white people, particularly in America. Nothing new here and nothing new from him. The man (and his sister) are known for profoud myopia, heartless and deeply distorted perspectives on such matters.

Paul V.
Paul V.7 years ago

Pat is right so then white men just need to shut the f%$$ up bcs white rich men have everything already. So let color people do what they need to do to make money and be happy too. Why are you guys the only one allowed to make real money. Look what you did to our economy and we are all paying for it.All our children will pay for it. No one is god, stop trying to be. Its falling apart because you allowed it mr. Pat.Your people Pat did all this!!!!!! Stop blaming color people for your problems non of us COLOR PEOPLE MADE MONEY ON THIS ECONOMIC BAIL OUT!!!!!!! LOOK AROUND, WHO'S GOT THE MONEY?? WE DON'T...ALSO IT'S WHAT WE CALL BLAME RUSH LIMBAUGH IT'S ALL HIS FAULT=(BRL)STUPID REPUBLICAN

CYNTHIS O8 years ago

The only one that should feel bitter, it is the Native Americans. I work with all Cultures, noone is ever better than myself. Live and Let Live.

Locan Sleeping-Squirrel

So... what did he say that wasn't true?

Shanna B.
Shanna D8 years ago

I wholeheartedly agree with Pat Buchanan. More white women should also be backing him instead of pooling with minority/affirmative action women. He mentioned a white female in his rant so to say that he is only for the white man is rediculous. Women are making it that way.

Frank Gerry
Frank G8 years ago

Marcia, my "under 2%" figure for Northern states is accurate. Here is a source, the Historical Census Browser of the University of Virginia Library:

This gives census data for the year 1820, around the time this nation was being built. From the Ethnicity/Race/Place of Birth table, click "total free colored persons"; from the Slave Population table, click "total slaves". Then click Submit Query. On the next page, click "total population" from the Add or Remove Topics table, and Submit Query again. This gives a table showing the Black population at the time for each state against their total population. The Black populations of the five biggest Northern states were:

New York 39,367/1,372,812 = 2.87%
Pennsylvania 30,413/1,549,458 = 1.96%
Ohio 4,723/581,434 = 0.81%
Massachusetts 6,740/523,287 = 1.29%
Maine 929/298,335 = 0.31%

By 1860, the percentage of Blacks in the Nothern states was considerably smaller.

As for the balance of your message, I don't know who you're arguing with; I stand by what I said. On the exploitation of poor White workers, I couldn't agree with you more. White indentured servants in the colonies were essentially slaves.