Patty the Disabled Sheep Gets a New Set of Wheels

When Patty was born it wasn’t an easy delivery. In an attempt to assist the birthing process, the farmer reached inside and grabbed her legs, but he pulled too hard and Patty was left with permanent damage to her spine, which meant she was unable to walk normally.

For nearly two years Patty was kept in a tiny shed where she was used as a breeding ewe to produce lambs for meat. Due to her disabilities, the time, effort and cost of her care was deemed uneconomical by her former owner and her fate was sealed when she was marked to be sold to the slaughterhouse.

Thankfully for Patty, Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary, a safe haven for rescued farm animals in Spain, having previously rescued another sheep from the very same farm, were already well aware of her plight and set the wheels into motion to secure her rescue and give her a second chance at life.

Upon arriving at the sanctuary, Patty and her former friend Carmen were reunited and despite being apart for months they instantly recognized each other and began communicating (one can only imagine all the tales they had to tell!).

Although Patty wasn’t completely paralyzed, her hip was permanently displaced to the side meaning she couldn’t walk or run properly like her sheep brothers and sisters, and the constant uncoordinated efforts with her legs left her extremely disorientated.

Her condition didn’t pose a big problem until not so long ago when she started falling after every couple of steps. Cold, wet and icy weather conditions made everything worse until she eventually got to a point where she was unable to get back up on her own.

It was clear that Patty was going to need a wheelchair, but wheelchairs for farm animals don’t come cheap, and the sanctuary knew that while working to raise the necessary funds that an alternative would be needed in the mean time. With the help of another rescue shelter, they built her a custom designed, handmade wheelchair that in the very least kept her off the ground and helped her to rebuild her confidence.

Patty’s beautiful story touched the hearts of many and after starting a special campaign to get this incredible sheep the support she needed to live a normal and happy life, Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary was able to buy Patty the wheelchair she had been waiting for, giving her back her independence to walk, run, eat, drink and play just like all the other animals at the sanctuary, and boy did she make the most of it!

She certainly didn’t need any time to adapt to her wheelchair; from the moment it arrived and she got strapped in she discovered that is was her new best friend. Patty can now go anywhere she pleases without ever having to suffer from falls and frustrations.

You can watch Patty enjoying life in her brand spanking new wheelchair in this super cute video below (and you can turn on English subtitles on the video):

Patty is a wonderful example of overcoming the difficult challenges that life might throw our way, and all the while doing it with grace and gumption.

Keep up to date with Patty’s antics and the rest of the Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary gang over at theirFacebook Page.


Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

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Bright blessings to all involved

סילבי אנגל
silvy engel4 years ago

מקסים ,מרגש ומחמם את הלב.
איזה כיף של סרטון

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Blessed be.

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Rachida El Kaddioui

A beautiful soul this man, it makes my heart filled with joy that he gave Patty her life back and her friend, thank you Leon for doing what you do, God bless you and all your animals!!

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wonderful indeed

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Wow! I love happy endings.