Paul Wins Straw Poll But Romney Still Leads


Texas Congressman Ron Paul won a decisive straw poll victory at this weekend’s “Values Voter Summit,” a gathering of leading social conservatives.  Paul walked away with 37 percent of the vote, more than 10 points ahead of anyone else.  In comparison, the candidates traditionally viewed as the front runners barely even registered.

Does this mean Paul can have his own surge now?  Not really.

Paul has been known as a straw poll winner, always performing well in events where he needs to just get his supporters to show up.  It’s highly unlikely the Texas Congressman is likely to feel the kind of bump that Herman Cain did after his Florida straw poll win, even if the “values voters” are some of the most powerful groups in the conservative movement.

Meanwhile, former Governor Mitt Romney is still performing well where it really counts — the early states.  A recent poll of New Hampshire voters has Romney leading the rest of the GOP contenders 37 percent to 12 percent for Cain, the second place finisher.

In New Hampshire, Paul isn’t even breaking into double digits.

And in Iowa, where Romney traditionally doesn’t compete, conservative pundits are claiming he really might be a contender to win the caucus.

Suddenly a straw poll doesn’t mean so much in comparison.


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Eric Lees
Eric Lees6 years ago

@Elizabeth K.

"Yes, Eric, but how would we pay the people already on SS, who are after all only collecting the money they paid in for all their working years?"

As I said it would be phased out so those that choose to remain in would continue as they are currently. Like any Ponzi scheme SS will eventually collapse, an orderly phase out would be much less painful. It may take 50 years but eventually you would run out of participants. This would basically turn the pyramid upside down.

"And how to repay the people who have paid in SS but are not yet old enough to collect?"

Any generation X or younger knows that SS will collapse long before we reach retirement age so better to get some of our money back now so we can save for ourselves. Anything would be better than what I'll get if I'm forced to stay in SS.

"That's like a beauty contestant saying they want world peace, but can't explain how to get it."

We will never have peace if we never end the wars.

"How convenient that you have to go now. "

Not really, I'm on a road trip for work. Someone has to keep funding the Ponzi Scheme. :(

And if you don't understand why Ron Paul wants to return to the gold standard you should read up on America's economic history. This country was built and became a world leader on the gold standard. Then the FED took control and robbed the middle class of it's wealth and we eventually abandoned all that made us great. We switched from being a nation of savers to a nation o

Eric Lees
Eric Lees6 years ago

I'm amazed that people still think Ron Paul is nuts when everything is has been saying for a long time is true. Do you want to save this country or continue down the road to collapse that we are currently headed on with the politics as usual. If we just flip the coin back to the other side we will be in the same state we are today. We need real change not empty promises.

Main stream media fears Ron Paul because he is honest and can not be bought

The FED and the too big to fail banks fear Ron Paul because he is honest and understands economics, something few politicians truly understand.

The drug cartels fear Ron Paul because he can not be bought and ending the drug war would put them out of business.

Ali S.
Ali S6 years ago

I would vote for Ron Paul over any of the puppets that are currently in the running...and the one in the highest office.
Talk about REAL change. People can't handle what this country really needs and too many want to be coddled by the government. Paul actually understands the economy and is the only politician I've ever read about who's voting record is in line with what he says.
He doesn't change his core stance based on whom he is addressing and he is consistently smart and knowledgeable. With that being said, nobody is perfect, but for his intelligence and knowledge alone, I would vote for him. Nobody else comes close.

Peggy B.
Peggy B6 years ago

Ron Paul, you'll have my vote!

Suzanne C.
Suzanne C.6 years ago

The only reason it doesn't seem to matter that Ron Paul won the straw poll and has done extremely well in many others is because the liberal press doesn't like him.

Michael W.
Michael W6 years ago

Does matter to me who wins the Repug nomination, they would all be bad or worse for this country. Period.

Kimberly Reinitz
Kimberly Reinitz6 years ago

Con't: In other words, straw polls do matter…unless you are Ron Paul. If you are Ron Paul, it is just a sign that you cheated. And, by 'cheating' is meant that too many supporters showed up wearing ('gasp') t-shirts!" And its been very down played that in all the polls that asked the question which would you vote if it were between Obama and RP, RP has almost always done as well or better than Obama when that question was asked. Yes, he did better or as good as Romney and Perry when it came to that particular question. Robin are you following in the footsteps mainstream media and trying to tell your readers who to vote for? Anything to keep the status quo because its worked so well for us up to this point right??

Kimberly Reinitz
Kimberly Reinitz6 years ago

Brian Phillips said it well: "But, of course, this straw poll does not count for much and the results can essentially be ignored. Certain straw polls – including the California GOP straw poll, the CPAC straw poll, and today’s Voter Values straw poll – pale in comparison to the more significant ones that provide a real picture of how the GOP election season is going. Why those specific polls are easily discounted is quite simple. Ron Paul won them.
When Ron Paul won in California, Politico stressed – 'It was not a prize that most campaigns were organizing for…' and NBC parroted the idea that it was unclear how much effort any of the other candidates put into California. Paul also won the CPAC straw poll, with Fox News observing that 'convention-goers booed when the results were announced' and sarcastically entitled the piece: 'Ron Paul Wins Presidential Straw Poll at CPAC – Again.' The Washington Post referred to the Ames poll as 'the first major test of the 2012 GOP campaign' and, like Politico, only mentioned Ron Paul once even though he came in second place at Ames by a mere 150 votes. So, the Ames straw poll determined 'frontrunner' status, was significant enough to cause one candidate to drop out, and was the first major test of the campaign…unless you come within 1% of winning. In other words, straw polls do matter…unless you are Ron Paul. If you are Ron Paul, it is just a sign that you cheated. And, by 'cheating' is meant that to

Sandra B.
Sandra B.6 years ago

Well when you pay these people to vote for you what else is going to happen. They even stated that Ron Paul wanted to buy 400 tickets before the event and they wouldn't let him.
This means NOTHING other than the GOP is still looking for their savior

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Diane O. "typo: "juggle not jungle." Wish i didn't type so fast....sorry."

That's Ok, we all know you're jonesing on Obama