Peek-a-Boo, I Could Love You!

Meet Ollie, a sweet little guy with a big heart who was looking for love in all the wrong places.

Ollie the puppy was found wandering the streets of Durham, N.C., and brought to a local animal shelter. Volunteers from Independent Animal Rescue Inc. stepped in and rescued him before he could be euthanized, and found a wonderful foster family to love and train him while this group works to find him his Forever Home.

Ollie is sweet, smart and a quick learner. According to his adoption profile, “Ollie is always excited to meet new people, loves playing with other dogs, and especially adores eating frozen kong toys and chewing on bully sticks.” Floppy ears, big eyes and limitless love–I think we all need an Ollie in our lives.

Ollie’s story will have a happy ending, thanks to the dedication of the animal rescue volunteers at Independent Animal Rescue Inc. and his loving foster mom.

We don’t know what his early puppyhood was like and why he was left homeless on the streets, but as caring animal welfare advocates, we can ensure that the rest of his life is happy and healthy. How can you, wherever you live, help Ollie and other rescue pets like him?

And you can follow the adventures of Ollie as he waits for that perfect someone here.


George G.
George G.6 years ago

Bully Sticks for Dogs has a blog where you can find out about rescue shelters and volunteer programs close to you. Give it a look if you are really interested in helping out.

nasale M.
Nancy M9 years ago

I'm really impressedwith the people here. It does my heart good to see there's still some hope for us. I'm very quickly losing faith in Mankind.I really need to know you are still out there!

Ingrid Sternberg
Ingrid Sternberg9 years ago

It is tragic when pets are given up due to recession. We have so much of this during christmas/new year holiday season in South Africa,where pets are left in the care of others whilst the owners are away. Certain care takers do no bother and animals end up running away. When found by strangers, they are handed over to the SPCA (Special Prevention against cruelty to animals) as well as other places who care for these animals, until such time as the lucky pets are claimed back by their owners. However, there are many who are not claimed back and they are kept until a certain time and then put to down. The reason for this is during the course of the year, after puppies have become adults, people tire of them and just dump them any where and drive away, without a care. In view of this, these special places need space for newly abandoned animals. Where people are in this position due to the recession, it is quite heart breaking for them, but rather hand them into a place where they might be adopted instead of being dumped in a strange neighbourhood.

I adopted a black french poodle, as the owners work both by day and run a restaurant at night. My niece knew I wanted a dog but my husband did not want another dog. Needless to say when he went to fetch Kojo, they took to a liking to each other immediately. From that day my husband has a companion during the day, whilst my son and I are at work. We all spoil him rotten and he sleeps on the bed with us, and at night whilst watc


I have 3 dogs at home,and all of them are adopted.I would have never,nor I will BUY AN ANIMAL,as well as love cannot be bought.

jerie j.
jerie j9 years ago

Everyone of my pets is a rescue animal. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Marya O.
Marya G9 years ago

All 3 of our pets are rescues and we found one of them online. I can't imagine buying a dog when there are so many amazing animals at shelters that need a good home! Thanks for your great post!

Alex Elie
Alexine Elie9 years ago

TO all of you who donate your time and efforts to save animals like Ollie, God Bless You!

Laurie Peterson
Laurie Peterson9 years ago

I've adopted three rescue dogs and they have brought so much joy into my life.

Emily R.
Emily L9 years ago

I unfortunately don't have the time or space to adopt an animal, but I've never felt more fulfilled than when I volunteer for a local shelter! It's a great way to give some affection to animals who need it. Some of them even let you take the animals to the beach, etc. so it's really a rewarding experience. There's always something you can do to help. Thanks for the great post!