Perry Challenges DOJ on Voter ID


In the midst of a presidential run, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has waded into the Voter ID fray. In May Perry signed Texas’s voter ID bill into law and now Texas officials are asking the Obama administration to clear the new law under the Voting Rights Act, citing a controversial approval of Georgia’s Voter ID law under the Bush administration as precedent.

During the Bush administration, the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division all but ground to a halt, embracing an invisible hand approach to punishing civil rights abuses. But there was one area that the Bush DOJ did move quickly on, and that was to approve a sweeping and restrictive Voter ID law by the state of Georgia.

Georgia is one of a handful of states subject to “preclearance” under the Voting Rights Act. The preclearance requirement is an enforcement mechanism reserved for those jurisdictions with a history of systematic and intentional minority disenfranchisement. That means that before a substantive change can be made to Georgia’s election laws, those changes must be “cleared” by the Department of Justice’s Division of Civil Rights to ensure the changes are not designed to disenfranchise minority voters.

Over the objection of career attorneys at the Department of Justice, Bush administration cleared the measure, despite significant opposition and concerns about the bill’s constitutionality. While there is no indication yet that the Obama administration intends to take the same path, they may find themselves pinned by precedent and facing a lawsuit if the law fails to clear, or pinned by precedent and facing a lawsuit if it does.

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Pego R.
Pego R6 years ago

I liked LBJ

He passed a giants load of our civil rights efforts.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

America should have learned its lesson from a previous administration -- NO MORE PRESIDENTS FROM TEXAS!!! I live here and I know.

Repubs have always emphasized "voter fraud" when there was none. There is much more intimidation of poor voters than "fraud." (HINT: poor voters often vote Democratic)

christopher murray

Once again, a seccesionist who is running for the presidency of the country he wanted to pull out off. why are we paying attention to this smuck?

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Yvette S.
Past Member 6 years ago

Perry prays for rain in Texas and the drought spread throughout counties which were not affected. The only thing missing from that little fest were dancing Aztecs. (Which would have added some personality and depth).
So, let him pray for restrictions on voters rights and from his mouth to god's ears, the thing will not pass.

Notice I have scorn for Perry and a system I feel is, with full purpose and intent, trying to limit our personal freedoms, and bringing in bigger government whilst claiming trying to minimize the size of government and its 'interference.'
Whom do you think will be checking these added "safe guards" to ensure voter fraud will not be perpetrated, (which historically is at an all time low )? Here's an insight...more officials, more bureaucrats, more public workers, more GOVERNMENT.

This seems to me a repeat of the dichotomous theory government should stay out of one's social security and/or hands off their medicare. Government is not an enemy entity it is you and me, and every single citizen of the United States of America. I believe US stands for 'US' as in you and me...and whilst we may not agree, we are free to chose, to vote, to argue and to still remember we are neighbors and citizens.

Ralph R Sutton
Ralph R S6 years ago

The biggest fraud in the last election wasn't by the people casting ballots, it was the hacking of those damned electronic voting machines, with no paper backup of the votes being cast.

My greatest fear for the 2012 election is far too many of those machines are now in the hands of the repugs. We need to bring back PAPER BALLOTS!!

Gary A L.
Gary L6 years ago

Sandra G your statement is an outright lie what do you repulnazi's do just make up shit to suit you own purposes because can't win a fair election

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer6 years ago

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck voted in last election???... no wonder why the Tea Party won so many seats... besides the fact that a lot of Democrats and independents staying

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer6 years ago

Sandra G
I would love to see where there was widespread voter fraud in the last election. I gave my source of my claims where is your sources? Now you claim ACORN helped illegals vote in the last election. Come on now... anyone with more than half a brain knows ACORN officially disbanded in March of 2010, eight months before the last election. You sure you aren't the hooker who portrayed a hooker trying to get "the Goods on Acorn" for that idiot Brietbart?

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

How many more nut-jobs will emerge from the ranks of the Right Reich?!! We should start some pools, $1 a square, 10 x 10 matrix.