Perry on Twitter: “Here We Come South Carolina!!!”

Texas governor Rick Perry finished fifth — just over ten percent of the vote — in the Iowa caucuses but, after saying on Tuesday night that he was going to rethink his campaign, he announcedvia Twitter on Wednesday morning that he is still headed to South Carolina:

And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State…Here we come South Carolina!!!

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of Perry in running garb.

After the results from the Iowa caucuses came in on Tuesday night, Perry had said “in an emotional speech” that he was returning to Texas to “determine if there is a path forward” for him candidacy.Politico reports that Perry’s spokesman, Mark Miner, said that he is “checking” on what Perry (who, according to Miner, controls his own Twitter account) meant by his tweet.

The National Journal says that Perry will go to New Hampshire for two weekend debates after spending a few days in Texas, and then move on to South Carolina.

Prior to the caucus, Perry’s campaign had spent millions on ads that made him out to be a “pious Washington outsider.”

Perry briefly became the front-runner among the Republican candidates this summer, only to fall to fifth place in less than five months, the New York Times observes. Along with conservative doubts about his positions on immigration and Social Security, his frankly weak performance at several debates contributed to the undoing of his campaign.


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Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Quick South Carolina, put up those fences to keep crazy Perry out!

Ron Berti
Ron B6 years ago

At least the longer these clowns stay in the race and attack each other, the more potential fodder they hand to Democrats to use against them. Now if only the Democrats will use it.

The current buzz is that it will be a Mitt Romney-Marco Rubio ticket, but that Obama will ultimately win. Of course, in politics just like with the weather, everything is subject to change at a moments notice.

Jan N.
Jan N6 years ago

Governor Goodhair is sailing up de Nile. Or down. Either way, he's washed up.

Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke6 years ago

Hey South Carolina - and other states - TEXAS IS BROKE and PERRY IS THE REASON! He's been in office here for 8 years and our state is in so much trouble, they are laying off police and teachers. DON'T VOTE PERRY - IT WILL BE A MISTAKE!

Rob Keenan
Rob Keenan6 years ago

Maybe Perry decided that with Bachmann no longer around to provide the comic relief,he HAS to continue. One of his reasons for staying in,combined with Newt's new campaign strategy,may hurt the GOP. Even as Newt gives up his "positive" campaign,adopts Alice Cooper's "No More Mr Nice Guy " as his campaign theme song and go on the attack against Romney,Perry,beginning with the weekend debates,plans to continue attacking Newt. By the time this over the damage to the GOP and it's nominee-most likely Romney-could be irreversible.

Kenneth M.
Kenneth M6 years ago

I can see why Perry is excited. One has to travel deep into Dumbf**kistan to find a significant cadre of his supporters, and South Carolina fits that does a few other RED southern states, including the state famous for its voters making dumbfoundingly aweful decisions, the great stinking state of Texas.

Sue Jones
Sue Jones6 years ago

I remember when GW was elected, relative of ours who live in Texas were laughing saying "He broke Texas and we gotta get him outa here" - I'm thinking there are Texans with the same feeling about this govenor, too. He has not a clue about the rest of the world - Texas IS his world and that doesn't make for a viable presidential candidate - especially since a huge part of that job is foreign relations. Go home Perry - we won't miss you.

Rosemary G.
Rosemary G6 years ago

Boy this idiot does not get the message!

Tom Pearce
Tom Pearce6 years ago

Perry and Bachman would have made a great Pres and VP someone where in a third world country!

Jake S.
Jacob D Sitters6 years ago

Awwww, give it up, Rick. You've embarrassed us Texans enough.