PETA’s TSA Ad Campaigns Waiting for Takeoff

It’s hard to say if anyone but Homeland Security will profit off of the new full-body TSA screenings, but PETA is sure going to try.

The animal rights group recently proposed an ad campaign to airports featuring a poster that makes light of the heightened security measures with the body scan image of a curvy woman in lacy underwear with the message, “Be Proud of Your Body Scan: Go Vegan” stamped across her bra and underwear.   The campaign is conveniently timed with the holiday season, where most meals anchor around some type of carnivorous centerpiece and many Americans start to plan out their diet goals for the new year.  Yes, the model in this poster is thin.  Yes, she is nearly naked.  And yes, sex does still sell. 

PETA also submitted the ad for Southwest Airlines’ in-flight magazine, Spirit.  Despite its own racy campaigns, Southwest called the body scan ad “too provocative,” although they are willing to consider other ad ideas from PETA.

PETA senior vice president Dan Mathews responded, “Our ad is less sensational than many of Southwest’s own promotions.  The airline may have canned it because the company is based in Dallas, the heart of the beef belt.”

Major airports in New York City, Charlotte, N.C., and Las Vegas rejected the proposal and have already refused to carry the ad campaign.  NYC calls it too sexy, Vegas calls it political.  Mathews said that the poster is meant to be humorous, not political, and that PETA has not taken a political stance on full-body scans and pat-downs.  “Airports now have defibrillators on the walls in case of a heart attack emergency,” he said, “Why not allow a pro-vegan ad to help prevent one?”

PETA also released an accompanying web ad called “Cruelty Doesn’t Fly,” which features Pamela Anderson as a scantily clad blonde TSA agent giving pat-downs to a pair of nude models, comedians Steve-O, Andy Dick, and Carol Leifer, and German punk icon Nina Hagen, and stripping them of leather, fur, and animal skin as they pass through the security check point:


The ad cost $50,000 to make, and PETA was hoping to air it during the holiday season.  Boston’s Logan Airport announced last week that it wouldn’t be running the ad on its free WiFi network.  

“Given the groping that you see at security checkpoints – and the nudity that you see in body scans,” retorted Mathews, “We’re surprised that our lighthearted ad was deemed too risque.”

The body scan ad campaign has also been condemned by feminist groups calling it sexist.  At least the model is wearing briefs, not thongs.

Photo courtesy of Inha Leex Hale via Flickr


Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

I'm a PETA girl. Have a sense of humor.

pam w.
pam w7 years ago

How can you support them when they're lying right & left? That's like saying "the end justifies the means." People of integrity and honor don't DO that.

Nathalie Martel
Nathalie Martel7 years ago

However much I agree with the fact that Peta goes to extremes, I take the position that at least, they are doing something! Remember, they were the ones who exposed vivisections 4 decades ago. I still support them - there's corruption everywhere (even at the humane societies and similar organizations) - if we were to stop supporting, then animals, children, the elderly, immigrants...they would all suffer for it. Go Peta! At least they're waking people up.

Cheri H.
Cheri H7 years ago

My friend was involved with peta,theres alot of stealing going on and corruption and they support the TSA police state measures!! Boooo

Anna G.
Anna G7 years ago

i still support peta.

pam w.
pam w7 years ago

As a 20-year zoo educator, I'm obviously an animal lover, an activist and an environmentalist.

PETA lost me long ago, when I had the sad opportunity to see close-up how often they distort or even invent "facts" to sway the emotional, the young and the ignorant.

Yasmine is right....they are using these ads (created with donated funds) to sensationalize and glamorize themselves. Instead of working to fight genuine wrongs and bring attention to those issues, PETA seems increasingly interested in perpetuating PETA.

I'll never give them any support again. I strongly urge you to do some research on how they spend their funds and to question everything they say!

Julie F.
Julie F7 years ago

sex does sell is right - ugh.

Yasmine Saad
Yasmine S7 years ago

PETA should use more of the money donors give to them to, say, do their job campaigning against fur farms in China; and NOT to make an ad after the other, and not to mention an ad that will obviously be banned just like the previous one. According to me, if PETA wants to make an ad, they need to make a serious one: one that directly exposes the cruelty of the meat industry, for example. OK, maybe not flat out directly, but the suffering of the animals in the meat industry should be the very main subject in the ad - in any way. It could even be as pleasant to look at such as a cute picture of a piglet so as to steal hearts, but with a very powerful quotation about vegetarianism or veganism. That, in my opinion, would be a perfect ad. Not an ad that includes a half-naked celebrity -- obviously not many would agree with an ad like that. And again, PETA should be more responsible with its donations. Seems to me they use more donor money to fund people who don't do shit for animals and/or to fund their own immature stunts, than to do what their donors funded them for.

Glenda L.
Glenda L7 years ago

Hard to judge without actually seeing the ad, can't be much worse than what you see on TV every day though. People need to lighten up.

ilse diels
.7 years ago

thx peta for all the achievements, work etc you all have done today. I will keep supporting.