Peter LaBarbera Thinks the US Could Learn From Uganda on Homosexuality

He admits he’s not actually read the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 which, among other penalties, would mandate the death sentence to Ugandan LGBTs for the charge of “aggravated homosexuality,” but Peter LaBarbera, who is the president of the organization “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality” (ironically named if ever anything was) gets the gist of this deeply dangerous bill enough to comment on his website regarding the United States Congress opposing the measure (emphasis his):

Here’s the question I keep asking myself about the Uganda controversy: just what is it that qualifies the United States of America to lecture the Ugandans about homosexuality? Is it our public policy that enshrines immoral sexual behavior (oops: “sexual orientation”) and gender confusion (er…”gender identity and expression”) as a “civil right”? Is it our homosexual “marriage” laws that make a mockery of this divine institution (laws about which Prof. Throckmorton is curiously silent)? How about our pro-homosexuality educational propaganda in K-12 schools that corrupts young students’ minds in the name of “tolerance”? Or the 24/7 “gay bathhouses” and sex clubs that proliferate in urban centers across the United States to facilitate quick-and-easy (and anonymous) deviant sexual hook-ups? (“Come to America: where you can have all the safe sodomy you want! Discounts for students (no joke) and free condoms available for your perverted pleasure!”)

In case you’re wondering who Prof. Throckmorton is, he’s an Associate Professor of Psychology at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. As a Christian himself, he dared to go against LaBarbera’s militant anti-gay agenda, writing an op-ed in the Independent in which he notes that, in his opinion, and based on the research he has both read and carried-out, homosexuality does not appear to be a wholly changeable characteristic, people can not be recruited into it, and that the entire basis for the Ugandan anti-gay bill is fundamentally flawed.

LaBarbera seems unhappy with this conclusion. After spewing a few bullet-pointed opinions regarding the “devastating (public) health crises” that LGBTs have apparently created, as well as the “corruption and victimization of children” that they have wrought, LaBarbera adds:

As you can see, most of America’s “lessons” on homosexuality for Uganda are negative ones. Could it be that the more faith-filled and Bible-trusting African Christians have something to teach jaded Americans like Barack Obama and Warren Throckmorton about homosexuality?

LaBarbera is now calling on his readers to have Throckmorton fired because the professor’s personal views don’t fit with LaBarbera’s own. LaBarbera also says in the article that he doesn’t support the death penalty for LGBTs because that’s “draconian.” Great. Apparently anything just short of torture, including punitive jail sentences, living in fear of being informed on, and possible forced conversion therapy, are all just fine though.

In other news, the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission heard testimony concerning Uganda’s Anti Homosexuality Bill on Thursday with Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis), the only openly lesbian member of Congress, as Chairperson.

Over the past few months it has emerged that several prominent American Evangelicals may have influenced the creation of Uganda’s anti-gay draft bill, a fact that was a recurring theme in Thursday’s hearing. You can watch Rep. Baldwin’s powerful introduction to the hearing below:

Julius Kaggwa of the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law flew from Uganda to attend the hearing. He relayed how many gay and lesbian Ugandans had received death threats due to the climate of oppression and hostility this bill has helped to antagonize. From UK Gay News:

“Our rights as human are universal,” he told the hearing, adding that the character of Uganda and the rights of its citizens were at stake.

Mr Kaggwa pointed out that sexual minorities in Uganda were already excluded in HIV programmes – and the Bill makes the situation unimaginably worse.

“All in Uganda are affected,” he said.

Mr Kaggwa added that the Bill was not just a foreign policy issue.  “It’s national issue affecting all Ugandans.”

Christine Lubinksi of the Infectious Diseases Society of America said that she and her colleagues were all deeply concerned about the harm the bill could do in terms of the chilling effect it would have on HIV prevention. “Silence equals death,” she said, before adding, “No modification of the Bill would make it palatable to those committed to social justice.”

Ms Lubinski refers to the fact that Ugandan MP David Bahati – who originally tabled the bill – has, after much resistance, said that he would be open to altering “certain clauses” of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill so that its more stringent measures, such as the death penalty, could be removed in favor of things like forced conversion therapy instead.

Together with 93 other members of Congress including Rep. Jared Polis and Rep. Barney Frank, Rep. Tammy Baldwin has created two separate letters to voice Congress’ opposition to the draft bill, one to urge President Obama to speak out against the proposed legislation, and another that is addressed to Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni, which calls on him to reject all attempts at passing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009.

In the letter to Obama, Rep. Baldwin urges the President to “use the full force of his office to oppose this hateful and life-threatening legislation.”

From Baldwin’s press release:

“The pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda is an appalling violation of human rights and it behooves us, as Americans and Members of Congress, to do all we can to prevent its passage,” said Congresswoman Baldwin. “We fervently hope that President Obama will use the full force of his office to oppose this hateful and life-threatening legislation in Uganda and send a clear message to other countries that such discrimination must not be tolerated. And, we hope that Ugandan President Museveni recognizes that this legislation is morally untenable and politically harmful to his nation,” Baldwin said.

You can read the letter addressed to President Obama by clicking here (.pdf) and the letter to the Ugandan President by clicking here (.pdf).

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill is expected to get a full hearing in the Ugandan parliament within the next few weeks.

Care2 Action:
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Already signed the petition? Thank you! Please consider forwarding it to your friends to spread the word. To find out more on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, links to our continued coverage of this story are provided below:

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Charlene R.
Charlene Rush8 years ago

To Eve M.: I also received correspondence from Dean. Obviously, his narrow-mindedness is perverting his mind. He appears to think he has first-hand knowledge of the will of the Designer.

I hold him that Christ was kind, understanding and forgiving; perhaps, it might be in his best interests to follow in his footsteps.

Eve M.
Eve m8 years ago

i just thought i'd share this delightful comment from dean v that landed in my inbox today... evidently he's too cowardly to make it in public.

Original Message:

It's not genetic. That's my point. You're perverts by choice, your perversion makes you lonely for others to share it, so you go out to enlist others, like Kevin Jennings promoting gay porn to preschoolers. It's disgusting.

Sure homos can reproduce. The question is can you avoid creating more perverts by definition.


here is my reply:

hello, moron.

i am actually a happily married heterosexual who is pregnant with her first child.

you are an idiot. it's hilarious to me that you would assume everyone who cares about justice and science is gay, but no longer surprising.

thanks for making my day!

Alicia A.
Alicia A.8 years ago

It takes truly sick minds to want to punish and kill people just for who they love. No one would choose to be gay given the amount of hate they face in the world.

Mervi R.
Mervi R8 years ago

Scary stuff...

Julie I.
Julie I8 years ago

Uganda's Government is very corrupt.
If anything we need to help them, not follow them.
We should focus on all the "Invisible Children" over there instead of taking away American's rights.

Tim n Ash Black
Ash wilson8 years ago


Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M8 years ago

what an incredible idiot he is. he's most likely just bitter; he's so not cool enough to be gay.

Claudia L.
Claudia L.8 years ago

What a strange strange worldview

Zoi Ioz
Zoi Ioz8 years ago

Ellen, no, I don't think I've ever seen it, but the Skeptic's Bible has a whole whack of stuff on Leviticus and all the contradictions and absurdities. The funniest thing to me (in a sad way) is that Leviticus is also where it says, "Love thy neighbour as oneself."

Ellen M.

Zoi ever get that email with an answer for people who quote Leviticus.....sadly i cancelled mine....perhaps someone else on here has a copy.