Phone Tip Triggers Best Day of Dog’s Life


Written by Dogs Deserve Better Representative Sheryl Jacobs of Wisconsin

After receiving a call about a neglected chained dog, I drove 60 miles to check the situation out. I found the dog just as described, chained outside, no food, no one home. I fed and gave her water and left my contact information.

Two days later, the dog’s sweet face still haunted me, so I made the trip back only to find her just as I had left her. It was apparent that no one had been home since my visit two days earlier.

The neighbors wouldn’t answer when I knocked, so I got the police involved. I was able to take Sheba with me, and when I returned to court a few weeks later and the person being charged with animal neglect did not show, I was granted full custody.

Sheba did test positive for heartworm but has made it through the treatment. Her love of human affection attests to just how lonely she must have been when she was left for days at a time with nothing but a heavy chain and empty bowl. She is waiting for her permanent home now and resides with a wonderful foster family who showers her with love.

Better Than a Box of Chocolates!

From now until Valentines Day, the Harmony Fund will bring you daily chronicles of the work of our partners at Dogs Deserve Better. Each story will be filled with hope, inspiration and a generous serving of empowerment. After all, we could all use a little more love in our lives, and none more so than the neighborhood dog who lives on a chain all year round. More great ’Before & After’ photos here.


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Make sure human technology benefits our furry friends