Pig Torturers Get Jail Time

Two slaughterhouse workers who were caught on videotape sadistically abusing pigs last year were finally sentenced to prison this week after pleading guilty to violating the Animal Welfare Act.

Last spring, Animal Aid secretly filmed Piotr Andrzej Wasiuta and Kelly Smith torturing pigs at Cheale Meats in Brentwood, Essex. They were seen putting out cigarettes on pigs’ faces, brutally beating them while they were in holding pens, kicking and dragging downed pigs to slaughter by their ears, using tools to beat them in the face and improperly stunning pigs, all while they screamed in pain and fear. At least one had her throat slit while she lay writhing on the floor and was left to die in a puddle of her own blood.

Despite outrage over the incident, and clear evidence of abuse, it took a year of lobbying by Animal Aid, other organizations and the public to get justice after the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) failed to pursue the matter because it did not want to use evidence obtained by a third party. Fortunately, the responsibility to prosecute was transferred to the Crown Prosecution Service, which acted. Wasiuta was sentenced to serve six weeks, while Smith will serve four. Each received slightly reduced sentences for pleading guilty.

“We are satisfied that Wasiuta and Smith have now been brought to justice. Their acts of cruelty were inexcusable and caused untold suffering to animals who were already scared and vulnerable. However, many other slaughterhouse workers, who also caused serious and deliberate suffering to animals, have escaped justice because this government refused to act. We are now calling on the Food Standards Agency to look again at two other cases to see whether charges may be brought under the Animal Welfare Act,” said Kate Fowler, Animal Aid’s Head of Campaigns.

“Our detailed investigations have found illegality in eight of the nine slaughterhouses we visited, despite government-appointed vets being present in all of them. The current regulatory system does not work. It does not catch those who abuse animals. But this case proves that properly placed and independently-monitored cameras do work, and we renew our call for Defra to make CCTV mandatory to catch those who abuse animals and to act as a disincentive to those who might consider it.”

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Jeannet Bertelink

You get what you deserve.........

Laura McGowan
Laura McGowan6 years ago

Unfortunately, this abuse happens worldwide, in every slaughterhouse. How can anyone eat ANY meat knowing this torture is allowed and ignored? Anytime I even think about eating meat, I see these tragic images and remove those traces of meat-eating thoughts. I refuse to be part of ANY animal cruelty and it seems to be in almost everything we eat or use now. Humans are the blight of this planet and until more action is taken to stop this cruelty and torture, it will continue unabated. It's been difficult to maintain a vegan diet after so many years (50) of eating meat and all the products that are part of any cruelty (palm oil, dairy, eggs, etc.), but again, I think about how much they all suffer and I don't miss it. Maybe if more people boycott these foods, something will be done to stop the insanity.

Alice G.
Alice G6 years ago

If someone is telling me that the meat of these human beasts will be found in the markets for general consumption, I'll turn right away into a 'meat eater' A 'yum yum' steak made of the hand muscles of these Monsters, appropriately seasoned and smoked to my taste, would give me extreme pleasure.

marc horton
marc horton6 years ago

this makes me feel sick and sad...please make it law to have those cctv cameras in every farming facility,..uugh

Pamela Wolfe
Pamela W6 years ago

I've never been so disgusted - and to say that these are supposed to be "the best" !!!!! So much for the nation of "animal lovers" that the United Kingdom USED TO BE !!!! DEFRA are the ones who need that probe sticking up their "nether regions" as they're obviously not doing their job !! Is it a condition of employment that their inspectors have to be BLIND to qualify for a job ?? As for the "sentence" - looks like the judicial system over there has also gone "down the pan" !!!! Watch out Britannia, you'll soon be under the waves you used to rule !!!!!! Now for the painful bit (for me) ..... I'm British-born, and so NOW VERY ASHAMED TO BE !!!!!

Gene Sengstake
Gene Sengstake6 years ago

Do we even want scum like this rotting in our prisons??? Seriously - these bums could have been dealt with on the spot by any morally decent person - but then I keep forgetting that no matter what their crime - human life is deemed to be sacrosanct - - -

Harsha R.
Harsha R6 years ago

The acts inflicted on the pigs are gruesome and sickening. Don't these people have any conscience??? The petty sentences lashed out signifies a mockery of the justice system. It is nothing but a joke and a big slap on the hard work of Animal Aid. DEFRA should also be held responsible for the cruelty that occurs in slaughterhouses.

Heather M
Heather Marv6 years ago

CCTV monitors definitely and monitored by independent people who care about humane methods. The message has to be put out there that cruelty will not be tolerated. Often people who torture animals go on and torture people.

Past Member
Marina B6 years ago

4-6 weeks? These criminals can easily do this to humans if given the chance!! Anyone that can do this to an innocent pig, is a sick demented $%#! and deserves to be locked up for good!

Borg Drone
Past Member 6 years ago

this would be a more acceptable sentence if they were to be lead to the slaughter afterwards.
instead it's yet another slap on the hand.