Pingree Will Not Run To Replace Snowe In Maine

There is likely to be one less woman in the senate in 2012, as Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree announced that she will not run for retiring Republican Senator Olympia Snowe’s seat.

Citing the issues of running in a three-way race, and the fear that† her entry could cause the non-conservative vote to fracture and allow the Republicans to keep the seat, Pingree said that after much thought she will stay in the House.† “After careful consideration I have decided to run for re-election to the U.S. House this year. This has been a very difficult decision and I will always be grateful for the tremendous support Iíve received from people all across Maine and around the country. I have been humbled by the enthusiastic encouragement Iíve gotten — from my neighbors here in Maine to my colleagues in Washington.”

Former Governor Angus King will be running as an Independent in the race, which many believed would cause a splintering of the Democratic vote.† Pingree stated that she talked to King about his not running in the race, but he was undeterred.† Rather than risk potentially splitting the vote and handing a Republican candidate a win, Pingree decided to not run instead.

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons


Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago


Linda H.
Linda h5 years ago

Okay then she can maybe be governor some day. Just get rid of the crazy's please.

Arild Warud

There are worse things in the world............

Gina H.
Gina H5 years ago

Thank you Chellie for keeping your constituents well-being and interests at the front by not running at this time. I believe that in the long run, most of us will remember this and certainly vote for you in the future whether you seek a seat as a senator or even governor! Hopefully, the Democratic Party won't sink to the level of the GOP's cesspool tactics. King did very well as Governor even with the budget defits created by McKernan, Republican, who managed to waste away a surplus left by Brennan. He earned my respect when he got through the right wing homophobic garbage launched his way and stayed on task managing government with the wellbeing of ALL of Maine's residents in mind.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago

A woman of courage and integrity. This is not the time to split the vote so a Republican can win. Pingree has earned our respect.

William C.
William C.5 years ago

We need her in the House !

My question is, why is King running as an Independent?

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

A smart women and I'm sure the people of her state will keep that in mind when casting their vote for her.

Hope S.
Hope Sellers5 years ago

King endorsed Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election, stating that the Illinois Democrat "...leads with hope and not through fear." He was good for Maine as Governor and stood against the nay sayers in getting laptops for every public middle-school student, a first of its kind in the nation. He promotes wind power as an adjunct source of energy saying, "Ten percent, 20% can be very significant..." These show his forward thinking and we need more like him.

We still have Chellie Pingree in the House of Representatives. On her campaign website, Pingree lists supporting small business in Maine, holding banks and credit cards accountable for consumer protection, increasing Maine manufacturing jobs and preventing the overseas outsourcing of these jobs as key elements of her economic strategy. Pingree's goals additionally include working towards health care reform, increasing women's rights and equality in the workplace, acquiring more sources of clean energy, and ending the war in Afghanistan. National Journal gave her a Composite Liberal rating of 92%. We need to keep her where she is.

Amie K.
Amie K5 years ago

She should be commended for taking the high road.

Ric E.
Ric E5 years ago

Angus King was a very good governor and will bring a progressive voice to the congress. Sorry to see Olympia go and wish I was still in Maine to help in Angus' campaign.