Planned Parenthood Bomber’s Arson Attempt As Bad As His Facts

The man accused of bombing a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin admitted to “lighting it up” on Wednesday “because they’re killing babies there.”

Francis Grady, 50, spoke to reporters covering his first appearance in federal court. The Green Bay Press-Gazette has a video of him walking through the courthouse followed by a short clip of him speaking to reporters outside.

Inside the courtroom Grady reportedly interrupted the judge to ask “Do you even care at all about the 1000 babies that died screaming?”

For it’s part the Obama administration has vowed to take the case seriously. U.S. Attorney James Santelle, Eastern District of Wisconsin will be prosecuting Grady issued the following statement:

“When the Congress passed the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act in 1994 it specifically empowered law enforcement to respond to those who engage in violent and other obstructive behaviors that interfere with access to reproductive services. The complaint that we filed today in federal court not only responds to the particular conduct of Francis Grady in committing arson at and causing damage to the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Grand Chute, but it also signals the continuing strong commitment of federal, state, and local authorities to ensure access to clinics–and to seek criminal penalties against anyone who would compromise that right.”

It’s important to remember that under the Bush administration FACE Act prosecutions were non-existent. Literally. They didn’t happen. So we should feel lucky that when one was necessary it was in a case of a really inept arson and not an outright assassination like Dr. Tiller.


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Photo from WeNews via flickr.


Christine Stewart

Gee, Francis, did it ever occur to you to tell young men to stop having unprotected sex? No sperm, no unplanned pregnancy...

KS Goh
KS G5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Bernard Cronyn
5 years ago

I would like to see legislation implemented that compels any religious or pro-life body (or idiot like this one) that hinders the availability of contraception, bans abortion or campaigns against contraception to contribute a major portion of their funds to the education and costs of rearing of unwanted children. Religions, the Pope, this man and the rest of the gang persist in their campaigns because they do so without bearing one scrap of responsibility for their actions.

April Thompson
April Thompson5 years ago

Noted and thanks for the info!

Alice H.
Alice H5 years ago

American terrorism

We must not tolerate this.

Deirdre B.
Deirdre Boyne5 years ago

Thank goodness no one was injured....this man needs to learn and gain more knowledge of what he is claiming to be fighting against....

Amanda M.
Amanda M5 years ago

This idiot is nothing more than a DOMESTIC TERRORIST and deserves to have the book thrown at him! It's high time we start charging these anti-choicers with the crimes they are committing and stop letting them get away with bull!

Ron B.
Ron B5 years ago

So these sick fanatics think that aborting fetuses is killing, but it's perfectly alright to murder people because the bombers and shooters are killin' fer Jesus, eh? So much for the Fifth Commandment...

Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

Bombing a place when you don't even have any facts? Send him to Gitmo!

Bill C.
Bill C5 years ago

He is a terrorist no different than the ALF, SHAC and so on. Put them all in prison