Polish Politician Says Ugly Female Candidates “Repel Voters”


Hey ladies, you should run for office!

Oh, wait, are you very good looking?  No?  Well, never mind.  You might “repel” voters.

So claims the ex-Prime Minister of Poland, Leszek Miller, who had always been considered a member of the progressive, pro-women wing of Polish politics.  And according to Miller, he didn’t mean to be sexist or insensitive when saying female candidates need to be held to a beauty standard that doesn’t exist for male candidates.  No, he just meant that pretty women look better on posters and at press conferences.

Obviously, although no one has come out and said it as blatantly as Miller, the same rule is often in place in American politics, too. After all, women candidates are getting endorsements for their “tight butts,” are polled on whether they should be in the White House or the Playboy mansion or who has better hair.  And then there are the “women of politics” calendars, to make sure every leader, activist and pundit is the perfect pin-up.

Miller said it out loud, but it seems that the political system still mostly accepts his declaration with little dissent, at least subconsciously.


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Debbie W.
Past Member 6 years ago

Given today's market of cosmetic reconstruction to the max for the OUTER SELF and lack of nuturing for the INNER SELF, unpleasant and negative as Leszek Miller's statements may seem , I think he's brought up a valid point and bone of contention in the process of validation on merit not beauty. We are a visual society, not many dig deep into the center.

Ameer T.
Ameer T6 years ago

Statements like these are no wonder really. Women are commonly treated as sex objects or eye candy everywhere. And the women also fail to see this as degrading because surprisingly it is viewed as freedom by them. It is only logical that once such a world view is created about women, they would be seen as such no matter what function of life they are in.

Ruzica M.
Ruzica M.6 years ago

I hate politic because is allready fool whit agly man, T. Bler, Berlusconi, Sarcossi, and just look up at the congresmens in USA, but nobody ask what about that!!!!!??????!!!!!

Ruby W.
Ruby W6 years ago

The problem is that women aren't allowed to grow up and be adults. Young women can be as focused as they like on beauty and mate attraction, and that's natural enough, but mature adult women need to be let off the hook. If you are happily married or happily single or whatever, does it matter if you are "hot" and look younger than you are? Whose business is it? Should be no one's. A respectable matron should get respect for her abilities and experience, not whether she wears the same jeans size she wore as a teenager. I think it is time for grown women to act and look like it, and stop worrying about "hotness". It is a distraction from the real issue - whether women are competent and believable as adults and leaders. High heels and lipstick should be irrelevant to that question.

John E.
John E6 years ago

Yep ... much easier to make those difficult decisions at election time this way, than say ... checking out the policies .....
Perhaps Fox "News" could conduct a survey, decide on the best looking candidate in each area and appoint them.
Then you wouldn't have to think, vote, or do anything at all !
How much easier could it get!
Bit sad about the result, but .....

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Many of you have said it for me - we've been fed garbage so long, that as long as it's in a pretty package - we don't know the difference.

Christine Stewart
Christine S6 years ago

He may have just been clumsily stating that women do seem to be held to a standard of attractiveness more so than men- like famous male actors don't have to be great looking, whereas it is harder for a woman to even get her foot in the door if she isn't good looking. Of course, he could just be a sexist jerk, too!...

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L6 years ago

Patrick F.: Sorry, no Green Star for you (over my limit), but you're still funny!

Ugly or handsome don't matter to me; politicians are all crooks!

Victoria M.
Past Member 6 years ago


Ahron E.
Ahron E6 years ago

Kennedy won on his good looks.