Pope Apologizes For Sexual Abuse

Pope Benedict XVI publicly apologized for the sex abuse scandal on June 11. In St. Peter’s Square, he said, “We…insistently beg forgiveness from God and from the persons involved, while promising to do everything possible to ensure that such abuse will never occur again.”

In training men for priesthood he assured that “we will do everything we can to weigh the authenticity of their vocation and make every effort to accompany priests along their journey, so that the Lord will protect them and watch over them in troubled situations and amid life’s dangers.”

Weeks ago in a visit to Portugal the Pope claimed that the greatest threat to the Church comes from inside “the sin inside the Church.”

Joelle Casteix of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) expressed disappointment in the Pope’s remarks, saying, “He spoke about seminary formation and begging survivors for forgiveness. That does nothing to keep kids safe right now.”

The lay Catholic group Bishop Accountability also expressed disappointment in the Pope’s apology, and urged him to “endorse and facilitate certain external measures that would increase transparency and advance justice, [and have] his bishops to cooperate fully with secular investigations, not oppose them.”

Meanwhile Rev. Innocent Jooji of Abuja, Nigeria expressed approval of the Pope’s apology, but added, “He should go around to a few continents to talk about sex abuse, and the impact would be more…It’s a problem to face. We need more conversation.”

Rinaldo Cornacchini, commons.wikimedia.org


Winn Adams
Winn A4 years ago

That's not enough. Make restitutions to all who have been harmed. Then you can start by allowing priests and nuns to marry, stepping down in favor of a woman pope. Nothing less will do.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W4 years ago

better late than never

Richard R.
Richard R7 years ago

Apologies are fine,but mean nothing without accountability and responsible action.Hiding,and suporting those guilty of these horrible,destructive crimes make any person with knowledge of this practice, accomplice.Do what you can when you can.

Carole Tokaruk
Carole Tokaruk7 years ago

This article is not really telling the whole story. Pope Benedict is doing much more to fix the problem than any other person has to this date!

bj Jung
bj Jung7 years ago

I don't quite understand; was the pope apologizing because of what he did...hiding the facts or was he apologizing for the priests that committed these horrible acts? If he was apologizing for those priests....are we not talking about grown men here? They hardly need someone to apologize for them. However, I hardly doubt that an apology is going to amount to much or even be accepted as the crime is so horrendous!!

Samantha C.
Samantha C7 years ago

Just for anyone who doesn't know, the Catholic Church was started by Jesus Christ and it is the only one and universal church. Look it up and believe.

Lori K.
Lori K7 years ago

The Catholic Church has more money than any other entity on Earth. I still don't understand how this honors and worships a man who was a wandering healer, a man whose judgements were based on internal worth shown by external behavior.

The Catholic Church judges based on whether or not one has passed through their series of hurdles that have nothing to do with ones behavior. My daughter, who has given up a normal adolescence in order to save animals and the environment, was told by two selfish hooches (whose life's work appears to be hurting people that don't suck up to them) that she was going to hell because she wasn't baptized.

This is the organization that allows people to do horrendous things, then excuses them if they confess. This is the organization that inflicts heinous torture on those who oppose them: witness the Inquisition.

Is it any wonder that this organization protects pedophiles? It completely opposes the actual word of Jesus, but they trust that most people won't study the original Scriptures because they don't want to go through the effort to learn ancient languages. How convenient.

Christina R.
Christina R7 years ago

Another reason why I refuse to go to church. I am very religious and I practice my Christian faith outside of a church. God is everywhere, you really do not need a church. Who wants to go to a facility with so much crime and evil going on anyway? Absolutely disgusting!!!! Do not even get me started on the Pope! He should be ashamed of himself. He is no closer to God than we are. In fact, we are closer, because he is covering up some evil and horrible things, which makes him closer to the devil, if you ask me. Any crimes committed on innocent children are unforgivable!!! I am sorry if I have offended anyone.

Mrs Shakespeare
Mrs Shakespeare7 years ago

He sure likes to apologize, doesnt he? First, he said crap about Muslims which only reflected his lack of knowledge-and did nothing but apologize. And then, he allowed kids to be sexually abused, and again all he does is apologize! Disgusting.

Nicole C.
Past Member 7 years ago

"Good on you Benny. "

You do know that before he was the Pope, he helped cover up these rapes. Good on him for giving a half ass apology only after calling the rapes "petty gossip" and denying them since they came out in the public? I think not.