Pope Confronted by Angry Pro-Gay Boobs

Protesters from Ukraine-based rights group FEMEN staged a topless demonstration against the Vatican’s increasingly hostile stance on gay rights this weekend.

The four women, whose torsos were inked with messages like “In Gay We Trust” and “Shut Up!”, interrupted Pope Benedict XVI’s weekly Angelus prayer in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday.

The women, who were standing with the crowd, doffed their winter attire with impressive speed while shouting their pro-gay rights messages. The prayerful crowd parted and police officers, with barely seconds having elapsed and so seemingly on boob alert, rushed in to roughhouse the women away, though the FEMEN members struggled and continued to protest even as they were bundled off in aggressive fashion.  A video of the protest can be found here.

FEMEN is a feminist Ukrainian protest group based in Kiev. The group was founded in 2008 and has become internationally known –some might say infamous, but I’d prefer recognizable — for their topless protests against sex tourism, religious zealotry, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

This protest comes after the Vatican again last week decided to shove its gilded nose into yet another gay rights issue.

Italy’s Supreme Court ruled on Friday of last week that, yes, gay couples can bring up children just as well as their heterosexual friends, reportedly concluding:

“There is no scientific certainty or concrete evidence but only prejudice” behind the idea that “living in a homosexual family is damaging for the growth of a child,” the court’s ruling said.

This conclusion came in a case where a man had attempted to usurp his former female partner’s right to custody of their child because his former partner was now living in a lesbian relationship. He contended that, per religious law and Italian state law at this time, same-sex relationships were not the best platform for child rearing. The court, however, was not persuaded, and this ruling has been hailed by Italian gay rights groups and wider legal scholars as a landmark that has chipped away at the foundations of Italy’s anti-gay restrictions on partnership rights and adoption rights.

Of course the Vatican could not let this stand without comment, and yet again the Church has framed its opposition as if to say that gay couples are somehow less than human (and are apparently to be thought of as intrinsically incapable of being monogamous), with a representative for the Holy Sea reportedly writing in the the Vatican paper L’Osservatore Romano:

“But no one believes that these situations should be created just because in some cases they don’t cause damage,” wrote Adriano Pessina, director of bioethics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

“The human is the masculine and the feminine … the monogamous family is the ideal place to learn the meaning of human relations and is the environment where the best form of growth is possible,” he wrote.

This despite no consensus-backed, peer reviewed studies ever supporting that there’s something magically better about being raised by parents in a heterosexual relationship, and a multitude of evidence to say that same-sex couples raise well-adjusted children.

The Vatican’s assault on gay rights — not just gay marriage — has in terms of general opinion seemed to cost it dearly in recent months, with a Dutch Catholic group setting up a website where fellow pro-gay members, disgusted with the Vatican’s onslaught on the same-sex family, are able to go and gather the materials they need to “de-baptize” themselves.

The website, which hit international headlines, has so far failed to drive home that such a naked attack on gay rights should not be the Vatican’s focus when there are ills in the world that are far more pressing than needing to voice baseless opinions on what makes a family. We will wait and see if protest via exposed torso is more effective.


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Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution License with thanks to the Catholic Church.


Michelle C.
Michelle C5 years ago

those women are very disrespectful. The Church does not view homosexuals as anything but human beings. However, like unmarried heterosexuals, they are called to be abstinent and focus on God. Not everyone wants to believe in God. Let those who love and believe God's word do so without interference. I find it so interesting that those who support abortion, gay marriage, etc. are so intolerant of those who do not support it. Hypocritical. No one must believe what you believe but everyone has a right to express their beliefs.

Karen A.
Karen A5 years ago

But William, the "A-hole behavior" of the women is reactionary behavior to demonstrate what they are fed up and sick about--narrow mindedness and refusal of the Vatican to consider another point of view--hence the in-your-face and outrageous tactics. I might think it was stupid too--but, I do not because I understand their reasons and I agree with their beliefs.

Karen A.
Karen A5 years ago

BTW..Think of this -Lefthandedness was once considered *wrong* even evil by the Catholic Church.It wasn't considered different or more difficult to write-the children's handedness was always changed to be right-handed, as lefthandedness was considered to be connected with the Devil.The Latin for left is *sinister*. Sounds real silly now, right?

One day, the church may realize that homosexuality/heterosexuality just *is* and is not wrong or right.--just like which hand we write with.

Karen A.
Karen A5 years ago

Chris, I studied Sociology and received Honors for that matter, as well as Honors in Psychology.
Yes, children learn attitudes from their parents...but if you research it, most gay couple have raised _guess what?straight (heterosexual) kids! It's not simply my opinion..most studies seem to indicate that hetero or homo sexuality is innate...it isn't an atttitude that is learned. I know there are some confused individuals that have mixed up sexuality due to early sexual abuse..but *that is so whether the person is straight or gay!*
Most homosexuals were raised by heterosexual parents and were *not* encouraged in the slightest to be so--especially not in my generation or the ones before mine.
And, to use your example-yes,some kids in violent homes learn bad ideas and habits--but then some do not.Again,cruelty and violence is an aberration, and some kids copy it --whereas children watching their gay parents do not learn to be gay.
So, the two can't be compared.

tiffany t.
tiffany t5 years ago

Remember when people got cysts on their hands and they would call them bible bumps because they would take the bible and smack the cyst causing it to rupture and go away? Well I do not advocate violence but I am convinced Christopher M head is a giant cyst and give me a bible, I will take thump at it and hope it goes away.
William T: quit talking about the catholic church that way, hiding pedophiles is much more asinine, than flashing some boobs and saying God Does Not Hate.

Joy Mcronald
Joy M5 years ago

Lots of thoughts here...

Neal Gay
Neal Gay5 years ago

The "church" has always demonstrated A-hole behavior toward Gays and started the battle. This has promoted Hatred toward the "church" and with just cause. The "church" started the battle but sure as hell will NOT win the war. Deal With It.

William T.
William T.5 years ago

Behaving like assholes will promote hatred towards gays

Sherrie Brunell
Sherrie Brunell5 years ago


However, there is no guarantee of that. Children have their own temperaments and some will not behave no matter how well their parents have modeled good behavior.

So, homosexual parents have no higher chance of producing homosexual, or delinquent, children than straight parents. And since good parenting isn't predicated on your sexual orientation, and there are no scientific studies that prove gay parents are somehow not as good as straight parents (and in fact, some studies show the best parenting group, based on outcomes from the children, are lesbian parents), there is no reason to believe that two men or women in a loving monogamous relationship cannot provide an excellent and loving home to a child.

BTW, I have my Masters degree in psychology from the University of Oregon. I was getting my PhD, but had to drop out for health reasons.

Sherrie Brunell
Sherrie Brunell5 years ago

Don't forget, Christopher, most gay people were raised in heterosexual homes, with a mommy and daddy, yet they ended up homosexual. By your logic, they shouldn't be able to become gay because nobody modeled it for them.

Yes, we do learn some behavior from modeling by our parents; however, homosexuality is a sexual orientation, which is more like a pre-programmed determination, similar to being right or left handed. By your logic, a leftie born to two righties will automatically start using their right hand, just because mommy and daddy do, but we know that's not true. Children are generally born with a preference for which hand is used, with some being born ambidextrous, and no amount of modeling will change it. Sure you can force a leftie to become a rightie, but studies show that is psychologically painful (just like ex-gay "therapy") and even if the child learns to use their right hand, they will still often use their left in various situations that a natural-born rightie would not.

The kinds of behavior that is more likely to be modeled after our parents, or other role models, have more to do with how we interact with others (are we aggressive, passive, respectful, kind, etc.), and how we face various challenges in life. If you have good parents, of any gender or orientation, they will model the appropriate behaviors and hopefully the child will develop the good habits of the parents. However, there is no guarantee of that. Children have their own temperaments and s