Portland Police Exposed For ‘Colluding’ With Violent Right-Wing Extremists

In an explosive revelation, it has come to light that Oregon law enforcement has been in frequent contact with the leader of a right-wing extremist group.

Patriot Prayer came to national attention in 2017 when a rally in September drew a number of counter-protesters; at one point, a member of Patriot attempted to drive a truck into the opposing group, but fortunately did not cause any injuries.

Thanks to multiple violent rallies, the leader of Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, has enjoyed an elevated profile — both among white nationalists and Antifa-related demonstrators. And Gibson has come under even greater scrutiny after it was revealed that he has been in contact with Portland Police Lt. Jeff Niiya.

Niiya leads the department’s protest response unit, handling violent clashes if they occur at demonstrations. As a spokesperson for his department explains, part of his duties include reaching out to organizers to develop a rapport and avoid dangerous incidents.

The type of relationship Niiya and Gibson have developed, however, may have gone too far. And it suggests that there was a degree of coordination between Portland police and Patriot Prayer.

A text message exchange between the pair from late 2017 included Niiya telling Gibson that he would discourage carrying out a warrant for fellow Patriot Prayer member Tusitala Toese’s arrest as long as Toese kept a low profile at upcoming demonstrations. Niiya writes, “I don’t see a need to arrest on the warrant unless there is a reason.”

Niiya was also found to have sent text messages to Gibson on several occasions to alert him to upcoming demonstrations by opposition groups. In one instance, Niiya informed Gibson that a Queer Liberation Front protest would not be monitored by Portland police.

Perhaps the most damning exchange came when Gibson contacted Niiya to tell him about his yet-to-be publicly announced intent to run for office as a U.S. senator.

“Your [sic] running for office?!! Good for you,” Niiya wrote in response.

After these text messages were published by Willamette Week, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler described the exchanges as “disturbing” and called for both internal and external investigations. He added that it raised serious concerns about whether law enforcement officers were acting “objective and professional” and whether “warrants were being enforced consistently.”

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty offered a far harsher condemnation, stating that she was “not shocked” and “not surprised” by these revelations. She explained that it had previously been an open secret that law enforcement in Portland were in “collusion with right-wing extremists.” But Hardesty joined Wheeler in calling for “meaningful accountability.”

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Lorrie O
Lorrie O23 days ago

The 3-ness of n: e(n)lighte(n)me(n)t. nnn

Helen C
Helen C26 days ago

sad news

Dan Blossfeld
Dan Blossfeld27 days ago

Julie D.,
That appears to be no different than others. It matters not whether one is black or white, left or right, big or small. Evil exists everywhere and is not confined to one group.

Paul B
Paul B28 days ago

All this fear mongering of white supremists. What a joke. That small ostracized group of crazies has no home anywhere and likely less in numbers than the New Black Panthers, AntiFa, or any other radical leftist group. If that is the messaging yu plan to use to win in 2020, good luck with that. No decent american agrees with any of those groups, left or right radical. I find it interesting that the party of the KKK is so concerned with a few radical holdovers that are more bluster than anything else.

Julie D
Julie D28 days ago

I understand that a great many White Supremacists join the military in order to gain training they plan to use later for evil. Many are also in the police force.

pam w
pam w28 days ago

Police should NEVER be ''colluding'' with any group.

Paul B
Paul B28 days ago

Thank you Marty for a fine of example of leftist tolerance and inclusionism. .. if only it were so.

Dan Blossfeld
Dan Blossfeld28 days ago

Anne M.,
I agree. Dialog with opposing groups never hurts. Why would anyone complain about this? The police are trying to diffuse an already heightened situation.

Shirley S
Shirley S28 days ago

Noted with interest all comments.

Debbi W
Debbi W28 days ago

This Williams article is not based on fact. It is __one__ opinion. However, the police advisory group said the officer emailing that group followed the guidelines and did nothing wrong.

More twisted facts that have been proved not to be true.