Pregnant Teens Are Just Political Pawns to Anti-Abortion Activists

Illinois Dr. Ulrich Klopfer has long been targeted by the Indiana anti-abortion community, who appear especially bothered by a provider who comes across the state border in order to provide pregnancy terminations. The latest tactic to try to get his license revoked? He is being accused of not reporting to the Department of Health that he provided an abortion to a 13-year-old pregnant girl within three days, as mandated by state law.

According to the Journal Gazette, Dr. Klopfer did not report the abortion in February as he should have, but instead waited until July, months after the termination had taken place. The lapse was discovered by a “a pro-life sidewalk counselor who was protesting outside Klopfer’s Fort Wayne abortion facility on February 7th, the day the abortion on the underage girl was performed,” according to a previously released but now pulled article at CNS News. The advocate, as well as Cathie Humbarger, the executive director of Allen County Right to Life, filed complaints against the provider after going through induced termination reports provided to the state.

“It’s heartbreaking to learn that a 13-year-old became pregnant and now must live with the pain of an abortion for the rest of her life, but it’s doubly-heartbreaking that Dr. Klopfer’s failure to report the abortion may have allowed the girl’s molester to walk free,” said Humbarger in a press statement. Less heartbreaking and painful, apparently, is violating the young girl’s medical privacy to the Indiana media and beyond — even with her name withheld — for the sake of trying to pull the license of an abortion provider.

The Indiana Right to Life community isn’t the only group to see extremely young, pregnant teens as a tool for ending abortion access for everyone. Life Dynamics, Inc., a Texas-based anti-abortion group, has spent copious amounts of money and manpower in a self-described sting where they say they have compiled masses of evidence that clinics are offering abortions to very young teens. The group then mass mailed the fruits of their “investigations” off to lawyers to try to cajole them into considering initiating lawsuits. Also, anti-choice activist Lila Rose cut her teeth on such “undercover” video activities, which were just the initial offering in her growing campaign to bring down Planned Parenthood.

What’s most disturbing about the use of young pregnant teens as political pawns in the battle to end abortion is the callousness with which the girls’ own lives are regarded. In the Indiana case, the teen must have been accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, since the state has a parental consent law. Yet the activists filing the complaint argued that both she and her parent must have come to the wrong decision about the pregnancy, alluding to the “pain” she will have “for the rest of her life.” They have no compassion for the pain that the girl may also experience should she remain pregnant and give birth, her only other option and no doubt one that was weighed as well.

We’ve seen similar reactions from anti-abortion advocates who filed complaints against Kansas Dr. Ann Neuhaus, who provided consultations for Dr. George Tiller. In an attempt to accuse Dr. Tiller of doing illegal late term abortions by claiming they were done for the sake of the pregnant person’s health, the state attorney general pulled a number of patient files regarding abortions done on minors. The state then had its own expert testify that in the case of these under age girls, one of whom was only 10-years-old, Dr. Neuhaus did not properly prove that the abortions were in the young girls’ best interest.

As a result, Dr. Neuhaus lost her license and is now about to lose her home as well.

For a movement so focused on defending “children,” abortion opponents see little problem in using children themselves as a wedge to make gains in shutting clinics. Sadly, their end goal — ensuring every pregnant 13-year-old has no option but to give birth — is getting dangerously closer every day.


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Jerome S
Jerome S2 years ago


Jim V
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for sharing.

Julianna D.
Juliana D5 years ago

If people don't want children to DIE, then how about adopt them? I never see pro-lifers adopting, only making babies and then telling other people what to do with theirs.

Donna Ferguson
Donna F5 years ago

young girls like this are too young to carry a fetus to term. poor children. Contraceptives and abortion need to stay legal.

Dagmar Breg
Past Member 5 years ago

How awful! Thirteen is too young to be a mother or even know any resources. She isn't anywhere near an adult mind at this age. Plus with a tiny body bearing a baby could be a lethal risk to both her and the baby. The abortion doctor knew this and for these Pro-life extremists to exploit this young girl for having one is hitting below the belt entirely. How would it be pro-life if that girl died trying to carry and birth that baby? Shit heads.

Prima B.
PrimaAWAY B5 years ago

All I know is that abortions need to be leagal as long as they are NOT used as a form of birth control. For some teens they figure "oh well,I'll get an abortion". That needs to be recorded and good records kept .that's all. Otheriwise abortion does need to be legal.

Joe M.
Joe Martinez5 years ago

The anti-abortion advocated are the most ill advised selfish lot that lack compassion for people suffering as long as their party achieve their objective to obstruct progress into to the 21st Century. Their dogmatic attitude on interfering with family decisions concern pregnancy does not belong to them nor the church for that matter especially with teenage girls. These young girls are more than likely still living at home and therefore it is a family decision and no one else period. We must keep repeating ourselves to politicians to keep their business out off women vaginas.

Dennis D.
Past Member 5 years ago

pam w.
6:36AM PDT on Sep 28, 2013

Dennis..." Prolife organizations a whole are a step away from being terrorist organizations. It is not a double standard. It is an opinion and position founded on to much history. To many times has there been violence done in the name of a "fetus' or the "unborn". using religion as an excuse more times than not."

Well said!

Read more:

Thank you.

Marianne C.
Marianne C5 years ago

@ Suba G:

“Cyan, You make the same arguments from thread to thread, and never address certain rebuttals.”

She never addresses the rebuttals for two reasons: first, she is a hit-and-run troll, and second, she’d lose the argument and she knows it.

“Most” Americans DO NOT oppose legal abortion – only about 20% ever have. The right gets these falsely inflated figures by conflating “would accept some restrictions” with “ban all abortions” in polling – they’ve done it for decades, and fail to understand that lying about the polls doesn’t grant them any moral high ground. And she’s such an extremist, she doesn’t even realize what “pro-abortion” would NOT be the same thing ads pro-choice. She misquotes the law, too: SCOTUS put the line after which states could restrict abortion at 27 weeks, not 24.

By the way, everybody: the definitive study on abortion and subsequent mental health was done in Denmark; the entire female population was included in the study. After years of study, it emerged that women who had abortions had no more mental health problems than women who did not have abortions. Women who did not have children had fewer mental health issues than women who did have children. The strongest indicator of mental health issues following an abortion was mental health issues prior to the abortion. An abortion, in and of itself, is little likely to CAUSE mental health problems.

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

Dennis..." Prolife organizations a whole are a step away from being terrorist organizations. It is not a double standard. It is an opinion and position founded on to much history. To many times has there been violence done in the name of a "fetus' or the "unborn". using religion as an excuse more times than not."

Well said!