“President Obama, Don’t Turn Your Back On Women!”

It’s become a battle between Catholic Bishops and the majority of the American public — is birth control preventative or not?  According to the Bishops, who hope to control the government’s health policy to adhere to their own religious viewpoint, pregnancy is not a “disease” so anything that keeps a woman from becoming pregnant should not fall under health care.  But according to most people, including a vast number of practicing Catholics, being able to have sexual intercourse with your spouse or partner without it possibly resulting in a baby every single time is a health decision they stand behind.

Now Catholics are standing up to their vocal minority and pleading with the president to allow contraception to be considered preventative health care, just like nearly every other pharmaceutical.  Catholics for Choice, a prochoice, pro-women’s health Catholic advocacy group, published an open letter to President Barack Obama in the New York Times, reminding him of the women who are counting on him to make access to birth control easier and more affordable, as he promised in the ramp up for health care reform. Even those women who are employed by or in other ways are associated with Catholic institutions that are demanding an opt out clause.

“President Obama promised the American people that under his administration people wouldn’t lose healthcare coverage they need,” said Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice. “He promised he’d make decisions based on science and medically accurate information.  Now, the president is considering siding with the Catholic bishops to make it harder and more expensive for millions of American women to get family planning, rejecting the advice of medical experts that recommended its inclusion on the list of recommended preventive healthcare services for women.”

“The bishops have completely failed to convince Catholics in the pews not to use effective family planning methods, so now they want the president to impose their agenda on Catholics and non-Catholics alike,” O’Brien argued. “The president has a choice—listen to the people who elected him or 271 Catholic bishops.”

According to O’Brien, nearly 98 percent of sexually active Catholic women have used birth control.

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Raven Sarver
Raven Sarver7 years ago

It is far better not to begin a new life at all, than to begin a new life and then kill it. Catholics should have been allowed to use birth control a long time ago. Everyone should have a choice about whether or not they want to become a parent - or whether or not they want to add to their family. It's the unwanted child that suffers in the end.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

Catholic Church, stop meddling in the affairs of state. Stop living in the 15th century. Women are equal citizens with men, and must control their own bodies.

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers7 years ago

Birth control is one of the blessings of the modern day. Much better to prevent a birth than to abort a child!

NoMailPlz ThankYou
Kathy Javens7 years ago

With over population the way it is, why is there even a discussion? there is so much trouble with this earth and the people on it, we need to focus on saving what we can and not on things like withholding, stopping, or taking away birth control. This is a choice that ALL women should be allowed to make.

Kathryn Edwards
Kathryn Edwards7 years ago

Why do these Bishops of any faith have the right to make decisions in our country? They are tax exempt now if they want to play politics then they should be taxed accordingly.
We have freedom of religion here in the USA which means you are free to practice any religion you want. I'm getting really sick of all these religious right people telling this country what we should or should not do. You (religious right) believe what you want to believe but don't push it on this country, you want pray in the public schools well how would you like some Satanist to have equal time giving prays in the public school system give me a break. A day doesn't go by that I don't receive an email from some friend telling me that we are taking God out of the country, out of our schools well I say unless you want every religion to have the same rights as the religious right wants then shut up because you would go ballistic if some other religion demanded the same time in the public spear.

Rose Balcom
Rose Balcom7 years ago

With 7 billion humans on the planet why is contraception even an issue?

Barbara K.
Barbara K7 years ago

Preventing an unwanted pregnancy is every woman's right. Our bodies belong to us, Congress should have nothing to say what we do with our own bodies. Nobody is preventing the Pro-Pregnancy group from adding to the population, but those who do not want to have a child, have a right to not have a child. It is every woman's own choice. No one is forcing abortion on anyone. I doubt that I would have had an abortion (have 4 children); but I don't take that right away from other women. Every circumstance is different.


They are just after all our rights about just about everything, even voting.

Jolyne R.
Jolyne R7 years ago

I am a woman and pride to be one : my body belongs to me. It is my choice to have a baby or not. I am an happy mom of one child. It was my choice and nobody else. The father ? He was pleased as well.

Shoba Daniels
Shoba Daniels7 years ago

obama is not going to do anything but sit back and hope some one else does the work

Henriette Matthijssen

I believe that Obama needs to protect woman as well as any unborn child who would be the result if he was to take birth control away from being covered under medicare! Sexuality seems to be such a big deal among humans that innocent lives needs all the protection it can receive! Too many lives are already killed by evil wars & it is always the children & women that pays the high price!