President Obama Visits Chamber of Commerce [VIDEO]

In an effort to try and convince business leaders that sitting on record profits while refusing to hire workers is no way to help spur an economic recovery, President Obama gave a visit to the Chamber of Commerce.

The tone of the speech was far from conciliatory.  Rather, the President made it clear that it is time the business community kicked in to help now that it has been the beneficiary of taxpayer generosity.

View the speech in its entirety:

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photo courtesy of Violentz via Flickr


Joshua I.
Joshua I7 years ago

Political Theater Tactics, designed to mislead and deceive..,
Notice he didn't indict anyone when they were giving away millions of dollars in foreign domations to GOP elections...

Donald MacDonald
don MacDonald7 years ago

" President Obama Visits Chamber of Commerce [VIDEO] "

Anybody know where I can find a video of Obama visiting an airport to observe the molesting and irradiation of children ?

I can't seem to find one anywhere...thanks for your help.


Geoffrey Y.
Geoffrey Y7 years ago

Chamber of Commerce is only for big business who already have the access to the White House. There is not much main street CEO there. Plus Obama hired Bill Daley is a clear sign to work with Wall Street again not Main Street. I am wondering what do you expect for?

Mary H.
Mary Hendryx7 years ago

It was good of the president to speak to the Chamber of Commerce, but it will have no effect on their decisions. They have no patriotism to speak to. Their agenda is out-sourcing jobs, and building a powerful big business run government backed by the Republicans. I feel sorry for the uninformed people, who election after election step up to vote for the Republicans time after time, in conflict with their own personal needs. The only people who logically should be voting for Republicans is the top 10% high income voters. However, I feel more sorry for the voters, who are informed, and vote for what is best for their lot in life, and get stifled by the vote of the uninformed.

Donald E. H.
Donald H7 years ago

We, here in the U.S., NEED a revolution... If the Middle East can do it, surely WE CAN TOO...

john hall
john hall7 years ago

how great a president that has never ran a business or corporation telling them to spend money and hire people. while your bashing the repubs figure out why job's are leaving this country and you might just start bashing some dem's.

lee e.
lee e7 years ago

Going into a snake pit!! Obama has given those sob's everything but free bj's --- sorry to be so offensive, but why should he have to plead with these bastards? He gave tax breaks - they're sending jobs over seas! These guys are bin Ladens in disguise - pretending to be pro-American while blatantly perpetrating anti American acts to sabotage our economy!

rhonda t.
rhonda t7 years ago

That we would in any way, shape, or form, reach out to the business community that has chosen-and yes I say CHOSEN-to sacrifice the very people who helped to grow the product brands that made it possible for those businesses to grow in the first ludicrous. That we allow the business world to dictate to us at all after some of their actions, after we bailed their keesters out, after all the abuses they have rained down on our collective heads, insane. It is so past time to make it clear that if they wish to claim American protection and take advantage of American citizenship then they need to support America. Stiff tariffs should be put in place that offset every single dollar these guys make on products produced outside the country and shipped back in-tied to the income differential between the slave labor they now pay in third world countries..and what an American would make-what an American used to make, producing that same product. And if they dont like it, fine, dont let the door hit them in the ass on their way out. No other country will allow them the offsets and exemptions and thousands of other perks they enjoy being based at least partly in America-. They are deliberately starving out the American workforce in an effort to bust the unions and drive wages even lower than they already are. Their threats and the terrible damage they have done the economy here with offshoring jobs, make them guilty of economic treason. CHARGE them with it. JAIL their CEOs!

ann M.
ann M7 years ago

Dan h.
DAN h7 years ago

all the Chamber of Commerce, town, and city, are thick headed idiot, republicans.