Presidential And Republican Weekly Addresses, December 17, 2011 [VIDEOS]

This week, the Republican address is given by Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, who discusses the Keystone Pipeline, a GOP priority.  And President Barack Obama thanks the troops who served in Iraq and welcomes them back home.

Watch both videos below.

Sen. John Barrasso:


President Barack Obama:

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Sue Jones
Sue Jones6 years ago

Even responsible Republicans (I know, there aren't many of those) that the pipeline is dangerous to the environment (being built over the largest aquafer in the US) and would provide relatively few short term jobs and almost zero long term jobs. The State Dept estimates the total construction jobs at about 5000-6000 - not the "tens of thousands" being touted by the company financing the pipeline. Here's a link to some facts:

Keevin Shultz
Keevin Shultz6 years ago

""Quotes of the Day
"Inequality, executive pay and tax evasion are now firmly on the political agenda. On Monday we have our day in court."
a supporter of Occupy London Stock Exchange (OLSX), speaking ahead of a hearing into the eviction of protesters camped outside St Paul's Cathedral in London""

Kenny West
Kenny Wes6 years ago

Sylvia M.

Good question, the answer is that the oil is not staying in the US, Texas is a port in which to ship oil out of the country.

Kenny West
Kenny Wes6 years ago

That oil is going directly to China either way. Why let the oil companies get richer, want are we getting? We should hold out on the pipeline, if the oil companies are willing to cut our gas prices in half than we talk, but not until.

Whenever barrasso speaks, I keep waiting for him to pull out a handkerchief to blow his nose.

Janice Trent
Janice Trent6 years ago

We're in the Army now...we're not behind the plow...we're digging a ditch...for that son-a-bitch.
Our soilders in arms...need better jobs than performing manual labor for the big oil companies that are literally sucking the blood out of Americans. Is this what our men that are fighting for our freedom...somewhere in other parts of the world...should come home to.

Robert H.
Robert Hamm6 years ago

This has been in the works for a long time. In this day and age there is no longer "local" vs worldwide distribution. They want the gulf seaport for shipping. This oil will do the U.s. very little if any good.

Gayle R.
Gayle R6 years ago

From what I've read, the oil would not benefit the U.S. but be exported to other countries. So why should we contaminate the center of this country?

Judy G.
Judy G6 years ago

William K. Thank You. Your right ofcourse.

Bruce S.
Bruce S6 years ago

Nobody is being fooled by the claim that the pipeline will create any REAL or permanent jobs. I think Obama is going to cave in ob that pipeline bill. His advisors are probably telling him that the short term job gain will help in his re-election, which is all he really cares about.

This is a perfect example where both Dems & Repubs deserve each other. In the end, they're all bad news.