Prisoner Beaten Into Coma As Guards Watch (VIDEO)

A prisoner at Idaho Correctional Center was beaten into a coma while prison guards watched. A surveillance video leaked to the Associated Press shows Hanni Elabed pleading for help and banging on a prison guard station window at the facility, but no one steps out to aid him.

About two minutes after the beating stopped, the cellblock door was unlocked and Elabed was examined for signs of life. He bled inside his skull and spent three days in a coma.

In the past, lawsuits from inmates have contended that the company that runs the prison, the Corrections Corporation of America, denies prisoners medical treatment as a way to cover up such assaults. The facility is dubbed “gladiator school” because it is so violent.

Steven Pevar, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, said in 34 years of suing more than 100 prisons and jails, this Idaho facility is the most violent he has ever seen.

“This isn’t even what we know of as a prison – this is a gulag,” Pevar stated.

You can watch the video of this assault here:

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

It was a stupid question -- of course the guards should have stopped it -- 96% said "yes" -- there are 4% stupid, immoral people voting here.

Our prisons are a disgrace. This is only the latest expose that I have read about. AGAIN. CORPORATIONS!! Private enterprise isn't always the best way to run things. Private companies should not be in the business of running prisons, just as medical insurance companies should not be running health care. Profit, the bottom line, is not the correct motive when one is dealing with morality or health. First, do no harm.

Jane L.
Jane L7 years ago

I think it's sad that a group of guards can't hold down one violent man from beating a thief to almost death.

There was once in my life when I actually witnessed three men beating up one person after work. The violence scared me more than I anticipated that it would. A guard simply sat there and watched while two CIVILIANS came to break up the fight and saved a life.

What is this world coming to?

Past Member 7 years ago

what kind of a question is that? of course, they should have's their to the general condition of prisons...they have been farmed out to corporate america... is at it again...i think that prisons should not be a fun place to be....they should act as a deterrant...this would mean eliminating the televisions and all the entertainment available...but that doesn't mean that prisoners should live in fear from either other inmates or the guards...sorry...but they had no authority and no right to do what they did...and those who watched and did nothing are as guilty as those who committed this crime......and now they will get to spend time in their own prison....probably won't be a lot of fun for them either....

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

Thanks for an enlightening post

Judith M.
Judith M7 years ago

I would hate to see prisons go private you think there is overcrowding now Oh boy we haven't seen anything if that happens.

Joy Jin
Joy Jin7 years ago

If prisons let their inmates brawl like that without doing anything, it's not a prison. It's just fighting arena that no one can get out of.

Doug G.
Doug G7 years ago

Privatizing prisons isn't the answer, although there are plenty that love that idea. Once corporations can get their pockets full of cash, more and more people will be incarcerated for frillious charges to pad their bottom lines.
Privatizing water systems has shown to be a poor idea as well but in this nation, corporations can do no wrong, which we all no is bs.

Lynda T.
Lynda Mahoney7 years ago

I hate to play devil's advocate, but really take a look at the video. The video shows one inmate assaulting another, with dozens of other inmates looking on, but not involved. However, when the video shows the control area, there is only one officer there. Whether a private or state/county facility, no officer is permitted to enter into a potentially dangerous or volatile situation without backup. In this case, the other inmates could have easily taken the officer hostage or beaten him to death if he were alone, as the officers are unarmed. Once backup arrived and they entered the area, clearly administration was on hand as well, which is protocol. EMS cannot enter the area until it is completely secured for their own safety, but they were on scene immediately afterward, so obviously no one denied the inmate medical care. Yes, inmates are people, too, and it's awful that this happened to this young man, but I plan on going home to my family at the end of each shift in the same condition I was when I got there at the beginning.

Elise Lanciault-Breton
Elise L7 years ago

I don't know if a law is existing like in Quebec, but if you don't give help to a person in need, whoever this person is, you might be sued. I mean, if a guy is trying to rob a bank but hurts himself and is strarting to bleed a lot, even if this guy was committing a criminal act, you are forced by law to reach to help a person in distress.

I think that even criminal are human beings. A lot of people already had bad ideas and fantasy about revenge and violence. We are just not acting on it. Some people couldn't control themself for a moment and then we say that they are not human.

I think they lost a bit of their soul if they killed someone, but then again, nobody can say they are important enough or powerful and always above everyone else to judge them. A human being can't really judge another one.

We can't judge them, if I saw someone being tortured and was a guard, I would have stopped it. I think in this case, the environment is toxic for some suggestible prisoners and we should try to reform people to re-insert them into life and not just let them fight between themselves to death!

Guard acted selfishly like a lot of them do. Too more of them I should say, which is pretty sad...

Heidi H.
Heidi H7 years ago

Remember, This is a FOR PROFIT Prison. You dont expect them to actually care if prisoners lives are lost. Just so long as they dont have to spend any money of medicine or treatment for their employees the guards, everything is fine.